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Love story
Rahman took over from Mohan and Karthik as a famiy hero by late 90s . Tall and svelte he makes a fine romantic hero. He meets pretty Sangeeta in Kerala when he is touring with his friend the chirpy Charlie . Sangeeta is cute and cbubby wears mostly transparent tops with shorts to show off her full frame . Shes great eye candy . Some confusions and a few duets later both fall in love . He realises that she is the sister of the lawyer he has come to visit there . When they are introduced ,the lawyer see through his game and offers him around 10 lakhs to leave his sister alone . Without a second word , he takes that money and flies back to Chenna leaving Sangeeta all shocked and broken hearted. The scene shifts to Chennai where its shown that Rahman is actually trying to help the family which supported him while in dire needs by giving this money as the dowry for their daughter . The groom's party turns out to be very fussy and greedy and they leave this family in the lurch . Rahman finally marries their daughter to safeguard their honour . In the end all confusions are cleared and he emerges as a social hero. Some songs remian with you long after the movie finishes . Shot in green lush picturesque locales of Kerala , this movie makes for a fine family fare .

Thambi Pondaatti

Family fare
Ravi and Rahaman belong to a modern loving family headed by Nagesh and his second young wife Aalam. Rahman is a photographer of glam calenders and often meets pretty girls in his job.impressed with his model Ramya he plays cupid between Ravi and her . Both Ravi and Ramya are a lovable couple and they chance upon Sukanya whos from a conservative family . Impressed by her , they get her married to Rahman. All 6 start living together with a young Vivek as their house help . Sukanya soon realises they are too modern for her and starts nit picking for every small thing . Her father veteran Ramesh adds fire as hes a lawyer and suspicious of this happy go lucky family from day one . A lot of misunderstandings twists and turns come . Saddened by her attitude ,both Aalam and Nagesh agree that they should go separate ways . Sukanya manages to separate him form his family and they start living in a different house. Very soon she delivers twin girls . She find fault in the girls meeting their grandparents, often chides ahman for having affairs with the glamorous Ramya his own sister in law. Rahman. All tantrums are borne patiently by the gregarious family . Finally matters come to a head when Ramesh drags his daughte rto court to get her divorced . A lot of family drama , legal tangles later, her mother Sulakshana breaks hier silence . Gives her a long lecture about her duties. Finally Sukanya relents and goes back to her in laws. The family is united again . Its a relavent movie even today . All leading ladies wear soft cotton sarees to show their domestic status . Ramya looks glam in her tight western clothes . Rahman as the confused , innocent husband who does not understand his wife's twisted logic evokes a lot of sympathy . Vivek is likeable in his early short role as the house help . Every person is aptly cast . Its a whole some family entertainer.


Revenge drama
Watch it if you are a SD fan. He sees his parents being killed as a child and the image of the 3 villians gets etched in his memory he growsu p and takes revenge on two of them quickly and swiftly . The third one Amrish Puri turns out to be a tough cookie . He suspects that SD is out to kill him and sends a pretty trap Walia . Paralelly village belle Kimi is his love interest. She looks cute with her colourful bindis and loud village dresses . Over all a fine movie with the usual fights, actions , songs , dances . SD is a good eye candy with a great figure. Hes a treat to watch in any role .


Family story
Sajay Dutt is an orphan with a heart of gold . Pran a rich man meets him on a couple of occasions and is mighty pleased with him and his honest attitude . His daughter Farah Naaz is in love wth Sunil Sehgal . Pran employes SD to wean her away from him and pose as a rich man . Sunil Sehgal is Pran's enemy Ranjeet's son . SD readily agrees as he needs the money for various good causes liked educating another orphan like him , helping the orphanage from closure ... . He lures Farah and ends up falling in love with her . She also gets tamed this way and starts loving him . Finally shes devastated when she realises that hes been acting all along . A lot of twists turns confusions fights misunderstandings follow . Shammi aunty is super likeable as the affectionate orphanage runner . Mukhri ,Chandrashekar and others are cute in their small roles. Farah is pretty wearing pastal salwars and skirts all the time . She has delicate features which adds to her fragile lost girl role. Sanjay shows a lot of restrained emotions. First as the casual young boy , caring ward of Shammi , confused genuine lover, money minded rich man acting as Farah's true lover .. he plays many roles with ease . Songs are hummable . Including the cult Aur Is Dil Mein .... Over all a fine family fare.

Qurbani Rang Layegi

Family fare
Sanju looks cute initially but later a lot of changes in his features and hair style , gait etc., are conspicuous . The movie took a long time to finish. It shows. Poonam and Shakti kapoor are singers . Padmini is a poor girl living in a chawl with her brother Paintal and with Satyen Kapu. Sanjay and Padmini get close to each other as they are living together under the same roof and singing together on the streets.

Stage singer Poonam spots his talent and wishes to make him a big singer much to Shakti's anger and frustration .He tries all sorts of tricks Poonam relents and Sanjay starts giivng major programs on big stages Poonam is unaware of Padmini's feelings for him and starts loving him silently. Padmini starts distancing herself from Sanjay when she realises this . A lot of twists confusions misunderstandings occur . Finally conveniently Poonam dies leaving Padmini and Sanay to unite. Sujit Kumar shines in his small role as Sanjay's jailed father.

Do Dilon Ki Dastaan

Cute family drama
Sanjay is perfect as a rich play boy who jets off to Kashmir to escape his grandfather's idea of marrying him off to Kajal Kiran . Arun Govil is the silent lover of Padmini . She is the local tour guide in Srinagar and keeps meeting frivalous Sanjay at regular intervals . After some hesitation she gives in . All main cast are fine and likeable . Picturesque Kashmir is perfect back ground for romantic songs and escapades . Sanjay is stone faced at many emotional moments but likeable even then . Padmini becomes blind due to an accident and tries to stay away from Sanjay . He is perfect as a pampered grand son or a confused lover who is unable to understand why Padmini is not responding .... Kajal kiran lights up the screen in her small role as a gold digger . Shubha Khote is also cute but wasted in her role as Padmini's maid . Massive huge settings , lush greenery , shikaras , boat rides ..., Over all a fine family fare of the 80s .


fami;y fare
RK is the same age as Jeetendra but looks more bloated and flabby . Its difficult to take him as a young play boy hero. He is perfect as a rich man's son . Jeetendra and his cousin Sridevi are good as poor children ofSriramLagoo . The role of a poor woman does not suit Waheeda Rehman shes by default dignified and good looking . A lot of fights and twists occur. A perfect family fare of the 80s .

Mera Faisla

One time watch
The revenge filled action movies were slowly coming out in the 80s . This is one such movie with unnecessary fightings and action towards the end.

Sanjay Dutt is a budding police officer groomed by his granny Nirupa Roy (ethereal in white sarees ) . Her son his father Parikshit Sahani was wrongly framed by Pran and Kader Khan and carries the burder of a corrupt police officer even after his sad death. Nirupa grooms her grand son to avenge this insult .

Rati i is Sanju's GF and college mate . She has all the looks of a beautiful rich girl always swatched in costly dresses and jewellery. Shes a pleasent eye candy .her father. Pinchoo Kapoor throws Sanjay out when he realises who his father is . Sanjay comes to know this story from his granny and sets about avenging the insult to his family . Till then he too believes that his father was corrupt . PRan , Shakti Kapoor and Kader Khan are likeable even in thier villainous roles. JayaPrada has a very small role as a doctor , daughter of bank manager Satyen Kapu. She wears plain sarees with plain blouses thoughout and looks beautiful in those simple attire.

Shubha Khote and Rajendra Nath are very affectionate as bumbling hostel warden and cook. Sanju looks cute when he dresses as a girl and enters the girls hostel wash room. A lot of twists turns confusions misunderstandings later all becomes well. Shot in plush hillyl locales it has a lot of greenery and soft songs .... usual 80s romance.

Main Awara Hoon

Family movie
The mastero Samantha's touch is visible in many parts . Sanjay is a misunderstood son of a low middle class family . His older brother the prodigal son quite and studious Raj tries to bring in some moolah by giving tutions . His younger sister is sweet and inncoent and loved by all . When she is baited by Manorama and Ramesh Deo for some film role , Sanju quitely goes to save her but again his actions are mis constructed by his family .

His aunt Shubha Kote is a shrew and keeps praising Raj for the money he is getting and keeps censuring Sanju for his waylaid ways . Sanju leaves for Mumbai and finds job with Madan Puri and his bakery .His neice Jaya prada falls for him . Meanwhile Sanju also meets rich Rati and they sing a few duets by falling in love after crossing their paths a couple of times . Paralelley Raj finds a big job in Rati's business and realises that she is the sole heiress of a big family . Sanju beocmes a taxi driver when his paths cross with his brother's , then realises that his brother wishes to marry Rati. He gets out of the way quitely . A lot of twists turns confusions mis undersandings happen between the 4 . Raj and Rati get married . Each time Sanju is misunderstood and. Misinterpreted . Sanju also dontates his kidnely quitely when Raj needs a transplant . In the end all problems get cleared and the four unite . Jayaprada has dubbed for herself in this movie and her accemt shows . Rati as a rich girl is resplendent in her silks and jewels . Shubha Khote , Manorama and Ramesh Deo are likeable even in their villianous roles. Shoma Anand as usual is loud in her high pitch as Rati's freind. Sanju and Raj compete with each other to act. Both are restrained and give fine performances. Over all a fine family movie .

Johny I Love You

one time watch
Rati has an irritating voice she she tries to emote .Sanjay looks innocent for his role of an obedient son of a strict father Suresh Oberoi. The supporting cast of Tanuja and others are ok. Shot in lush hilly locales it has some nice catchy songs . Rati is agood eye candy . No great story to talk of . A one time family watch .


one time family fare
Amrita looks cute and chubby as a bumbling awkward teenager .she looks much older than her supposed 18 years in this movie . She lives with her father the stern and strict Pran who is always chiding her for her stupidity . He holds her responsible for killing her mother in some silly accident at home . Her aunt Beena tries to mend fences each time . She meets local shop keper RK and a few duets later they get marired without Pran's knowledge . Slowly its revealed that Pran had intimate relations with RK's siter Rohini as she was his nurse when he was pursuing medical studies but he ditched her and married a very rich woman Asha Lata to help him further his career. RK is now out for vengence as Rohini has lost her mental balance . A lot of fights and twists and turns later all becomes well. Rohini shines in her very small role as a deranged person . Beena is affection personified. Amrita has to look pretty and sing and dance . RK reminds us of Shammi Kapoor each time . Pran is the back bone of this movie . A strict patriarch then as a caring father to his marired daughter , ambitious doctor marrying for money , confused about RK's revenge ... he is on top showing each emotion subtly . ISongs are so .. so ... Over all a one time watch.

Lover Boy

one time watch
RK plays a double role . They are twins separated at birth by the village mid wife Anjana Mumtaz who keeps one child for her own sake . The other one grows up with mother Tanuja who runs an orphanage . Her husband Navin Nishchol has been imprisoned under false charges . Tanuja's son grows up all decent and respectful . The other RK grows up to be street smart. His GF Anita Raj has a great slim figure and shows off in each frame in traditional garb . Both the boys are after rich Meenakshi .They meet her at differen places in different circumstances. A lot of confusions twists turns misunderstandings between the 4 main cast Songs are too many at short intervals . Meenakshi looks cute in western outfits . Both the main cast girls have to look pretty pout sulk dance and prance . RK reminds us of Shammi Kapoor in many scenes. Many scenes drag on for too long . Over all a one time family watch.


usual revenge drama
RK was in his 40s but looks bloated for his smitten lover role . Smita Patil , a middle class girl works for Shakti Kapoor who eyes every girl he works with . His friend Raj works in the police and has a soft corner for Smita but does not reveal this . Raj's friend RK sees Smita in some program and falls for her . He also sends his rich parents to ask her mother Nirupa Roy her hand in marriage . The wedding is fixed and he goes abroad for some work .

When Shakti rapes Smita in one office party , her mother Nirupa Roy dies of this shock .

Smita sends her brother Master Alankar for training in the Navy . Smita is left alone and find help in the form of Madam Bindu who trains her to be a courtesan . Raj comes to know about this and tries to help her . Also tells her that he loves her a lot but she refuses to marry him as she feels he is merely pitying her . Paralelly RK's family back out of their marriage proposal when they come to know of her story . . Raj , Smita nad RK keep crossing paths . Slowly Smita relents and accepts Rajs proposal. RK comes to India but returns back dejected as he has lost her to Raj. Finally Smita kills Shakti in a fit of rage and has her revenge . The main actors are on top of their game . Smita shows a lot of fine emotions like innocence initially , shame when her brohter sees her dance , shocked when the future in laws back out or her mother dies , finally anger and revenge .

The side actors like Dina Pathak , Iftekar ( who is wastee in a smallr ole as the watchman ) , Bindu as the courtesan madam, Pradeep as Raj's boss ... are more than adequate. A fine family fare of the 80s .


fine movie
Both RK and ST have great figures , skills and complexions .they show it in every frame . Devoid of make up or glamour their natural faces and expressions are equally pretty . They are a middle class couple with the usual squabbles . The ending is much needed even today... stay together despite all problems . Tough to imagine ST in simple cotton sarees but she fits in this non glam role very easily . The girl who acted as RKs collegue is very pretty but she was not seen later in any other movie . A fine family fare even today .

Maha Chor

Family watch
Neetu is cute as a button . RK is made for light romantic roles. He really does not suit the scenes which require him to fight. RK plays two roles. One as a prince who is under the control of eveil Manorama and Prem Chopra another as a street smart thief . RK meets Neetu singh when she tries to escape her abductors. When Prem Chopra meets RK , he trains him to impersonate the real prince who is imprisoned . A lot of comedy of erroes, misunderstandings, confusions ,twists and turns follow . Aruna Irani is likeable in her role as RK's street friend who dances her way to save all of them tied to pillars in the end .A typical 70s family fare. Manorama looks cute in her exagerated facial expressions and blingy dresses. Kamini Kaushal is the. Classic Raj maata perpectually in search of her son . In the end ,the villains are given a thrashing and RK and Neetu unite. The real prince ( RK again ) gets freed . An enjoyable family fare .


Stylish movie
Like most of FK's movies , watch this too for its style . Sanjay has a toned torso and shows it off in almost every frame . Manisha looks cute as a doll in most scenes .Deepti looks glamorous in her small role . FK makes his women look beautiful and pleasing . Nagma is good eye candy . Kabir Bedi never fails to impress with his attitude .Maya Alagh looks lovable as a concerned mother . Watch it for its locales, panache , flair , catchy music and flamboyance .


Meloncholy drama
Deepti is a simple introvert village girl in Nepal. The daughter of a middle class painter . Suresh , a rich. Industrialist comes there to bag some deal, gets impressed by her and proposes marriage to his brother Akbar Khan . Both agree immediatly. Deepti comes to live with them in their palatial bungalow . Suresh is already married but is distant withh is wife who is an active socialite always with her friends playing cards or attending parties. Deepti finds it difficult to adjust as her husband uses her only for physical desires day after day . She is a good painter herself with an interst in fine arts like music or sitar .she tries to understand his business but he brushes her away saying they are not a woman's job . Squabbles keep taking place . She is reminded by him often about her lucky status to get married in this rich family . She often requests him to seperate from his brother family so that they bond togehter but he refuses each time . Suresh is aware of this but keeps himself away from their marital problems. His wife often advices Deepti to stay away from men's problems they can better handle it themselves. One big fight later Deepti moves to her maternal Nepal . Suresh goes to get her and they get intimate as both are unhappy with their spouses . Guilty, he leaves back quitely without her . Akbar is not aware of this till the end. He does come to take her back but she refuses . Deepti stays back and refuses to return to Akbar . She r tells him to marry a girl of his choice later . She delivers twins and till the end Akbar does not know that he has not sired them . A fine movie on marital discord . Suresh's wife gets her moment when she says that he does not stay with her long enough even to fight . All 4 are fighting their own demons . Akbar is perfect as the confused young husband and later repentent mature man . Those days 6 pack and a toned physique were absent , he has a good figure to match his impulsive desires and play boyish image .Deepti is fine as a middle class girl who is unable to adapt to her glamorous surroundings . She wears thick cotton sarees with closed neck blouses through out . Over all, a sensitive movie .


Girl power
Hema looks too old for this role . She was in her mid 30s by this time . A simple girl changes into a man eating tigress by the end. Shes an innocent middle class girl .Her fathe rAshok Kumar ( adorable in his small role ) is a man of principles. Her wedding gets cancelled due to dowry issues . Confident and proud of herself she refuses to bow down and walks away . A stranger guest at the wedding Raj Babbar helps her and her father out . Later, She searches for a job door to door finally lands a job in Raj's company . Indebted to him thanx to his help in her cancelled marriage , she starts liking him .He receprocates and they get married in a small temple . After consumating their relation , she realises that he is missing . By that time she is pregnent and her father dies of shame in front of a train as her husband is not known to the world . Inncoently she belives Raj is lost some palce and starts searching for him . She meets Pran - a rich predator and moulds herself to his wishes thanx to her friend Aruna Irani's advice. She soon realises that Raj is Pran's son and both are predators looking for preys thanx to their rich social status and money and power. She stands firm and till the end tries to get Raj to accept her status with him . Pran is an innocent party in this game between Hama and Raj. Finally the three villains Yunus Parvez , Pran and Raj get killed . Rajesh Khanna comes as an advocate to defend her in a short role . Aruna and Yunus's story paralelly is poignant . Pran , Yunus , Aruna are likeable in their side roles even as villains . Over all a fine movie about a girl's grit and determination. Raj is perfect as a carefree rich play boy initially then confused about Hema's determination and scared about her grit and finally repentent .

Meraa Ghar Mere Bachche

Fine family fare
Both Smirta and Raj own this movie together. There is no doubt about their abilities to portray their roles. Smita is left alone to fend for herself after her way laid husband is sent to jail for killing Aruna Irani , a prostitute . Dejected, defeated she keeps shunting from job to job . Fiinally she wears the garb of a widow to get a job and starts working with her 3 kids thanx to a kind patron Arvind . When he realises that she is already married, he forgves her and gives her his entire property before dying . She starts taking care of his business and trusts with her 3 kids . Her first son Vijendra Ghatke is cynical and tries to carry forward her legacy . The second son (again Raj ) is in love with Meenakshi who is the daughter of a courtesan Sushma Seth , The third Komal Mahuakar is in love with a rich man's son. When she sees that life is all set ,suddenly her husband Raj is released and walks in her life to create havoc after havoc. She faces all with impunity and determination. Its difficult for her to accept him in public as she has proclaimed herself as a widow. He keeps blackmailing her and demanding money frequently . A lot of suspicions and rumours about him start . Komal's engagement is on the verge of breaking down because of this . Both her sons leave house . A lot of problems crop up. Sushma Seth the local Madam is resplendent in her silks and jewels and velvets. She comes across as an intelligent independent woman in the end . Its a delight watching Raj in any role be it a way laid vagabond one or a confused innocent lover of Meenakshi . Finally Vijendra sees the truth and accepts Meenakshi as the wife of Raj , Komal's marriage goes on as usual . Raj dies in the end in a fight with his own sons . Smita also dies with this grief . A very strong movie with powerful roles for women . Meenakshi and Komal are pretty in sarees and churidars . They dont have to do much other than looking bright and beautiful and dance and prance around .

Do Yaar

Family fare
Raj Babbar is a simpleton leading a simple life in a village .A film crew comes and he substitutes as the husband of Anita Raj in one scene .They quietly leave after shooting . He gets confused and not able to understtand that its just a movie , he sets out to big bad Mumbai in search of his " bride " . He starts living with Asha Parekh and Siddharth Kak as he saves their daughter. They take him in . He meets kind hearted Pathan Danny on the way . He faces a lot of problems due to his simple nature and fights it all out . When he is jailed for killing his boss , His boss's friend Om Shivpuri gets him married while in jail to pretty \Moushmi given a strange twist of circumstances. Moushmi is already in love with Arul Govil . Their love is not accepted by her father due to status differences. . She will in herit his money only if she marries as per her uncle's wishes . A mature serious role for chirpy Moushmi . Shakti Kapoor , Kader Khan are cute in their early roles as villains . Raj meets Anita Raj finally in sad circumstances . She has been waylaid . She had run away with 2 lakhs to pursue her tinsel town dreams and is now facing flops after flops . He sets her problems right and finally Moushmi goes back to Arun . Himself and Anita are united. The looks of Raj are not consistent . The movie took a long time to release . Over all a fine family fare. It starts off with a bang and loses its stream on the way .


Tragic story
You pity Sridevi in the end even though she is supposed to be a fallen woman . Married against her wishes , having a child against her wishes , shes forced to abide by her father's wishes. You pity Raj who is in love with pretty Sridevi and sends his grand daddy to talk about marirage but its a bit late by then . You pity Jeetendra , Sridevi's unwitting innocent husband . Promised the girl of his choice , abondened at birth by parents, rejected by his pretty wife Sridevi , left alone with his daughter to fend for himself. You pity Padmini , in love with her Brother in law but unable to express her emotions , gets married to him as an after thought and remains his second love . The villain of the piece is Pran , Sridevi's father who gets her married to fulfill his social obligations against his daughter's wishes. Its a movie based on toxic patriarchial formula . A lot of heart breaks , confusions , hurts, rejections , twists take place . Shakti Kapoor and Aruna Irani are lovable in thier tiny roles. Sridevi and Padmini look pretty and resplendent in thier silks and chiffons . Tall lithe svelte Raj is the perfect rich lover boy . Over all a fine family fare even today .


Family fare
Many family movies came in the 80s . This is one such non violent story . Raj is a dutiful doctor who is living happily with his wife Dimple and their daugther . Her daddy Sriram Lagoo is against this marriage due to status . Raj meets Padmini while on a trip to Hyd and she likes him instantly . Later , when Padmini comes to Mumbai , she meets Raj again due to one freak accident. She assumes he is unmarried . Nurse Aruna Irani plays an innocent part in this confusion. Dimple comes to know about her and starts getting suspicious about her intentions fuelled by her father's stories . A lot of problems , confusions ,twists occur. Finally when Padmini realises that she is marired she clears all problems between the couple and dies . Raj and Dimple are united. A fine soft movie . Dimple looks replendent in sarees . Her thick mane is unmissable . Shakti kapoor is lovable even as a villain. All other cast are more than adequate . A fine family watch.


Reincarnation drama
Raj and his friend Suresh go to a hill station for painting and writing . They meet pretty Rati . All three form a group along with her manager Shakti kapoor. Both of the friends take up Rati's guest house to stay and finish their work. Slowly Rati starts getting bouts when she goes in the hills with Raj . A reincarnation story emerges . In his last birth , both Raj and Suresh were thakurs . Their status conscious parents indulge their every whim. Rati is a tribal girl of their estate living a frugal life with father Bharat Bhushan . When Rati and Raj meet after a few coincidences both decide to get married. Raj's Thakur father flatly refuses .Despite that both get married much to his dislike . He starts creating misunderstandings betweent them with the maid Purnima . Slowly Raj starts suspecting Rati and Suresh and their intentions . A lot of confusions and twists later , all three die in a freak accident but before that Raj comes to know about his father's evil intentions . Coming to the present birth , all three decide to put their past aside and start afresh . Rati and Raj again reunite. Shakti Kapoor is likeable as a villain of this story . Rati looks resplendent in the garb of a present day modern girl or a tribal belle . She has to look pretty and dance prettily . Raj is svelte and super as a hero . He shows a myraid of emotions easily . A fine family fare.

Aapas Ki Baat

routine family fare of the 80s
Poonam and Raj both are good eye candy with great svelte figures and good acting skills . Its a treat watching them in any role . Here Raj is a florist working hard his way to the top . Poonam is a rich girl living with her mother ( the debaucharous Dina Pathak ) and her big bro. Bharat Kapoor. When she tells her family about her love for Ran who is not the same class as them , her big bro and mother both oppose . They along with Shakti Kapoor create prblems for Raj. He moves away from their lives and re enters as a very rich man befitting their own status . Dina looks resplendent in silks and diamonds always playing cards and whiling her time with friends . A welcome hange from her usual white sari motherly roles. Slowly Raj takes over their empire and they are out on the streets. Finally all confusions twists turns probles get cleared and they reunite. Shot in plush locales of Srinagar ,its a routine family fare with good songs of the 80s .


Romantic drama
Poonam Dhillon is a natural beauty with good complexion and lustrous mane . Its a treat watching her in any role be it sad or happy or chirpy or serious . Raj is a poor man studying in the same college as Poonam .Both love each other but her father is very strict about ststua. Without her know ledge he gets her engaged to Shakti Kapoor who is equally rich and who is in love with her . Raj works in their stables and Poonam's father Madan Puri is a kind rich man who has helped his family a lot in times of distress. When Poonam talks about her love for Raj , her father refuses. Raj backs out due to his gratitude towards his employer and benefactor. Poonam finally bows down to marriage with Shakti. On the day or marriage , her face gets burnt and she gets bruised , Shakti refuses to marry her now . Raj comes back to her but she has second thoughts about her own feelings. A lot of twists and turns later they unite again . Shot in exotic lush green locales with nice hummable songs , all 3 main stars are good eye candy and skilled actors . Marc Zuber comes in a small role as Raj's brother in law. A typical family love story of the 80s .

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