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Hana to Arisu

sigh. high school life. love and friendship.
i've seen several works of iwai..

and this one's the best part. for me, this are just feel good movie, brings you back to your past, and reminding you of those times you'd had crushes and how your life twists with a lie supported by another lie, and ending up with another till it all crumbles down on you when the truth comes out to be known.

though i think the boy was a bit dumb. but i would just have to say, i like the film.

cute portrayal of friendship threatened by a boy they both fell for, and at the end they still found ways to fuse back a friendship that was stronger than before.

i love the unnecessary imagery, like how the cellphone on the footbridge, or that astroboy on the window. senseless, no point on putting it but it just won't be the same without iwai's crazy style of filming.

i've noted several parts where you'd just feel cute on this, reminding you how stupid you were back in high school with all those silly crushes and clubs you've join just to get close to someone you've been staring at or been stalking for that matter.

it's just plain and simple. high school life, with a twist, i see those senseless imagery as part of your childhood passing you by everyday, as you grow old. as you lose your innocence on things, some other things would bid you farewell. an imagery represented as astroboy, i mean who in their childhood were deprived of a chance to enjoy a cartoon? if you were you won't see the sense why it was there.

but the best part i would say here, is the facial expressions done by yuu aoi and that dork guy, especially when they had a dinner date somewhere. it's kinda cute. you could see how the dork's guy position was kinda timid and the girl was trying to bridge something that wasn't there in the first place, it was all lies.


but i'd recommend this film. i've seen it more than twice. you don't have to really see the film to understand it. it just wants to remind you of something you did in your life. it's plain reminiscing.

Love Letter

the best part of this movie is you'd fell in-love in the end.
i've seen this film more than once.

and i would watch it again and again.

one of Iwai's greatest work. aside from UNDO. [ or was is UNDO? ].

you'd have to watch it well to realize it. each part is important each part is an additional twist to a twist.

i'd really love to tell the story here. but i just say i'd recommend that you watch it. it was really beautiful. i love the ending, where those high school kids unraveling the very secret to the story. it was well in place, you'd wish for more... i guarantee. you'd be irritated 'coz you'd just wish for more about this story...

it was a very good film and i would recommend everyone to watch it.

Memoirs of a Geisha

it's a disappointing film
first of all, i don't think having a Chinese girl take on a Japanese role is good. well anyway, zhang zi yi, portrayed it well..

the only disappointing thing for me about this film is the narrative speech given by the role of zhang zi yi on the very first part of the movie..

it suggested a story that should never be told. it suggested a very depressing end, and yet the movie ended on a very inspiring ending where she ended with the person she loves most.

i don't see the point why shouldn't she's hesitating to tell a story? why because she's a geisha? i don't see the sense in that.

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