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Over rated
I saw this movie a month after it came out and only saw it because of all the hype about it saying that this was one of the best movies ever. After I was done watching the movie, I was left wondering if I had seen the same film.

First, the movie is way too long. The first half hour or so is a boring preamble about the Great Depression. Everyone who has had high school history knows what the depression was like, so we don't need a narrator to remind us! I remember looking at my watch several times during the movie wondering when the movie would actually start.

Second, although the actors in the movie are very good, the material that they are given are not. We are supposed to root for Tobey Macquire and Jeff Bridge's characters, but they are both so pathetic that I couldn't make myself feel empathy for them. The best performances in this movie were given by Gary Stevens, who is a professional jockey and not an actor and the horse who plays Seabiscuit, who is in fact a HORSE. Perhaps it is appropriate in a movie like this that a horse upstages the lead actors, but I would have expected Jeff Bridges and Tobey Macquire to put up a little more effort.

Finally, I didn't like the movie because it was framed like a history channel documentary. The movie has a narrator and the effect of the narrator being there was that I felt that I was watching some kind of afterschool History Channel documentery rather than watching these great events unfolding. The narration made the action so much more stale.

Perhaps I am the only person in the world who didn't like this movie. There is and was so much hype surrounding this film that people seem to have lost track of the fact that it isn't that good. It would be a shame if the movie wins any awards.

From the Earth to the Moon

This series is simply amazing. It is well acted, well written, and you can't beat the subject matter. I have never seen a better show. Everyone in this series is wonderful and the dialog is so crisp. It is a great tribute to an important era in American history. I recommend it for everyone.

First Monday

While it is true that this show is an obvious rip off of "The West Wing," it has the potential to be very good. "First Monday" has strong cast members and deals with issues that are relevant today. If given time, this show has the potential to rival "The West Wing." Even now, it is certainly better than anything else CBS could put in its timeslot.

The Count of Monte Cristo

I had no idea the movie was so good! Sure, the second half deviated from the book, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The book is very dark and the movie is fun.

I went to it to escape the Super Bowl. It was well acted, funny, and exciting. It was a nice surprise!

Big Apple

A very good show
A very interesting cop show with an excellent cast led by Ed O'Neil and Titus Welliver. I watched this show one time and got hooked. Instead of going for the shock value like NYPD Blue and other shows, this show actually takes time to tell stories.

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