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Dollhouse: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture

Thought Provoking & Brilliant
The story is about Junie Spoons who began her start in the Hollywood spotlight as a young child, pushed into the public stage at by her former momager. As a rise and ultimate fall of a teenage starlet, Brending's film begs the question -- is Junie Spoons really the one to blame? Or, was she simply, like many other rise-and-fall starlets, a victim to the media and this new era obsessed with identity and entitlement?

Brending's puppet-animation looks at satire of misogyny told through our society's perspective of women as objects -- but doesn't hold back -- proving double standards for both women and men.

'Dollhouse' is great for many reasons -- it's funny and visually unique. The parts that make us uncomfortable showcase the true message -- we are all complicit in the subjugation and exploitation of women. Now that's a conversation starter.


Legend of the Muse

Artsy horror
'Legend of the Muse' is a critically-acclaimed psychological thriller that has played at over 28 film festivals around the world, collecting awards for best feature, best screenplay, and audience choice, among other accolades.

Shot on a 15-day schedule, the feature is a slow burn, yet alluring as a psychological thriller. Artsy horror.

Bombshells and Dollies

Great documentary of the pinup subculture
'BOMBSHELLS AND DOLLIES' is a story of female empowerment, self-confidence, personal goals, celebrating every woman's unique individuality, embracing all body types, races, sexual orientations and cultures.

Truly a hidden gem -- and an uplifting film to watch, especially given our world's current pandemic.

A definite must-see!

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