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Wish I hadn't wasted the money
I honestly thought this was a borderline awful movie. It was classic DC, they overdid the suspense to the point where it got boring. First of all, the set up to the story was very repetitive and took way too long. Secondly, the animations of the "bad guys" was very poor. The biggest problem I have with this movie is that the fight scenes were very disappointing and consisted of people running away the whole time. The main character didn't even use his lightning super powers once again the main villain.... what? No one got hurt even once in this movie, there seemed to be no stakes at all. At least half an hour of the movie was dedicated to the super hero running away from the villain. It was just so monotonous and poorly done. Lastly, this movie was made out to be much funnier than it actually was in the ads. The pros of this movie just do not outweigh the cons. This is coming from someone who usually likes most movies. I just cannot support this one.

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