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So Awkward

Love this show!!!
Great show, hilarious characters and fab story lines! I began watching this when I was 8 and still, 4 years later I am loving series 5! Totally recommend it for kids 8 - 13

Doctor Who

I love doctor who!!!
I agree that the series with Jodie Whittaker wasn't as good as others but I don't understand all the hate. My fave doctor was Matt Smith and then David Tennant. I feel like Jodie Whittaker just doesn't bring that same magic that they brought to the show(idk whether that's the script or the actor). I would totally recommend doctor who to anyone who likes weird stuff...that doesn't rly make sense but u know what I meanπŸ˜‚

Just Add Magic

Love this!!!
This is a great programme and really gripping! I'm really addicted πŸ˜‚ I think it's best for 7 - 13 yos. There is nothing inappropriate whatsoever but it's not a show for babies either. Overall, I love this series, just be prepared to most probably be addicted!πŸ˜‚

Captain Marvel

Great film!
I loved this film. There is nothing inappropriate but I think it was rated 12A because there is a bit of violence. It shows trust and friendship but it's mostly just funny and thrilling to watch! Overall, I think it would be great for anyone who likes lots of action and fun.

Find Me in Paris

Great programme!
Fun to watch, decent actors, for kids about 9+. A couple of kissing scenes but nothing a kid can't handle. It doesn't focus too much on dancing, so you don't have to love it to watch it. Overall, I love this programme, I think it's a great addition to Nickelodeon.

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