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The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Cliche but very unique and well done
I want to say I've seen the first film, I enjoyed it but thought it was a bit meh. Meanwhile this sequal I very much enjoyed and even though It was cliche, it was done so well and was so interesting, I didn't even care.

The actors were phenomenal, this has Jenna Ortega (wednesday) and the kid from the first film who Just is easy to like and a good actor. The romance was very cute and magical between the two, I loved it. Then the parents and killers were Quite cliche and goofy but were funny enough.

The story is kinda weird. The beginning is a great follow up from the last film and is interesting. Then there is a plot twist which I kinda saw coming. The sub plots, romance and build up was very fun to watch and to sum it up was a mix of funny, emotional, romantic and gory as hell. The ending has another plot twist which I very much didn't see coming. It was quite cliche and the plot dies off a bit but overall it's a nice ending that you forgive the cliche part.

So in summary I actually loved this sequal better than the first film. It's cliche but don't take it too seriously, it's a comedy and does well to make you laugh. It has a sweet romance with two plot twists and a fair bit of gore to keep you entertained. What more could I ask for? 8.5/10.

Wonder Woman 1984

Not what I had hoped for..
Gosh the first film was amazing almost 10/10 for me. I feel like this sequal had a piss poor script. This film felt very budget as well. I feel like with superhero films like the avengers we expect a lot of eye catching or exciting moments with glimpses of comedy and built up touching scenes. This lacked all of that and it tries so hard to be emotional but still fails. I had to watch this in three separate days because I kept falling asleep. The villain is dorky and cliche, the relationships and "touchy" moments didn't move me at all and I'm an emotional kinda guy. 1.5 hours into the film, only two very brief action scenes take place in which they were very frustrating to watch and the rest is boring dialog and bad character development with cliche characters to top it off. The ending was also extremely anti climatic.

In summary I would not reccomend watching this at all. I loved the first film so much but I found it hard to find one good thing about this sequal, besides loving Gal Gadot. 3/10 for me.

Half Baked

I was baked but not baked enough to find this good.
I smoked a decent amount of the devils Lettuce before watching this. It didn't help.

The plus side of this film is it has great iconic actors playing quirky roles. There is some dramatic and quirky scenes with effects. But everything else is really low budget, there is no sense or rhythm to the plot. Some of the comedy scenes are not funny at all and some just plain bad. Maybe this didn't age well? Or maybe it was still a low budget, plotless fail of a stoner movie where I was very bored and yawning by the time this finished. Do not reccomend even though this film is apparently "iconic". 4/10 for me, not entirely unfunny but very very low budget and bad.

Orphan: First Kill

Surprisingly fantastic!
I went to the movies to watch this. Having seen the first movie (which I loved) I was iffy on a sequal. As the movie went on I was thinking "oh here it goes the same old plot rehashed" but no! I was delightfully surprised that the plot is even weirder than the first, but In a good way. Without spoiling anything the family she moves in with is even weirder than her..

This movie displays a lot of horror vibes that did on the occasion send chills down my spine. It's just plain evil. It was interesting from start to finish with a unusual but exciting plot twist. The acting was phenomenal and the characters just as good. People are saying this isnt as good as the first but I actually enjoyed it more than the first film. The only thing I didn't like was the fire scene, it just wasn't realistic in the slightest.

In summary this movie was weird, thrilling, creepy and a real fun watch. Anyone who says this sucks compared to the first film is blind as a bat. 9/10 for me.


Plot direction is Nonsense
At first I was getting into this film, thinking hm this is kinda weird and funky. Then during the second half I was even more dumb founded and by the end I just lost all hope and was saddened by the mediocre and anti climatic end.

The characters seem interesting but they are the typical cliche dumb "hot girls" and that gets dull quickly when most of the scenes are very poorly acted.

In summary: this movie isn't funny, nor interesting after the first 30 minutes. It has scenes where you think it's so bizzare it must be a joke.. but then it's not funny. I wouldn't reccomend this at all, kinda sad I can't get those 1.5 hours back.

Rambo: Last Blood

Lots of blood, not so much plot
The start of the film was pretty alright and you learn Rambo apparently has a niece. Then she gets caught like a Liam Neeson film but thats where things go downhill with the plot. Rambo has 0 plans which very unusual for the character. He also chucks his pills away which seemed useless. The dialog was really really strange. Like at one point a lady he knows closely says "my heart will be ripped out for the rest of my life" and he is just like "okay well take care".. what the heck is that? The dialog is definitely the worst part of the film. The blood and gore however was the best, absolutely brutal and probably the most brutal out of all the Rambos and I've seen em all. The plot was weird and sad with no real direction or sub plots which makes things boring at times but still not horrible. It was an interesting enough film and definitely bad ass. But I just wish they had a better plot and definitely better dialog. Still had fun watching 6/10 for me.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Most gory movie I've ever seen in my life.
To preface this review I will say I'm a huge movie and horror buff in general. I've seen all the common and even uncommon old and new horror franchises and I've never seen a movie this wickedly gory.

The story was decent im not sure what other reviewers are going on about. I thought it was a interesting take on bringing back another movie, it wasn't amazing but alright. The characters did bug me at the start especially the woman, she's pretty loud mouthed and insults the guy at the gas station for no reason, besides being a jerk which isn't good when your meant to be the protagonist. The acting was decent but I did find the phone recording scenes cringey and lame, just don't. The ending was pretty dang cheesy but it's a slasher flick and just a short one at that. I think that did good to have a fun filled movie that wasn't trying too hard to be the original.

Now let's talk about the gore, this was a somewhat short run time film but had so much gore that even my partner who deals with horses with snapped ligaments was cringing at this. One scene he snapped a guy's wrist and used the bone from his rest to.. you get that point.

Overall I'd reccomend this as a watch for sure if your into gore, but I have warned you there is definitely gore and horrendous injuries. A fun flick to watch when your bored that isn't copying the original.

The Adam Project

Wholesome comedic Sci fi fun!
Wow just finished this one from Netflix and I can't believe it was free on Netflix 😱 when I saw Ryan renolds My hopes were high and boy this delivers.

The story is very interesting with Sci fi, time travel, daddy issues and the works. Lots of things that make you quite sad and I did cry at the end. But also lots of things that are wholesome and sweet. There's a main story and a few sub plots so your never bored. Loved the idea this film had and the dynamic the boy and Ryan renolds had was great too. All the characters felt interesting and the actors did fantastic with what they had. Also if you were wondering, yes! This movie is hilarious because it has Ryan renolds. But seriously the kid, Ryan, their parents wow they were great.

In summary I think if you have Netflix 1000% this is a good watch. If you like comedy, Sci fi, and family wholesomeness then this movie would be great for you. 8/10 loved it.

The Batman

What are these reviews? Cringey garbage.
To preface this review I will say when watching this in the cinemas, many people walked out. I was looking over my shoulder to see of anyone else was laughing at what cringe this movie delivers.

The actors in this were one of the highlights excluding the villain (the riddler) and the Batman. Penguin was by far the coolest and best actor. Honestly a good fellas type character. All other supporting actors were also quite good. I however think Robert pattinson a horrible pick for Batman. The whole time he seems like a really awkward and sad goth kid, I was half expecting him to say "gosh get outta my room". Absolutely trash acting The riddler was even worse! He was the major cringe factor in this movie with awful and dorky video calls where he is super non intimidating and laughable. His video calls reminded me of the horror films my 15 year old class mates had made in high school, their budgets were $0.

The relationship between the Batman and cat woman was my only other plus in this movie. The romance was quite sweet and had a lot of tension. They rode around In their awesome motorcycles just roaring through the town it was really cute.

The bat mobile was pretty awesome but definitely very weird for a Batman film. The old classic camaro was a little spine chilling not gonna lie.

Now to answer everyone's questions I do think Robert pattinson was a terrible choice for Batman for a few reasons. At first I had no qualms but watching the film made me believe he was a bad and cringey actor for the role, he just isn't a badass over masculine kinda guy, like at all. He seems awkward and it shows. His voice wasn't that great, his body was not very big nor muscular like many other batmans, heck even the joker is ripped in suicide squad. The guy is 6ft exactly but his frame is tiny and it shows next to bigger actors. The story was God awful without spoiling pretty much lots of people die, bombs go off and some personal people Batman knows get injured. Then Batman goes welp I can't be in 3 places at once I'm only human. And proceeds to get ko'd twice throughout the movie and punched lots during fights. He is by far the worst and weakest looking Batman with the worst actor to have played him. The cinematography was good and the horror feeling this brings is good but everything else was just so horrible. Did I mention this film is 3 hours long to have a crap middle and end? Well know I know!. Wow I couldn't wait for thr 3 hours to end and multiple people walked out before the film was half finished. Definitely wouldn't reccomend this garbage piece of cinema. 2/10 for me.

Night Teeth

Great story driven cinematic vampire flick
Now to preface this review I will say if your looking for gory senseless vampire action this is not the flick for you. This is very much a more story driven, drama and relationship focused film which for what is was aiming for aced it.

A bunch of A-listers in this film to start with. The characters each have their own unique and realistic personalities. Benny reminded me of a Peter Parker type and was clearly the star of the show. I loved the character relationships and it has a lot of humor thrown in as well.

Now I have to talk about the beautiful cinematography this film has. Every scene and shot was extremely well done. Everything tied together so nicely, flawless transitions and beautiful color and symbolism.

Now lastly the story. This film doesn't have too many killing scenes and most of them are hidden from sight. Maybe they did this to reduce the PG rating? But either way the story is a new take for me where humans and vampires live in kinda harmony and run the city like the mafia but a lot cooler. I've never seen a vampire story like this before but they did a great job keeping me intrigued and interested even with the lack of action scenes although there are a few really cool moments like a healing bullet wound in the head just to name one.

Overall I would highly recommend this movie if your looking for a more story driven, romantic, bloody comedy with some cool cgi, great actors, cinematography and vampire goodness. 9/10 for me, one of the best cinematography I have seen in a long time.

Words on Bathroom Walls

Awareness, wholesome, and great for the whole family
Wow was I blown away from this film. Not only is it very educational and shares light on something that is hardly talked about. But it also was quite scary and surreal all the voices and distorted images adam sees.

It has sweet and wholesome characters and a story that is very coming of age/romance. I loved the relationships and hardships in the film. As well as the cute romance and lastly the cinematography used to showcase schizophrenia. The message also is about showing support and love even when you don't understand the illness or hardships. Loved it, 8.5/10 for me. No complaints here just wished it had a sub plot on top of the main plot. Highly recommended by me.

The Owners

Pretty bad to be honest.
The owners trailer was such a big hype for me. It had the game of thrones actress, a new idea and scary looking enough. Well boy was that a let down. This film is very weird to put it lightly. As in the young kids are so dumb you'd think they were 8 years old, and that's even offensive to an 8 year old. The creepy old people are decent at being creepy and weird and they were the highlight of the film but even the things they did made no sense. They would be out of view for a long while then appear out of nowhere. The film is quite drawn out but also decently scary if it wasn't let down by how stupid the characters and scenarios were. The plot is also super weird and talk about the ending.. it was such a build up for a seemingly good end until something out of the ordinary happens that made no sense and you end up with a unsatisfying BS ending. Overall this movie has good camera affects and sounds to make scenes scary and unsettling and the villains are creepy but also the characters, plot and ending are so bad and badly written. 4/10 for me.

Free Guy

a fun watch, but is missing a few things.
So to put it in short, free guy is a big pop culture film with A-class actors, budget and references for everyone. But it is far from perfect.

The film starts out really interesting with interesting and slightly weird characters. The story follows Ryan Renolds being in a game and breaking away from his coding and being sentient. Which is a pretty cool idea if you ask me. The story progresses with some interesting parts and some slow and monotonous parts. Then "guy" develops a love interest in one of the games players and the story coincides with real life and the game.

What I really disliked about this film and story is the God awful villain played by Taika waititi. He is a almost 50 year old man that acts as if he is 18. His scenes felt very forced, unrealistic and comical at best. The dude just cant act. Also the love interest with Jodie comers character was also very strange. She is a real life person that develops feeling for a video game character and that in itself is weird but she constantly rejects a guy in the real world but without spoiling does something out of the blue, forces love out of nowhere on someone she showed no interest in whatsoever. What the heck was the point of that? Your left with a weird relationship that turns out forced and undesirable.

Overall the film was good with the idea, some funny moments, mostly Ryan renolds and the pop culture references were my highlight. But the lack of a villain, purpose and undesirable relationships make this movie just slightly above average. Worth a watch if your bored, but it's no Oscar winner either.

The Accountant

surprisingly good
The actors in this are great and the main cast are filled with charisma and are easy to like. The villains seem quite evil and it's interesting because the protagonist isn't quite good but you can't help but like him anyway. Without spoilers the villains are also at first sight also deceiving.

The story tied in with the characters is what really blew me away with this film. It reminded me almost of the film limitless but with no drugs. Ben Affleck plays a really interesting and cool character with high functioning autism with a mysterious past and skills beyond belief. Anna kendrik plays a really smart and good light hearted person he runs into. The plot has so much to offer with good relationships many, many plot twists which were unexpected and awesome. Their is action, a bit of romance, mystery and just plain coolness from Ben Afflecks character. The only downside is in some parts it is really confusing and hard to understand what's going on, I still don't really fully understand what happened in some scenes. Lighting is also very poor in the climatic last scenes. But altogether it was still a very well done story.

Overall this was a real fantastic film with a bit of everything to satisfy most people. It is also somewhat of a educational film about autism and the different types out there that may be misunderstood. I would highly recommend this, 8/10 for me.

Jungle Cruise

Cute Disney kids film? Delightfully not.
This film reminds me greatly of the new Dr dolittle combined with pirates of the Caribbean. It starts seeming immature and average with Dwayne Johnsons character feeling pretty average and typical and the screenplay felt kids like but flips the switch unexpectedly and becomes very interesting.

Dwaynes character develops and becomes more likeable and without spoiling feels off and is not normal. The plot picks up and is actually quite scary and creepy definitely not kid friendly. It is very similar to pirates of the Caribbean with these mutated magical decayed people that come after them. Then they have Germans in a sub marine also after them and it's a race against all party's to take a magical item from the Forrest.

There is forced romance throughout the movie and it definitely isn't the films strongest asset. The end is quite typical and cheesy but still good with anticipation as they fight for their lives. It was a pleasantly unexpected story that was very fun to watch. It wasn't the best at the start, had a okay romance but overall the story and characters were great. I would definitely recommend this, 7/10 for me.


Devil Wears Prada + The Joker
This film has a lot of nuances from devil wears Prada and the joker. Estella has a cruel back story that shapes her person and throughout the movie she becomes more and more like her ulter ego "cruella", just like the joker. Then she has a very similar work life where her boss is a rich fashion designer who is extremely narcissistic and mean in which estella works for, just like devil wears Prada except a lot better and is more for a male and female audience.

The story is quite slow at first and very feminine which isn't great for a guy to be very honest. But quickly picks up and becomes ocean 11 like with their genius ploys to be in the spotlight. Cruella has a interesting backstory with a really cool plot twist in the end that is somewhat obvious but still great. You learn and feel for cruellas character and it is interesting to see how her character develops.

Overall a decent film. Not the best at the start but quickly becomes a show with cruella as the lead. That is interesting to watch and has a good ending. 7.5/10 for me and is worth the watch.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Pretty dang awful.
I will preface by saying I watched the first film a while back and once again and found it showing its age but still charming and goofy fun.

Now this on the other hand was so abysmal that I only made it half way with me and my partner both wanting to turn it off. It wasn't funny in the slightest, the theme seemed strange. I didn't like the casting of the wife's and the brown haired child and what more it just seemed played out.

I wish this could have been a lot more like dumb and dumber to, which was amazing. Overall a solid 3 out of 10 i would highly suggest avoiding this if possible.


I just didn't like it.
A very P. C and childish film which obviously this is a animation but it doesn't mean it shouldn't accommodate more audiences like spongebob for example. The main character is plain and boring. All other supporting characters were meh. The plot is supposed to be interesting with the mythical sea creature aspect but falls short with nothing really interesting happening with it. The animation under water and in general was just disappointing. Overall a 3/10 for me, I didn't even want to finish it but maybe some people would like this but I just didn't.

The Devil Wears Prada

So awful..
I don't even begin to understand what is likeable about both the plot or the characters. The whole plot is about a girl who is nice and decent but dresses not so great turn into the worst pile of garbage ruining relationships with all her friends and boyfriend and becoming who she faulted and mocked. Then going back around after all the pain she caused and goes back to a slightly worse off self as like in the begging of the film. There is no character growth, no real plot and nor self discovery All the characters besides Stanley Tuccis character were all awful scum of the earth conceded, rude and privileged jerks. Her boss id love to chuck in a bin and say the world doesn't revolve around you. This movie makes me ashamed there is people in the world like this. The plot was lazily written and there was no climax, drama, the plot twist at the end was also lack luster at best. I would never want to watch this movie again and would highly suggest avoiding this one. 2/10.

The Mitchells vs the Machines

Not great but decent
The characters in this were mostly really funny and goofy. This has a great fast paced, pop culture vibe that makes this very easy to watch and funny most importantly. The plot was really interesting at the start but really fell off for me in the 2nd and mainly 3rd act. The robots who take over the world never harm anyone or have any presence of dominance nor fear which makes for a horrible lack of danger. You can tell exactly what's going to happen and the story is very played out with a dreadfully plain villain. The premise of this film is also quite cheesy but to each their own. All and all it was a half decent film but It doesnt have the most interesting plot and a lame climax. I would reccomend this if your bored or have a family with small children who would enjoy this a fair bit. 6.5/10.


Funny at times, not funny at other times
This is a movie that is very much a goofy and childish comedy which is great if you like those films. For me I thought it was a half alright take at some obsurd times with mid life crisis sisters.

It was really funny a couple of times, somewhat funny a handful of times and really unfunny a handful of times. The plot is very mediocre with having a party being the climax. I enjoyed the love story and dorkyness. The cast was pretty good, lots of really annoying characters though. All and all it's a half alright film. Some funny moments but a really lack luster plot and performances makes this quite dull and forgettable. I would reccomend this only if your a big fan of either the main characters. 5.5/10.

The Nice Guys

Pretty dang enjoyable
This film was made really well with it having a interesting plot, with easy to follow and well developed characters. The scenery changes all the time, there is really funny bits, real serious bits and a mix and mash of weird moments and action scenes which makes this a very fun and easy to watch film. Ryan gosling did great with his role being a super funny clumsy usual character that is sweet at heart. His partner played by russel crowe I honestly didn't like at all. Russells character is a ass to begin with and the directors try to make him redeemable but at the end he is still a murderer, he lies and is a arrogant piece of work. Didn't like him throughout the whole movie which is the only bummer. Overall a pretty decent film that has a bit of everything to keep your interest. 7.5/10 for me, I'd highly reccomend it.

Little Miss Sunshine

It's okay, boring at times.
This film is nothing but okay. It's not good nor is it bad either. It has some funny moments and the cast is good but characters are lacking in interest. The only interesting characters and no weird doesn't mean interesting, is the girl and the uncle. I didnt expect much for being a Sundance film but I was disappointment mostly by the God awful plot which is the main reason for this low score. The plot is dull, boring and weird without being good. It follows a family going on the most uneventful and slow drive in a slow van to meet a unclimatic ending. Seriously. but at least the cast was good and there was a couple of laughs to be had. Overall I wouldn't really reccomend this unless you want a average movie.

The Croods: A New Age

One of the best new animations out there!
I watched this a couple months ago in a theater and found it incredible! So rarely does a sequal seem good let alone as good as the first. But this for sure makes for one hell of a sequal! I was intrigued and found laughter all throughout the film. It was fun, interesting, weird and funny. The characters are still golden, there is a sub plot and pretty much 2 conflicts which keeps things from getting slow. It has romance and troubles side to the plot and also a main goal and problem they run into. It's fast paced and fun with me having laughed harder than I have at any movie for a long time. In summary I would highly recommend this movie for anyone in the family! I very much enjoyed it.

Monster Hunter

Worse for wear plot but action is top notch
This movie is a weird one. It has a great cast and the acting was very good to go along with it. Mila Jovovich is amazing and did great in the badass, funny and endearing role she had. But however the plot wasn't ever explained in detail, the characters were never ever explained and I dont even know the name of anyone in the movie.. all we know of Mila's character, you know the main character.. is she had a kid, is in the military and.. yup that's it. Very bad characterization. The plot also was weird and nothing of the fantasy/mythical side of things were explained. Just that it's a different dimension which duh. Then lastly is the action scenes and c.g.i which hands Down made this a extremely fun movie to watch! I watched this in the cinemas and was gripping my seat! The monters are wicked cool and devilishly evil and gross. You get all types of Emersion and chills with the crazy excitement that is surviving the other worldly monsters. It's a pity this wasn't a longer movie to give better plot answers, characterization and more life into the film. But however this is still very much recommended by me at least just for the performance of Mila Jovovich and the very well done monster scenes. 7/10. Not bad, but definitely not perfect.

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