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The Rookie: In Justice
Episode 2, Season 3

nice to see new faces
It's nice to see the new faces and hopefully they'll last. It was an interesting ep that had many twists and turns and definitely tried to show the good side of humanity that has to be balances with reality. Maybe someone will post, but I find it very difficult to believe that the LAPD's best masks they can provide only work for 30 seconds. When I was in the navy we had masks and suits that lasted much longer for much worse things. If that is the best they have, then I feel very sorry for them, but if they have better the show really needs to get a better technical advisor or listen to them.

All Rise

Horrible show
Season 1 wasn't too bad, but as of season 2 this is a horrible show. Legally the show is a train wreck, and even though this is not a documentary it should attempt to be fairly accurate as to the legal system.

With covid, there are hamster cages everywhere which is just not reality. Not really sure why they felt it necessary to put up plastic everywhere but it is distracting and there are many many other shows being filmed at the same time that did not do this. For example, Lola and her husband practice safe covid but somehow she got pregnant.

The show handles today's social issues poorly compared to other shows such as SWAT and SEAL Team and others.


If the company treated everyone they killed like that, it's no wonder
The movie is interesting from the perspective of the many revenge movies. If the scene where Arnie sits down with the company and they try to bulldoze him into taking some money is what they did to the guy who Arnie represents it's no wonder why he did what he did. It's not right, but it can make one understand the pain.

Overall it's not a particularly good movie especially having someone of Arnie's stature, but reading the back story on the actual events is interesting especially for someone who used to fly regularly. Frankly the fact that there are not more commercial air crashes is amazing especially knowing the type of equipment the FAA has although the actual events took place in Europe.

This is a very dark movie but it fits the story being told, but it's unfortunately just not very well written.

Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter was great
Let's face it, as a young boy I enjoyed Carter as WW. She had a great outfit, great bod, a pretty smile, and saved the world. As an adult, Carter is still great as WW as she is a beautiful woman, was daring particularly in doing her own helicopter stunt, and saved the world. Gal Gadot is a great WW as well.

I enjoyed the first season far more than the "modern" scenarios probably because I'm a history buff. Obviously several of the plots are true sci-fi but then again so is WW. I think the first season followed the WW history of the origins of WW that came out during a horrible time in the world and was seen as someone that could help.

Yes some of the acting by the other actors was pretty cheesy, and Carter had some pretty cheesy but supportive for the war effort. I also have seen the tv movie with Cathy Lee Crosby and I don't think Crosby was the right fit for WW.

WW with Carter was one of the 70-80s shows that truly defined American culture at the time. Were they great shows-no, but they were entertaining.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Gray made it more than worthwhile
What's not to love about many 70-80s shows that had beautiful actresses like Ms. Gray? The show overall was pretty standard fare and changed significantly when they went on the Searcher. Buck Rogers is an iconic serial hero and Gerard did not disappoint. Watching it 40 years later makes the out of time references that Buck so often gave are even better than when it originally aired.

Now was there cheese -- yes. Some of the gags and such were pretty "bad" but still entertaining. Gray and the other Buck-girls were very easy on the eyes but also very talented. Watching it as an adult I picked up on sexual references that I doubt I picked up when watching originally.

Gerard and Gray made a nice couple and had a chemistry that only got better as the series continued. It's really nice that MeTV plays this show.

Name That Tune

OK, we got it, you're boob obsessed
During the first half of the pilot I was a tad annoyed by the ample cleavage showing bra, but said ok. Then during the 2nd half different dress but still ample cleavage and then there was the Dolly Parton joke. I know many are obsessed with boobs, but I'm not one. Ms. Krakowski is a beautiful woman, but we don't need her flaunting her boobs. Vanna White is also a beautiful woman, and when I watched that show she wore beautiful clothes but none that basically put her wears out there for you. Perhaps if the show were a different genre I'd have a different opinion, but it does nothing for the show.

Having said all that, based only on the pilot, I'm not thrilled for the show as I enjoyed the prior versions of it. I'm not sure exactly why I'm not. I knew about 1/2 the songs, recognized another 1/4 but didn't know the title, and 1/4 had absolutely no clue. Having said that, I think it might be because the clues are too good and give the song versus having to guess the song based on notes which I think the prior versions of the show relied on more.

I'll watch another, but to me the deck is stacked.

Call Me Kat

Dumpster Fire
I'm sorry but the show is horrible. I forced myself to make it thru the entire pilot, but it was horrible. I didn't know it was a take off of a Brit show as it reminded me a bit of Herman's Head without the 4 actors that were in his head.

The "jokes" were 99% poorly timed or just terrible. I really have liked Bialik over her career going back to MacGyver, but this simply isn't funny.


hate the accent, but cute movie
It was a cute movie good for a family. Yes there are some cheesy stuff, but all in all it's well worth watching with kids. My one negative is that Downey's accent, which I gather he said he was trying to do Welch, was horrible. It made it so hard to understand him when it would have been far better to just do American or should have been cast with another actor. Frankly I probably should consider it a much bigger deal than I'm rating the show, but because there are so few family movies I'm making strong allowances.

Nurses: Incoming
Episode 1, Season 1

omg how horrible a show
This was simply a terrible show. It is so inaccurate in so many ways that it simply defies believe. No humor although it would have been great if the brain dead guy donated two of his fingers to the guy that lost his fingers.

It obviously tried but it completely missed.


knew in 3 min it was bad
I normally give a show at least 3 ep's before passing judgement, but this one was easy. Besides the fact that it is completely unrealistic patient to nurse ratio in any country.

Beyond that, the acting is very poor as well as the plot. I only made it thru the 1st ep and don't intend to watch anymore. I wish I had a better opinion of the show, but it's obviously nbc filling it's schedule.

And out of curiosity with Transplant and this show, what's up with Canada and they're medical shows??

Mission: Impossible: The Town
Episode 21, Season 2

This was a great ep, but plot holes
I have to agree that indeed this was a very good ep that had some great acting including that of Willie Geer. My only pause on the ep is who was the group that they were battling. Since not knowing doesn't subtract from the ep because we know what they want to do.

Guess it does show that some small towns are bad.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

If you like boobs, you'll like this
Personally I'm too old to care about an abundance of boobs to make me watch a show, and I didn't think I'd like the show because of the blood and nudity but was pleasantly surprised. Whitfield did a fantastic job and much better than his replacement although honestly it is tough to step into a roll of someone that died.

The series is not for the faint of heart because it is 100% TVMA and some scenes might be hard for some to watch honestly. I'm not sure about it's historical accuracy in part because little is known of Spartacus which gives writers an open field.

The show if filled with action, lovely women, devious women and men, lots of blood that honestly is overplayed many times, great deal of sex, and some excellent acting. I binged it as it is offered on imdbtv and well worth it.

The Call of the Wild

Not faithful, but good hearted
If you're looking for a faithful rendering of the original book, then this is not for you. If you're looking for a truly good hearted movie that will touch your heart and soul and core, then this is great.

I must admit that I'm not a big fan of the cgi but I understand why they did it that way so I can't disagree with it too much. Obviously cgi is here and the future and it is well done and life like even though i do prefer the real thing.

S.W.A.T.: Memento Mori
Episode 4, Season 4

Fantastic episode, well balanced
Finally a show that presents a social issue in a balance way!!!!!! The producers and writers deserved awards. There have been on many shows that presented anti-police and such but only one side of the issue and that being the police are bad.

This show, and this ep in particular, presented both the anti-police and the pro-police issues in a non--objectionable manner. It actually gave the op for the viewer to not be overwhelmed with the issue and present both sides so that one could understand it and not be disappointed.

Thank you so much.

The Big Bang Theory: The Vartabedian Conundrum
Episode 10, Season 2

Loved the opening, reminded me of something that happened to me
I loved the opening when Penny comes to get coffee. When I was in college, my family visited for family weekend and while they were there the girl from across the hall (who was very attractive) come over to ask if we got our paper and all she was wearing was a kinda of long tshirt. Now what's funny is that I didn't even remember what she was wearing until the story was related to me some years later and even then only vaguely recall the picture.

And how Stephanie performs her lets remove Sheldon's vocal cords was absolutely great too. Leonard and his pants was really get too. So overall this was one of my favorite eps.

Emergency!: Paper Work
Episode 11, Season 6

LOL, reminded me of my time in navy and govt
This ep had me laughing so hard because the paperwork nurse totally reminded me of my past experiences in the navy and govt when needing to get supplies. The nurse was fantastic in her role.

The wine story was also pretty funny.

S.W.A.T.: The Black Hand Man
Episode 3, Season 4

Unfortunately presents unrealistic picture to the public about use of force
First, I generally like the show. It's not often slanted itself that I can recall; has good action, stories, and actors. The problem is that this ep in particular presented multiple times where they used their advanced stun gun that immediately immobilizes people every time. First, anyone who knows how a stun gun works or see them used will tell you they do not work 100% of the time as shown. Second, because they don't work all the time real police would have to use lethal force and not the shot them in the leg baloney that some politicians talk about especially when they present a threat to a victim.

So I would rather they realistically use this stun gun of theirs. Non lethal force like that would be used when the person was presented a threat towards another person including any officer. That type of use should be shown and maybe more police departments will spend the money if not defunded to get such weapons. But when the person is holding a gun on another person, which was the case several times in the ep, the police are going to shoot the person and it does no one any good to misrepresent that fact.

Transplant: Under Pressure
Episode 9, Season 1

Wait, Canadian police actively pursue undocumented people, did anyone tell CNN?
I find it so interesting that Canadians have made negative comments about the US and how we handle immigration but their police are portrayed as actively pursuing undocumented people even in the hospital when needing life saving treatments that even they say is not free.

But wait, the Canadians won't give asylum to someone from a war torn country and will send them back. I thought only in America did that happen.

This should be mandatory viewing for all CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the liberal media so they realize that it's not just America that actually tries to enforce an immigration policy.

Next: FILE #4
Episode 4, Season 1

suspenseful ep but the white supremacists is over the top
I find it interesting with all the riots, demonstrations, and looting that has gone on in 2020 that has exclusively been done by BLM and antifa that the storyline here is to have white supremacists be the bad guys doing it. I know I know, white people are bad today, but it's funny how this show's storyline makes a particular group out as the bad guys that isn't based in any reality while other shows fail to show the extent of the riots and looting to make the police look bad.

The incident that is being chanted appears to be a vague reference to Ruby Ridge which had absolutely no white supremacists or nationalist involvement at all.

Some of us want to be entertained, and we would very much like to not have so much political views be put into shows. That's why I prefer watching older shows from the 60s-90s primarily because they address societal ills but did it far more balanced than what is done today.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: In the Hot Seat: David Chang and ASL Interpreter Rorri Burton
Episode 5, Season 19

Kimmel is not funny
I'm sorry but Kimmel tries to make puns and jokes and frankly he is not funny. He also is monotone almost all the time which frankly is annoying. He definitely is not better than Regis who did a fantastic job so Kimmel is a huge let down.

In Plain Sight: Training Video
Episode 12, Season 2

Loved Landau
I have to admit I generally don't like ep's of this series despite watching it. The reason I can't put a finger on because so many of the actors I enjoy and frankly I've become a Weller fan.

But having grown up with Landau on a # of shows and movies, I did enjoy this show largely because of him. I'm guessing this was one of his last roles and he truly did it proud and well.

The Good Wife: Nine Hours
Episode 9, Season 2

Good ep except the case it's based on the person was white and executed
Because this is obviously an attempt to influence the public and is based on an actual case, it should get all the facts correct. The fact is the person about whom this is based was white not black which matters because there are far more black men on death row and that have been executed compared to their percentage in the population. Because of that the writers are obviously trying to influence the race issue and it's not needed based on the case.

In the case it's based on, there was a group that stated it was based on flawed science and the man should have gotten a new trial, but unfortunately it was not found out until many years after he had been executed and it was not the only evidence against him. Even with that, execution is the ultimate penalty against a person and it should only be done with the greatest of care which I think the show does a good job of showing.

Unforgettable: Flesh and Blood
Episode 9, Season 2

why'd they have to create a bogus agency?
So just why was it necessary to create a fake agency called the International Counter-terorrism Agency or ICA? There's a bunch of real federal agencies that could have been used to play the part they did and creating a fake agency just adds confusion.

As for the rest of the ep, the lady assassin they brought back from an earlier ep is really good. I wish she were in more things. Also used Carrie's memory in an expected way which was pretty cool.

S.W.A.T.: 3 Seventeen Year Olds
Episode 1, Season 4

hope this was left over from last season
I suspect that this ep may have been leftover from last season as Luka is still gone and the actual Rodney King riots anniversary is in April and May. Let me say that I hope that is the case as since the ep happen to air on Veteran's Day and there was not offer of respect to our troops it seems rather misplaced.

So if in fact this was a leftover, everything in it is appropriate. But if this ep was not a leftover, then it is highly misplaced by virtue of its ignoring our troops.

And I remember the riots well and went groups now dot he same it truly scares me.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: In the Hot Seat: Joel McHale and Food Truck Owner Tom Miller
Episode 4, Season 19

Joel was so annoying
I'm sorry but McHale, who I've never seen in anything that I know of, especially at the end of his appearance when he asked how long will the music go on for and then started humming a tune. The rest of his appearance which does back to the prior ep, frankly was annoying. He told so many dry jokes that I felt like I was ina desert. Not sure why he felt the need to be the show comic but he didn't pull it off.

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