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This was action-packed and there wasn't a dull moment in any of the episodes. The cast was also incredible, with everyone being top notch performers. It had everything you want in a great show: great writing, characterisation, pacing and plot twists to keep you engaged throughout the entire thing. Also, this is probably an unpopular opinion but I really liked the ending. It came back full circle and even though the male lead and female lead had budding feelings for each other towards the end of the show, they ended up being torn apart by their circumstances. And although it wasn't shown whether the villain was defeated or not at the end, I think that it would've been too drawn out if they had continued the show to completion. I'm happy enough to believe that the villains eventually tasted their own medicine but if there's a season 2 in the future, that would be fun too.

Hotel Del Luna

So Good!
This was so entertaining and all the actors were phenomenal in this show. This was funny and heartwarming and the romance that developed between Jang Manwol and Gu Chanseong was done at a really nice pace. I cried so much while watching the last few episodes and I'm glad that the characters were given a happy ending after all the hardships they had gone through.

The Devil All the Time

First of all, Tom Holland gave a solid performance so praises to him. The movie started out kind of boring to me but it quickly caught my attention as the story unravelled and I got to know how the lives of the characters were connected. This movie is kind of like watching a car crash happening in slow motion, it was gripping and violent.


So Good!
This show definitely deserves the hype it receives! The acting, storyline, cinematography, and special effects, are all amazing. I binge watched this because it's way too good to not! Kudos to everyone involved in this project for creating such a masterpiece and innvovating the zombie genre.

Yuri!!! On Ice

Wholesome AF!
I've seen a lot of praises for YOI for years now and I know I'm pretty late but this anime definitely deserves all the hype it receives! I loved all the characters and it's such a wholesome and funny anime. I also watched this because I needed something feel-good to mend my broken heart that was caused by /that/ ending in Banana Fish and I'm so happy that Viktor and Yuri had a happy ending. I'm also a huge fan of the LGBT relationship portrayed because it's still rare to see something like this in anime. Moreover, massive kudos to the people at Mappa studio because the visuals and animation in YOI is absolutely stunning.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard

Not Enough Episodes
The only major complaint I have is that there's only 12 episodes. It's kind of a slice of life anime with a little bit of drama and mystery and the storyline developed nicely. It's also worth noting that there's always a positive message in each episode, directly showing the importance of kindness and friendship. I don't think this is a BL anime but the relationship between Richard and Seigi is very wholesome because they believe in each other and constantly support one another. They're also not afraid to tell each other that they care about each other, which is a good way to normalise telling the people you love that you love them. I hope there will be a S2 because I really enjoy the development of Richard and Seigi's relationship.

Banana Fish

Incredible Rollercoaster Ride
Hooo boy! I had no idea what to expect when I started this anime but BF brought me on a wildly emotional rollercoaster ride and I'm still not over it. BF deals with dark themes like rape and violence in general so even though there aren't graphic rape scenes, it could be triggering for some.

I didn't know that I would get so attached to Ash Lynx but I love him and I'm actually relieved that MAPPA gave us a rather ambiguous ending, instead of following true to the manga which sadly confirmed Ash's death. I can't believe how good this anime is; it's so well developed and the characters are so multifaceted that you can't help but feel for them. I love the development of Ash and Eiji's friendship and relationship and although it's not canon that they were in a romantic relationship, you can tell that they truly loved each other; their souls were inexplicably intertwined and I started crying when Eiji's letter to Ash was revealed. I especially loved when he wrote in his letter "My soul is always with you." That hit me right in the feels! I also really love the soundtrack they used in the opening and ending credits.


A Great Anime About Friendship
Besides the amazing visuals, I really enjoyed the stories that were told in this anime. Haruka isn't the most outstanding protagonist because he's stoic, shy and introverted but he's the type of character that unknowingly inspires his friends to improve themselves and he really does care about his friends. After watching all 3 seasons I have grown attached to the characters and seeing all of them reunite and mature into who they really are is heartwarming. I love how this anime emphasises on the importance of friendship, and not just about winning, which is kind of similar to Haikyuu. I have to say that S3 is my favourite so far because Haruka and Rin have reconciled and they also managed to meet up with old teammates and encounter more extraordinary people who push them to work harder at their sport.

El guardián invisible

The Ending Was.. Meh
This is probably an unpopular opinion but I didn't like the ending because I wanted the perpetrator to receive the punishment that they deserved. But other than that, this was a good crime and thriller movie, although I didn't understand some of the more supernatural bits. The pacing was good and the main actress was great.

Jumanji: The Next Level

Fun Family Movie
It's a pretty good movie to watch with the family or if you're bored and you just want to laugh and wind down after a tiring day. Although some of the jokes felt too try-hard, it still managed to distract me for a couple of hours.


I think this is the first time I've watched an anime that has canon gay characters and which centers around gay romantic relationships and I love it. The characters are so lovable and the stories really moved my heart. Yuki's death wasn't explained in detail but it still made me so sad and it was great to see Mafuyu slowly begin to move on from losing Yuki. Visually, this is a beautiful anime and they've done a great job with the music in this as well, as expected.

Dakteo Yibangin

2nd Half Sucked
The moment they started the competition to determine who can perform surgery on the prime minister was when this show started going downhill. The show became messy and I honestly hated the romances in this, as well as a good chunk of the characters. I basically skimmed through the 2nd half of this show but still wish that I had just dropped it early on.

Warrior Nun

Terribly Written
I didn't like this at all because its characters are annoying, especially the main character who enjoys commentary a ridiculous amount. The dialogues are also cringey and the pacing is way off. Don't waste your time on this.

Kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru

So Good!
Depending on what kind of person you are, you may consider the first few episodes to be slow or you may be immediately sucked in. I was the former and I'm so glad I continued watching this because it was so worth it. I read that this is the same studio that animates Haikyuu (another favourite of mine) and the animation in this is so wonderful, but the stories are vastly different.

Run With The Wind is slower-paced which means not as action-packed as Haikyuu but it's also more emotional for having only 23 episodes. I enjoyed immensely the character development and growth of all 10 of them and the progression of their friendships. I loved the diverse characters and I really appreciate the inclusion of Musa and the way they highlighted the racism he faced as a foreigner in Japan. I honestly didn't want this to end so I cried during the last episode, but to be fair, the final few episodes were really emotional to me because I had grown rather fond of the characters.


Wow. I really did not expect to fall down the rabbit hole that is Haikyuu!! I thought that the art style isn't one that I usually gravitate to but I was quickly won over by the story and characters. I loved all of the characters and their relationships and friendships with each other and it was inspiring to see the underdog climb to the top, that even though it seems as if one is disadvantaged, they can still succeed through sheer willpower and by working together with like-minded passionate people. Honestly, watching this made me regret not taking volleyball seriously during PE in high school.

All the Bright Places

Terrible Writing
I really hated how the characters were written. They were one dimensional and seemed edgy as hell, which annoyed me immensely. I couldn't get into the movie because the characters lacked depth and dimension.

Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector

So Much In Just 3 Episodes!
In my review of S3, I said I didn't like it that much because I was more familiar with the original Inspectors and Enforcers but watching this has made me grow fonder of Arata and Kei, but especially Arata. Shion also hard carried the first half of this series, which made me happy because she deserves more screen time. There were so many plot twists in this series but eventually the ending was one that I'm highly satisfied with. Akane was released and a new chief (Homura Shizuka) was appointed. I like the new chief and the fact that he championed Akane and asked for Sibyl system to release her from prison. It was also great to see Ginoza and Kougami again, and how they interacted with Arata and Kei. I'm so excited to watch S4 now!

Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Case.3 - Onshuu no Kanata ni

Kougami and Frederica are badass m-fers (BAMFs)! I actually watched S3 before watching the SS movies and I now only understand why Shimotsuki was so threatened by Frederica in S3 😂 as always, the animation is top notch and the action scenes were great. But my favourite scenes in this movie were quiet moments that Kougami spent in the mountains teaching the girl how to spar and defend herself. Kougami actually smiled in this one too, which is always a win, considering he rarely ever smiles. Frederica was so awesome too. She's such a good strategist and she's always so cool and collected during crises. I hope we get to see more of her and Kougami in S4 of Psycho-pass.

Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Case.2 First Guardian

I'm Impressed
For me, this movie was on par with S1 of Psycho-pass. It features Aoyanagi and Masaoka, both of whom were killed during duty, and Sugo who is an Enforcer that's introduced in S2. I love Masaoka and I was so sad when he was killed in S1. He was a kind man, a good person and a father who loved his son (Ginoza), despite Sibyl labelling him as a latent criminal. I was glad to see him and Aoyanagi in this movie. This movie was action-packed but had emotional moments as well, and we got to delve deeper into Sugo's history. For once, this movie didn't really center around the Sibyl system, but it focused more on the brutality and violence of the military system, which was a nice change.

Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Case.1 Crime and Punishment

Pleasantly Surprised
I felt reluctant to watch this at first, because I don't like Shimotsuki and think she's a righteous know-it-all, but I stuck through with this because I love Ginoza and wanted to see more of him. I don't know why but Shimotsuki in this movie was different from in Season 2 and it made this movie a much more pleasant watching experience. I love Ginoza and he's really changed for the better (in my opinion) since his father passed away and he became an Enforcer, and Ginoza's become one of my favourite characters in Psycho-pass.

Gekijouban Psycho-Pass

Pretty Solid
Finally, after an entire season 2 of no Kougami, we get a movie that features him heavily. The animation was great, as usual and I liked the story too. It showed us where Kougami went and what he was doing after he left the MWPSB; he joined a guerilla group that was anti government. It was also surprising to see that Makishima was still haunting him.


Really Good
I've watched all three seasons of the show and the first season is still the best, in my opinion. I liked it the best because I grew fond of the complex characters that were introduced. It was thrilling and really fun to watch as Akane and Kogami developed an interesting relationship with one another while fighting crime and learning more about themselves. I even cried when Masaoka was killed in action because it was such an emotional scene. And the pace of the show was just right, compared to the 2nd season which only has 11 episodes and the 3rd season which has 8 episodes. Although I must say that I enjoyed the 2nd season more than the 3rd even though Kogami wasn't in it, because at least there were some familiar faces such as Ginoza and Akane had matured in the 2nd season.

Death Note: Desu nôto

I know I'm really late but this was amazing. Light is probably one of the best villains that also happens to be the protagonist. He was despicable and a psychopath that thought himself a God. It was chilling to watch him transform into Kira because he was willing to kill anyone that stood in his way. I enjoyed every second of it. If I could make a comparison, the dynamic between Light and L is similar to that between Hannibal and Will in the tv show Hannibal. This anime kept me on my toes in every episode as Light outsmarted the people who were against Kira, until he was eventually outsmarted. I kind of wished that Light would've won in the end but honestly the ending meant that nobody but Ryuk won. Ryuk had the most fun being around Light and it was only right that Ryuk was the one who took Light's life. It had come full circle and it was a little bittersweet to see this end.

En man som heter Ove

Very Different
I read the book before watching the movie and I liked some of the changes that were made for this movie, because the book was long and a little repetitive. And even though the movie gave us a proper ending, I would've liked to see Ove live out another four years of his life with people who loved him before he passed on. This made the movie seem a little incomplete to me. Next, I didn't like the pacing of the movie and it was like they quickly rushed towards the ending. However, this problem also exists in the book - but not as bad as the movie - so the screenwriters probably got the idea to rush through it from there.

Dangshini Jamdeun Saie

So Good!
The writing of this drama was so well thought out. The pacing was just right and there were no plot holes. And whomever decided to cast Suzy and Lee Jung Sook together needs a raise because they have great chemistry and are great actors.

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