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The Silent Sea

A Rare Fantastic Sci-fi Thriller
One of the few shows that succeeds so well in developing a gripping plot and ambience while dealing with the Sci-fi genre. The topic of the show was rather intelligent, well thought and different. Though in the starting it had Interstellar vibes, however, the concept and execution of the whole thing were quite unique. The suspense that the show managed to create amongst its viewers is something I highly appreciate. Moreover, it took it's time to develop the plot and the suspense which is taken to be a drawback by many yet I believe that it was one of the strongest factors as the show didn't dive directly into conclusions and give up the mystery. The performances were also fantastic.

Highly Recommended!!!


An intriguing horror thriller
The start of the show is quite promising and intriguing. It creates a very spin chilling ambience and thus, keeps triggering your senses. The portrayal of the characters is also well executed. Moreover, the slow pace of the show doesn't seem off to me, because I truly value movies and shows whichinvolves in steadily developing the plot and environment. It works as a benefit than other contents which are only focused towards grabbing the attention of the audience. Bulgasal definitely does that job well. It's different, thus it might not be like the regular shows and not for all viewers. However, I truly enjoyed this unique approach. Can't wait for the next episodes to roll.

Update: I've just completed watching it and I'm spellbound. I don't know how I shall express my emotions, they are so overwhelming right now. I wish it just would not end. I want to watch this show forever, the characters forever. I love all of them so much. I won't give any spoilers about the ending and stuff. However, I adore this show. PLEASE WATCH!!!


An Extraordinary Apocalypse Drama
This show was so good!!! In fact GREAT!!! It is so much more than just an apocalypse show. It subtly portrays the dark side of humanity and how we humans are so fragile in holding our sanity in difficult times. I believe many people have encountered similar incidents during this time of covid, and I was truly amazed by how the filmmakers have brought that entire thing into life by intensifying the situation. All the characters are really well portrayed and all the actors did justice to their roles. One of the best Dramas this year.



Entertaining to the T
Totally amazing series, it's entertaining, funny, action-packed and everything. The script, execution, performances all fit perfectly. MCU is trying new things with its projects this year, and Hawkeye is really different. A truly MUST-WATCH show. Can't wait for the next episodes.

Taineun Jiokida

One of the darkest thriller dramas
"One of the darkest thriller dramas", When I say it, I truly mean it! Cause dark doesn't always have to deal with utmost cruel murders and torture, there's surely a lot in the drama but it is something that haunts your soul. I had the same feeling after Midsommar. It is slow and intriguing that at a steady pace pierce into all your weaknesses and makes you shiver with horror.

I truly feel the whole team did a great job, especially the story and ambience. How the story of a residence and its members which is not even a horror house (though nothing less than that) could trigger so many intense feelings and give you chills.

I am awed!! And demanding more of it rn, I hope it gets renewed for more seasons cause it is one of my favourites. The actors did a fine job and are the ambience, that's definitely too creepy and suites great.

A MUST WATCH!!!! (Not for faint hearts plzz)

Gaet-na-eul cha-cha-cha

All my heart needed
No wonder everyone loves this show because it is one of the best ones of our time. The most positive aspect of this show are the characters, in those 16 episodes, you literally see the lives of all those amazing characters from a really, really close perspective, thus when they smile you feel like smiling and when they cry it breaks your heart. It is not only a feel-good show, but it's so much beyond that. It has a subtle touch of every genre in it, and the more you watch, the more you delve into the story. After two, three episodes I felt as if I am one of the members of Gongjim living together with all those sweet people *I wish it were true :,)*

I really love it so much It's a MUST-WATCH.


A Fantastic Action Thriller
When it comes to action thrillers the plot somehow goes flat, however K-dramas never comprises with the storyline. Not only this show has brilliant action sequences, but also loads of emotions, and a strong plot that would keep you hooked till the end.

I am truly mesmerized to see how Korean Dramas are raising their bar with so many different contents this year, and My Name truly does the job well.

I watched the entire series in a day, and I just can't let it out of my head. Special mention to the actor (Han So Hee) who truly nailed the show, her hardwork was totally visible throughout. The other actors too did a great and made the series a fantastic watch and definitely made me cry at times.

Loved It!!! It's a Must-Watch!!!

Yuyeolui eumagaelbeom

A heart-warming story!!!
I love this movie so much, I wish I could express it in the limited words I know. Just two people nurturing a strong feeling for each other in their hearts for more than a decade while society and their insecurities kept them apart. It has taught me that to love someone, you need to learn to love yourself. Love is real, love is true, love is not something you build to fill the vacant corner of your heart; Love is beyond that, and everything.

In the few words spoken by the characters, this movie has brought out so many emotions. I truly believe it is one of the most underrated stories about love, loneliness, and finding the lost self in the crowd.

A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!! Please watch it!!!!

Eitin Eogein

Will Always Be There In My Heart!
This is a drama that shall stay in your heart always. I shall always remember those moments when I cried and laughed watching it. 18 Again, it teaches you a lot about life and relationships. Just imagine if you are in your thirties on the verge of ending your marriage with the person you've always loved just because of communication gaps and misunderstandings that developed over time, and suddenly you become a whole new person and return back to their life to know you family in a way you never had before. Yes, it would surely change everything. I am so grateful that the makers decided to make this show. Thank you so much for teaching me so many important lessons. They shall always guide me in my life. Thank you so much!!

It is a MUST-WATCH, nobody can question that. So please invest a little time of your life, to watch it.


Entertaining movie with a strong message
The movie is a good take on feminism and the crimes against women. It has also given a powerful message on how such crimes are being ignored each day. A very unique thing about the movie is how they've mixed the genres of crime and comedy. There are a few scenes that will tickle your nerves with laughter and a few that will make you anxious. The action in the movie is also fine. Overall, it is an entertaining watch with a strong message.


A Gripping Thriller
I truly enjoyed the movie. It actually succeeded in making me feel nervous and anxious for what's going to happen next. The acting by Wi Ha Joon is something that made it even more engaging. The only point that I felt loose is the common sense of the policemen, weren't they lil too blunt? Apart from that the movie actually managed to bring up a huge issue about the misbehaviour and ignorance of common people towards the differently-abled people. I my opinion this was a worthy watch!

The Guilty

Jake Gyllenhaal!!!! The Legend!!!
I mean, I can't even imagine anyone else playing this role with so much perfection. An actor who single handedly carried out the entire movie sitting on a chair and making calls and to be honest you didn't need to see anything more. Jake literally told the entire story, made the suspense, and thrill, all through his emotions. I cannot imagine it to be have been a easy job. One of the most talented actors alive, I'll again say.


Amazing movie, that will keep you goosebumps
One of the best Hindi movies I've watched in recent time. Being a Bengali I'm well aware of the systems of the Thakur and Jamindars in the early times and how small girls were married off to older men. Being trapped in the four walls those girls used to grow up by an ornament kept in locked caskets in those huge mansions, taken out only to serve and decorate. Bulbbul is a fresh take in the horror genre, mixing the essence of history and mythology. An incredible epitome of feminist content. The cinematography, content, everything is so incredible. Especially the way Tripti Dimri has portrayed her character is completely flawless. I recommend everyone to watch this masterpiece.

Loving Vincent

A true masterpiece
I am truly mesmerized by this movie and it pains me to think that it is so underrated. Surely hats off to the makers and the 100 artists who made this possible. Vincent Van Gogh has always been my favourite artist of all times. However, I was overwhelmed with misery when o got to know about his life. This movie provides an account from the life of this great personality involving the mystery of his suicide.

The comet art in the movie is inspired by Van Gogh's oul paintings and it is a moving art. I surely recommend everyone to watch is elegant cinematic beauty atleast once in their lifetime.

The Courier

A Must Watch!
This is a brilliantly executed movie on the real life story of the British businessman Greville Wynne and Officer of the Sovient Union, Oleg Penkovsky and how these two brave men had saved the world from the bringe of a destructive war during the 1960s cold war. However, Greville survived it with a harsh imprisonment in Russia, Penkovsky couldn't make it out.

The movie gives a poignant account of the families of these people who act as spies and sources both serving for or against their government. The friendship that developed between these two men during the meetings is also well depicted.

One of the best aspect of the movie is the way it has demonstrated few emotions; when they are sitting in the theatre enjoying the ballet, and with every passing tune of the music they were being terrified, that maybe this is the best thing they would enjoy for the last time in their life. Then in the jail, when they confronted each other Greville was atleast successful in informing Penkovsky that his efforts didn't go in vain, and he actually was able to stop the war.

I truly can't even imagine the pain, suffering these people need to get through in their lives. I pay a heartfelt tribute to these brave hearts who are constantly working for peace in the shadows, with the constant fear that they can just die any minute.

Lastly, amazingly presented by the film makers and brilliantly performed by Benedict Cumberbatch & Merab Ninidze.

I recommend everyone to watch this movie!


I Adore It, It's Different, And All That We Need
It's definitely not something that's gonna blow your minds with it's wit, but this movie is all the world needs now. I totally respect the classic tale, but expecting the same old rugged stereotypes of the society in a movie made in today's world is definitely a bad idea. This movie is all the new Cinderella story needs to be. Moreover, it has some of the best songs of 2021 & the cinematography is magical.

It'd say the acting could have been better, for that I first decided to give it 8, but keeping in mind the hate it's getting, I guess I'd prefer to keep it 10. It's obviously an unconventional approach, and I believe everyone in the movie, and the film makers nailed it.


Inspiring & Heart-Breaking
I just donno how to put the movie into words. I am just so broken right now. I'd recommend everyone to watch it. Unlike other hippy Bollywood movies, it is very simple, adhering to facts and subtly mesmerizing. I enjoyed the acting and cinematography a lot. Loved the movie!

The Tomorrow War

Good Action Packed Movie For The Weekend
Okay, I totally get that the script of the movie is a bit weak and it could have been better. Yet I would love to mention some points that make it an entertaining and worth watching:

1. The VFX is really good. Like watching this movie in the theatres would have been a blessing to the eyes, however, it still is incredible even on the small screen.

2. The performances offered by the actors are heart wrenching. Starting with Chris Pratt. Yvonne Strahvoski,Sam Richardson, and JK Simmons.

3. The action of the movie is spine chilling. The aggression the aliens show and fighting amongst thousand of them is really something worth-watching. This particular factor is something that gives the movie a significant spot.

4. It is crisp and not boring. The movie is only 2 hours approx long within that time the filmmakers have really explored a wide number of spheres. Thus, it is not monotonous and precisely executed.

Hope it helps!

Serebryanye konki

A Magical Fairytale
The execution of the movie is brilliant. The plot is not something very exceptional and new but the beautiful cinematography and elegance of the movie make it worth watching. I am so mesmerized by it, the movie just feels like a magical fairytale without actually having any magic. I loved how the makers had given attention to every minute details especially on that skating and robbery part. I really loved this movie, it was a treat to my eyes. I loved all the characters especially Alex.


Emotional and Entertaining
The first episode of Loki is really entertaining. Starting from the first scene they have beautifully maintained a different aura about the series. I can really relate when Tom told that it is unlike anything the MCU has ever made. Yet I guess MCU has really made a vow this year to make things so emotional. Well, I hope it didn't sound anything like a spoiler cause to know how things are, you need to watch the first episode. I loved it. Tom Hiddleston has done a brilliant job and so has the entire cast. Yes, it was great to see Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius.

The Irregulars

Full Binge Worthy!
I really enjoyed this show. It has all the elements of fun, fear, magic, friendship, love, life.

Can't wait for the next seasons!!!

The Night Manager

A Must Watch Thriller!
I just loved this show so much. It is my first time in this genre. Can't really explain how mesmerized I am after watching it. Tom Hiddleston, no doubt he got the golden globe for his performance. It was beyond outstanding. Not only his, but the whole cast also did a brilliant job. I just had a very very satisfying feeling after watching it.


A Worth Watch! What loss feels like?
I loved this movie. The emotions of loss are so intensely shown in the movie. You got to see the world from the point of view of a person who has lost the very reason for her happy life. Great acting by both of the actors. It really made me so emotional.

Against the Sun

Gave Me Goosebumps!
I just loved the movie so much. The struggle, the hope, and everything are depicted in such a simple manner yet beautifully. The three actors have played their roles so well. A must watch. The story (A real one) really gives me goosebumps.


Definitely want a season 2!
I just loved the show. This is so incredible. The suspense, the horror, the visuals, the storyline is so amazing. We all want to leave behind our past and move on for a better life but what if that becomes questionable? New life only if you live. Just WOW! The actors played their roles so well! I surely want a season 2. Why did YouTube do this???????? OMG!!! I can't believe it is not coming for at least another season. It is quite better than most of the popular Netflix shows which are making season after season! Like why????

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