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Only Murders in the Building

I like this show.
Steve Martin and Martin Short are great as always, and Selena Gomez does a good job of keeping up with them; better than I expected, She is not as bad as a lot of these reviews make her out to be. Overall it is a very enjoyable show, a little different than most of the garbage on TV today. (For instance, let's make yet another NCIS with a bunch of unlikable people doing the same old tired things in a new place. But I digress...) I love Nathan Lane in anything, and all of the actors do a good job. I am looking forward to more twists and turns before the final reveal. My one criticism is Episode 7, the silent episode. I get it, very artsy, fartsy, or maybe just an attempt to show what it is like to be deaf. Whatever the reason, just because you can do something does not mean you should. I do not stare at my TV when watching it without ever looking away, so this was very difficult to watch. Also, I missed the texts and some stuff because it was too small and I could not see it. Needless to say, I feel frustrated because I missed a lot and I do not want to watch it again; once was torture enough. So please do not use that particular method of filming again.

London Kills

The Phone...Please Make It Stop...
I actually like this show; except somebody needs to answer that damned phone that rings non-stop at the station! Also, the background music gets rather annoying at times. The whole show is a little rough, and it has some flaws, but overall, I enjoy it. Hugo Speer's role is a little unrealistic; he's a little too emotional, but he does a decent job of it. I liked Sharon Small in the Inspector Lynley series, and I like her in this. She seems to be the smartest of the bunch. Bailey Patrick is likable and does a good job, and his character is steady and pretty normal. Tori Allen-Martin is the weakest link, but mostly because the character she plays is kind of stupid.

I'm only five episodes in, but it seems pretty consistent, and I plan to keep watching it.


Just Awful
This just comes off as a bad parody, or spoof of police shows; not an actual serious comedic show. Unfortunately, it's poorly written, poorly acted and not remotely funny. The main guy, whose name I honestly don't even remember, is a complete idiotic moron. The woman isn't as bad, but she just tries too hard; spending a lot of time just staring blankly off into the distance looking like she's in pain. I only got through one episode. Unless you're horribly bored or completely masochistic, don't waste your time on this one.

My Life Is Murder

Mildly entertaining and too bland to be really annoying. Lucy Lawless is pleasant; her character is pleasant, and apparently more intelligent and intuitive than anyone else in the show. Her assistant is kind of irritating, because she seems to be completely useless, while trying too hard to be cute. The rest of the characters are just...dull. Overall, it just tries too hard to be edgy and mainstream and just doesn't succeed; even with all the trendy, angsty music constantly popping up at odd moments. The music is the most annoying part of the show. I'll probably keep watching it, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

You, Me & Them

It's Amusing
It's not horrible, the characters are just a little too over done. Ed and Lauren aren't bad; Lauren gets a little silly occasionally, but overall she's okay, and Ed is my favorite of the bunch. They could do without the brother, Alan, who leans more toward repulsive than funny. The ex-wife Lydia is horrible. She's obnoxious and no one in real life would put up with her crap; she really adds nothing to the show and is painful to watch. Lauren's parents are annoying but typical, and not overly offensive. Lauren's sister and brother-in-law and kids are also annoying but tolerable. Overall it's entertaining.


Great for the first three seasons
Absolutely loved the first three seasons, and would have given it 10 stars, but season four onward took a nose dive. The stories were entertaining and fun, enjoyed the characters who were all likable, the crew had a good chemistry, everyone worked well together, it was a great show. Then we hit season four. I was sorry to see Mickey leave, but I didn't think of him as the "main" character, so was pretty sure the team would still work well without him. Then Danny became an a**hole (and originally, he was my favorite character). Suddenly, he was the "leader", his ego exploded, everything was his way, he told everyone what to do, and they weren't a team anymore. It wasn't fun anymore; the whole dynamic of the team changed, and it didn't seem like they were having fun either. It became hard to watch. The new kid, Billy, was okay; he was really just kind of a non-entity. I was about to give up, when season five arrived and Mickey came back. This, however, was at the cost of losing Danny and Stacie; I still liked Danny, and was hoping for redemption, so I was sorry he left. Stacie I could live without. She was always my least favorite character, because she lacked personality. Everyone thought she was sooooo beautiful, which supposedly made her sooooo wonderful somehow, blah, blah, blah...it was just tiresome. And now Emma and Sean arrive. I like Emma, and she fits in well, and seems to be more than just a pretty face; the team dynamic seems to be repairing itself, except for Sean. Dear God, Sean is a moron. No way this guy has been pulling off cons for any time at all, even with Emma leading him by the nose, he's a complete idiot. He constantly screws everything up, flies off the handle about things because he's so stupid he doesn't seem to understand they're part of the con, and is just completely unlikable. Why would the writers create a character that doesn't fit in to the story line at all? I'm almost done watching season five, and I'll probably start season 6, but if things don't improve I doubt I'll bother watching further. Too bad. It was a good show until they changed everything. They should have left well enough alone, or ended it on a high note.

Leverage: Redemption

I Want to like it...
I'm torn. It just isn't the original, and that makes me sad. No one can replace Timothy Hutton, but I like Noah Wylie as an addition to the team; I just wish Timothy was still part of it too. I still love Beth Riesgraf, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane and Aldis Hodge and although they seem a little older they're still the team I love; and the first two episodes were pretty true to the original. The third episode however, without Aldis Hodge, was missing an integral part of what makes the show work. So far, I'm just not feeling Aleyse Shannon as the new team member. She's too scattered and all over the place and she doesn't really seem to fit in; maybe she's just too young. I'll keep watching, and I hope they continue it , and maybe it will get smoother as time goes on. I may have to go back and re-watch some of the originals to make me feel better.

EDIT: It's getting worse. I'm on episode 5, where Eliot and Harry are non-existent. Parker is beginning to sound like an airhead, which she isn't. Sophie seems kind of unsure of herself, which she isn't. Breanna, on the other hand, is super smart and knows everything and is running things and seems to be the center of the show. And talk about overacting; she constantly opens her eyes really wide and I keep expecting them to pop out of her head. When she talks she over emphasizes words and phrases that make no sense. There's way too much constant banter, where Breanna is supposed to be so witty, but she isn't. I really dislike her character and she has ruined what could have been a great show. It's a shame.

The Brokenwood Mysteries

Not a Bad Show; Horrible Music
I'm only halfway through the first season so I may change my mind down the road, but so far I like this show. It isn't Emmy material, but it's an enjoyable hour and a half of entertainment. The characters are simple, but not offensive and the stories are interesting. I like it except for the music. I hope as the seasons go on the music goes away or I may have to change my review. The music plays constantly, practically drowning out the scenes, and it's pure garbage. Haven't heard a song yet that sounds remotely familiar, or that I would ever voluntarily listen to. It never goes along with what is happening in the show, it's just random bad songs, played loudly. Not sure what point the producers are trying to make, and if this is their musical taste, I feel sorry for them.

EDIT: As the seasons went on, the music toned down and wasn't bad when it actually started coinciding with the shows. Overall this was a good show up until the final episode. It wasn't a great story to begin with, then for some reason, they thought it was a good idea to have Mike spend the whole episode with some dying woman who had NOTHING to do with the show. I don't mean to sound heartless but I just wasn't interested in Tanya's story and in fact I ended up just fast-forwarding through her part. Really not sure what the point of that story-line was; it just kind of ruined the final episode of a good show with something pointless.

Midsomer Murders: Death and Dreams
Episode 2, Season 6

Skip This Episode; It Will Insult Your Intelligence
This story was gruesome, ridiculous, and totally preposterous. I would hate to have Dr. Moore trying to help me with mental issues; she raised not just one but three children who are psychopaths! Three serial murderers in the same family, and their mother is some sort of mental health professional (can't remember her title) but doesn't even notice. Not to mention I've never known siblings who could actually work together as a team like these three. The whole story is just ludicrous. These kids are completely obsessed with their mother (to the point of killing their father, and any man who acts even slightly friendly toward her) yet she obviously doesn't pay much attention to them, because she hasn't noticed they're unhinged, and doesn't notice they're gone all hours of the day and night. And how long have they been doing this? Are there dozens of older murders that no one noticed? It's just so absurd I can't believe someone actually approved producing it. I love Midsomer Murders; a lot of the stories are unrealistic, but I love the characters and the scenery, and it's entertaining. This story however, goes way, way, way over the line of credibility, and really is just an insult to anyone's intelligence.

A Touch of Frost: If Dogs Run Free: Part 2
Episode 2, Season 15

Pathetic Series Conclusion - WARNING, lots of spoilers.
This whole episode was excruciatingly painful to watch, and killing George off was just the pointless cherry on top. Why on earth would the writers think THIS was a GOOD way to end the series? Apart from that, the episode was way too long, dragging on endlessly, heaping on more and more tragedy, in between long periods of uninteresting unnecessary FILLER. It was a truly horrific storyline; the dog-fighting, the burning down the RSPCA and assumedly killing all the dogs, the girl killing innocent people because she blamed Frost for her father being corrupt (that was a head scratcher), the idiot lawyer's girlfriend and her boyfriend driving drunk and drugged to maim some poor child, the bullying and murder of a teen for NO reason, to the mental abuse and manipulation by the father, who was a complete monster. (Yes, I know it's just a show, there are really people like that, but it was a little excessive). I knew Sean would commit suicide; that was pretty much a given. The other kid acted like a sociopath and his parents were morons. Then Christine's ex-husband, who was completely unnecessary to the whole story, suddenly becomes an alcoholic psychopath. I'm sorry I wasted my time watching the final episode; it was ridiculous.

A Touch of Frost: Hidden Truth
Episode 1, Season 10

Not The Best
I'm beginning to see a pattern here; the later seasons of Frost are just not of the same caliber as the earlier seasons. This episode was a 20 minute story dragged out to an hour and 40 minutes. It was just a lot of stuff and padding around a fairly simple and cliched story line that just wasn't all that interesting. It was boring and old after the first half hour.

A Touch of Frost: Line of Fire: Part 2
Episode 2, Season 7

Hated This Episode
Overall, I like this show; but some of the episodes are just rubbish, and this one was just too gruesome for me. I know it's just a TV show, and I know people are horrible in real life, but the villains in this episode were despicable; and having a show where innocent animals are killed just isn't necessary. In all honesty, this whole episode was tiresome. Dragging these storylines out into two episodes was ridiculous; they should have, and could have tied this up in one episode instead of rehashing the same things over and over and over and dragging it out ad nauseum.

A Chorus Line

Big Disappointment
I've never seen the stage version, so won't bash it for being a horrible adaptation of the original (like about 90% of the reviews here). I will bash it, however, for just being cheesy and uninteresting. I've always heard how wonderful it is (and I'm now realizing people were probably talking about the stage version) so I was really disappointed. I did enjoy the dancing, what there was of it. The sound quality was bad; when people talked I couldn't hear them then when the music started it blew my ears off. The songs, other than "One", which is the only song I was actually familiar with, were just...odd and tedious. I know Marvin Hamlisch can write good songs, but he must have had a really off day with this bunch. The Cassie storyline seemed unnecessary and out of place and I was tired of it after the first 10 seconds. Maybe it made more sense in the stage production. Casting was also lacking. I love Michael Douglas, but his performance here fell flat; totally lackluster and one-dimensional. Cassie was supposed to be "too good" to dance in a chorus line yet her dancing was not at all impressive. My overall impression of the cast was that everyone was trying too hard and overacting (except Michael Douglas, who seemed on the verge of dozing off). I wish I had seen the stage production, because from all the accolades it must have been fabulous. The movie version, unfortunately, is just dull and lifeless. Not a movie I will ever voluntarily watch again.

A Touch of Frost: Private Lives
Episode 3, Season 6

Very Weak Episode - Caution, Spoilers
Overall I love this show, but there are some episodes I consider just turning off, and this is one of those. It's just tiresome, irritating and boring. Someone in a coma just doesn't make for great entertainment, and half of this episode is spent staring at the coma victim. Boring. Her husband acts like a lunatic throughout the show. He runs around town accusing everyone and their dog of running his wife down, and threatening them, which is totally unconvincing and gets old really fast. I knew almost from the start who the killer was and was just waiting for Frost to catch up and figure it out. Frost's partner, is about as personable and exciting as watching paint dry. It must be the writing and direction because he's played by Philip Jackson, who was very entertaining as Inspector Japp in Poirot. Pretty much everyone in this episode is irritatingly annoying. The scene with the armed robbers and the cops is completely laughable. I wish I had skipped this one.

Inspector Morse

Well Done Except For One Huge Character Flaw
I watched this series sporadically many years ago and enjoyed them, being a murder-mystery lover, and having read several of Colin Dexter's books. I recently started watching again on Brit Box and am really disappointed. The shows themselves are excellently done; the acting, the production, is all extremely well done and the characters ae likable and believable, except, unfortunately for Morse himself. I don't recall, somewhat 30 years after reading the books, if Colin Dexter actually wrote Morse the way he is portrayed in these shows (I'm assuming he did). He is obnoxious, lecherous, rarely follows correct procedure, rarely figures out who is actually guilty, in fact he usually arrests and badgers the wrong person. Lewis usually figures out the correct answer, and does all of the work, while Morse drinks and makes a fool of himself pursuing every woman with a pulse, including suspects. Morse is pretty much a drunken buffoon, and I doubt he would last 5 minutes as a police inspector in real life. It's too bad because his surly clown of a character almost ruins an otherwise exceptional show.

Living with Fran

Too Negative
It has a lot of good actors and the premise isn't horrible, but it's just too negative. All anyone does is yell, fight, argue and make fun of each other. It gets to be too much. I'm going to give it a try and keep watching for a while; maybe just in small doses.


Good and Bad
A lot of this show was really funny and well-written. Brian, Lowell, Faye, Joe, Roy and even Antonio are fairly solid, funny characters. The worst character on the show, unfortunately, is Helen. It's not Crystal Bernard's fault; it's the way the character is written. She's neurotic, psychotic, selfish and obnoxious. Brian is a womanizing jerk but he's likable. Roy is selfish and uncaring but he's likable. Helen is so unreasonably self-centered that she just isn't likable. This show would have been a million times better if they had toned down her character. She over-reacts to everything, always plays the victim ad always gets away with everything, even when she's in the wrong, and it just gets really tiresome and un-funny.

Catfish: The TV Show

Mindless Entertainment
Plain and simple, it's entertaining. I think a lot of the advice Neve gives to these people is actually good, valid guidance; but a lot of the time, I feel like they should be harder on the people who are particularly nasty and cruel. I honestly find it hard to believe people are as stupid as they are portrayed on this show. How could anyone with half a brain, text with someone for for up to ten years, never meet them, never video chat, and sometimes never even hear their voice, and really believe all the excuses, and accept them as real? These people are beyond idiotic. That aside, it's interesting to see the lengths people go to, creating false personas to lie to other people, and seeing this show, should make people learn to be smarter about who and what they believe. I like Nev and Max, but some of their remarks, along with their T-shirt political propaganda is inappropriate, Everyone is unequivocally entitled to their personal politics, and opinions; but using a TV show as a platform to express those personal views is unacceptable and disrespectful. EDIT: Wow. I just watched a Season 7 episode I hadn't seen before, and it was the weirdest most embarrassing thing I have ever seen. The girl who was supposedly being catfished was either on drugs or has some sort of mental disorder. It was awkward and painful to watch her slumped over mumbling with her hair covering her face, repeatedly leaving in the middle of a conversation to run outside or hide in the bathroom. Turns out SHE blew the catfish off when he tried to meet her before because she was pregnant and went into labor. Uhhh...okay, lied about that and the fact that she has a kid. Then when she meets the catfish, who is real, she's squatting on the ground, walking away mumbling, again with the hair over her face, tells the guy she has a kid (which he didn't know, because he supposedly doesn't like kids) and immediately asks him if he wants to be her godfather! Yikes. Then she takes off to go for a run. I actually found a blog of a person who talked to this girl's sister, and the sister said the whole thing was a fake story anyway, and they misrepresented a lot of the actual facts. Wow, just wow. I'm disgusted by the whole thing. Makes me wonder if ANY of these stories are real.

Cougar Town

I like this show. It's stupid and silly but it's entertaining. It works because it has a good cast that works well together. I like all of the characters except Busy Phillips; she's just gross. Everything she does and says is over exaggerated and clownlike, waving her hands and arms around constantly, making ridiculous facial expressions, her eyes bugging out, opening her mouth wider than necessary to talk, yelling everything she says, always jumping and gyrating around like she's having some kind of fit; truly nauseating. She just doesn't really mesh with the rest of the cast. Without her it would be 1000 times better.

Mr. Mayor

Just Awful
I didn't get all the way through the pilot. The writing is awful. The characters are awful. I never laughed; I was too busy cringing. All of the jokes fell completely flat and most of them made no sense. The daughter is a screaming, whiny, harpy. Holly Hunter was horrible; I didn't even recognize her. Vella Lovell was just...odd and Bobby Moynihan's character was disgusting and gross. I really can't figure out what they were going for; it was non-sensical and just...AWFUL.

Call Me Kat

I Enjoyed the Show
The biggest problem seems to be that everyone is comparing it to some other show, which just isn't really fair. I've never heard of or seen the other show so I'm basing my review strictly on the show itself, and I liked it. It has a good cast; Mayim Bialik is cute and quirky, Leslie Jordan is just good at being funny. I have always liked Swoosie Kurtz, and although I'm not familiar with Kyla Pratt and Cheyenne Jackson, I like them and they give great support to the cast. It's not Citizen Kane, but it's funny and entertaining and different. The constant breaking the 4th wall is gimicky and somewhat annoying, but it's different; it's light-hearted, not buried in bathroom humor, stupidity and sex, and overall I was entertained and will continue to watch it.


Hit and Miss
Parts of this show are really funny; but parts of it are really, really bad. Most of the characters are consistent; but Amy's character comes off as having a personality disorder, or something. One minute she's strict and mature, the next minute she's doing something totally insane, or saying something ridiculous, immature, and she's lying to people. I love America Ferrera, but this character is a waste of her talent. The writers need to communicate so they're writing consistently. EDIT: As the show goes on it is definitely getting worse. The Amy character has become so intensely over the top that she's manic. It's not funny and it's embarrassing and painful to watch. The rest of the characters seem more consistent.

Mission: Impossible II

Dear God This is a Boring Movie
I liked the first MI, even though I am not a Tom Cruise fan, and was looking forward to MI2. It starts off rather intriguing, then just nose dives into something that seems to have nothing to do with an action film. If you enjoy watching some woman standing around trying to look sultry and sexy ad nauseam, then this is the movie for you. I have never seen Thandie Newton (the woman) before or since, so I'm not sure if it was bad acting or bad direction, but she was awful. I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and...waiting, for something interesting to happen, while cringing at the pathetic dialog. Halfway through, there was no action (unless you count the ridiculously stupid and pointless car race between Thandie and Tom). The whole movie was a waste of time; unless you enjoy seeing Thandie and Tom endlessly gazing at each other like love-struck teenagers, while not really DOING anything. It was endless talk and no action, until the end, where we suddenly have a plethora of unbelievable action, that is so over the top impossible, it isn't even enjoyable. I just kept shaking my head. The whole motorcycle fight on the beach was so cheesy I actually burst out laughing. And for God's sake, quit using slow motion for everything! It makes it all worse. I was honestly hoping Thandie was going to jump off that cliff, mostly so that horrible music would stop. Someone must have black-mailed Anthony Hopkins to be in this movie.

Fixer Upper: A Classic, Traditional Beauty
Episode 8, Season 5

Worst Episode Ever
I get it, the homeowner sings opera; but listening to Chip and Joanna sing-talk half of the show, just about drove me insane. I muted most of the episode; listening to Chip "sing" by yelling off-key at the top of his lungs was a really horrific experience. This was also one of my least favorite designs; liking music doesn't mean you want a bunch of old beat up cellos hanging on your living room wall.

Flea Market Flip

Good Premise; Bad Execution
It's a great idea, showing people fixing up junk and selling it for a profit, which is possible. Unfortunately, that isn't what happens. These people buy junk, use Lara's ideas, then professionals with every piece of equipment and tool known to man do the work for them and add "embellishments" that they didn't buy or plan on and that don't figure into the cost. Then they sell them for jacked-up, completely unrealistic prices that no one at a flea market would ever pay. No way, not gonna happen. Give them $500, don't tell them what to make or how many pieces, make them do their own work, and use their own ideas, and see who makes the most money. Quit using Lara's ideas, quit letting her help with negotiating buying and selling, and quit the cheesy trash-talking among contestants. Leave the contestants on their own and see if they actually have any skills; it would be a thousand times more entertaining. EDIT: I just watched an episode that convinced me this show is completely fake. One pair bought a couple of pieces for $32 that they turned into some kind of desk. The guy who originally sold them the pieces for $32, came and bought their creation, for $293!!! There is no possible way in this universe, anyone would do that. Completely unbelievable and ridiculous.

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