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John Tucker Must Die

*yawns* Not worth it at all
Overacting, overused storyline, and repetitive plot points is all you can expect from this movie. The acting was grossly overdone, with constant exaggerations of every gesture and mannerism, and stiff emotions from various characters. The storyline has been done a thousand times. A typical high school movie, where the girls want to get back at the guy for cheating. A soap opera for teens. Every time they tried to bring John Tucker down, he fixes it. And again and again, until the end when all is revealed and fixed with two minutes worth of dialog and a food fight. Whoopee. I was bored out of my mind, and actually annoyed with the constant stereotypes Hollywood seems to adore. How every school has their own 'cliques' and that it is always the same types with the same type of people. This movie isn't worth it. Period.

Casino Royale

I don't like Bond movies, but this one blew me away.
Like my summary says, I am not a fan of Bond movies. They are always predictable and a waste of time. Casino Royal however, is a must see for fans and non fans alike. The movie has non stop action with constant mind blowing footage and acting that brings out an interpretation of Bond unlike any I have ever seen.

Never in my life has a poker game brought me to the edge of my seat, nor has it ever even peaked my interest. Normally when everything in a movie boils down to who can play poker the best, I leave. But this game kept me riveted. I couldn't even go to the bathroom, I was so fixated.

If I could give it more than ten I would. And that's coming from a Bond hater.


Ugh. What WERE they thinking?
The Original Carrie with Sissy Spacek was incredible. This dribble is pure and utter crap. I try to remain professional when writing a review, but this movie has ruined my senses. In comparison to the original Carrie, this movie is dull, boring and completely off base. Carrie actually survives her mother in the end. The ending just completely threw me off base.

On it's own, this movie is dull, boring and completely off base. The acting is terrible, completely unbelievable, and listless. There were times I just felt like screaming at them (the actors) in hopes I could straighten them out.

What is worse, I found that this was done only in hopes of creating a TV series! Wow. The network must've been grasping at straws to accept that proposal.

All in all, when Stephen King dies (pray in a hundred years: he will always be my favorite writer) he will turn forever in his grave for having his name associated with this garbage.

Take the Lead

Not for everyone, but very well done.
Well, the summary says it all. This movie was done extremely well, with passionate actors (Banderas was incredible as Pierre) and a well detailed storyline. Unfortunately, this movie is not for everyone.

While I personally didn't enjoy it, I know many people will. The plot is based on the life of Pierre Dulaine, the "founder" of dance in the school system. Unfortunately, the plot doesn't much differ from Coach Carter, or any other movie in which an expert in a certain field teaches a bunch of juvenile "rejects" to change their lives using dance, sports, etc.

This movie was not for me, as I don't much enjoy watching Hollywood turn a person's life into a movie (I personally believe that's what a documentary is for). However see this movie, if you enjoy great dancing, teenagers making choices, and Antonio Banderas.

Stay Alive

Pleasantly Surprised
Interesting as it sounds, I was actually surprised at how good this movie was. Before viewing this movie I thought the concept was stupid and unrealistic, even for a horror movie. However after viewing I can safely say it seemed to be a very good movie.

It gets a 6 because after a while, the scares become boring and the sight of dead children becomes overused to the point where it seems to be the same footage used again and again. But once the time comes to kill the Blood Countess, the movie picked up once more and kept me on the edge of my seat until the end.

All in all, a great beginning, a decent middle, and a great ending.

House on Haunted Hill

Pritchett was almost the only thing worth it
The only thing worth seeing in this movie is Chris Kattan's performance as Watson Pritchett. His character was hilarious to watch in his matter-of-fact manner, and Chris Kattan delivered his lines with the sarcastic tone and movements needed.

The other actors and their characters were mediocre at most, not for their performance but the lines they used. Every line and conversation sounded like it came from a poorly made video game and the reactions to everything that happens within the film was extremely unrealistic.

The effects were great through the movie then became extremely low budget at the end when "the darkness" is released.

I went in expecting a good horror movie, and came out laughing: both at Pritchett's incredibly hilarious manner and at how disappointing the movie ended up.

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