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Teiichi no kuni

Pretty Good
This movie storyline is unusual and i like that it's funny in it own ways, i also like the main character ambition but sorry tho i gotta give my heart to Dan he's really sweet, what can i say for this movie is motivational i guess, since i can relate to the main character, the actor is really amazing all of them is really well known not just that but they also fit the characters, everything is so clear nothing confusing, what can i say for people who read this review is that you need to watch this at least once !

Hibiki - shôsetsuka ni naru hôhô

Kinda Boring
Even though i said that, there's a lot of meaningful messages in this movie i never read the manga before but what can i say after watching this is that there's so many holes in this movie, like the character is really wonderful but they didn't use too much of it for example Ryotaro who appeared right when the movie starts but he don't have any specific role in the movie not even a meaningful line, also the ending is such a cliffhanger, not even mentioning the "pig in the pig cage(?)", well i still like the actions in the movie tho especially when she threw the mic, the female character is really peculiar but that's the good thing from this movie i guess

p/s first time reviewing sry for the lack of english vocab, i just have this urge to review this movie

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