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Thai Saheba

A masterpiece by a great artist
I appreciate 'Thai Saheba' for different reasons. It had the perfect script, greater performances, and above all, it was given the best possible treatment by the director. At the end of the film, I was left mesmerized and stunned at the director's handling of such a highly complex plot element. Is the film the story of a woman's life? Is it about the transition in the Indian Societey? Did we just witness that transition through the life of Thai Saheba? Or did it just depict the life of women like Narmada Thayi?It took me a while to figure out that the answers to all the questions was in the affirmative. The film was simply a sum total of all that. It depended on the way I interpreted it. I could see the film in different layers, each one telling a different story! The film left me thinking about it for months together. I was awestruck as to how such a complex story could be made into a film that would lead the audience to multiple interpretations. On the whole, for people interested in serious cinema, Thai Saheba is a 'must watch' film. Girish Kasaravalli at his best, I give Thai Saheba a full 10 points. P.S:I would have given it a 20 if given a chance!

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