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La grande bouffe

Not only original, but rather fantastic
It's not the purpose of death using the pleasures of food and sex as the ultimate sin. It's the cynicism used against the great value of life, the spirit. These 4 people and the women involved are figures, most respected in our society. From captains to judges, to teachers and dancers, all these people seem to turn exclusively to flesh, ignoring the values of the mind and thought, as it were completely unimportant!

Are they right, or wrong? They don't care, nor the audience. What it matters the most is the way it's done rather the cause of it. The food and sex, both represent the ultimate good in life, the birth and as it is used to provoke death, seems to become a great innovative aspect of sin which rarely has been used elsewhere (also represented in a Greek film called "tempelides of Eforis koiladas")

Finally if we must wonder ourselves the reasons this suicide is meant to be committed, we must first answer to our own reasons for living! Why are continue supporting a social system which is based in violent survival hunting? Why we categorise life as ethical and unethical and most important why every action we take is good or evil?

Death as life are so pointless, equally to mind and flesh. There's nothing left to remember, apart the joys of the present...

O zigolo tis Athinas

Stefos is the man!
Stefos is the man! As Shaft is the absolute symbol among the black community of the 70s, Stefos is the ideal if the 80s Greek urban society represented in the notorious video-films of Greece (of that age).

As many others movies of that period (FIlakes Anilikon, Oi epikindini etc), o "Zigolo tis Athinas" (The Zigolo of Athens) is about poverty that forces young people to do unethical or even illegal things. This time, our hero, is a zigolo that rich ladies hire to satisfy their sexual needs. Stefos has various passions, as the movie make us assume,drugs but mostly gambling, addictions that will soon make him see the truth. Although he thinks he is strong enough, soon he will realise that he is exploited but everyone he knows. Everyone except one girl, the woman of his heart.

But apart from that, Stefos always is cool. Even when he is full of anxiety or fear, you can still see how cool he is. Personally sometimes i thought there were two actors! One Stefos and one separate role for his moustache...

Although is a truly dark vision of Greece of that period, thankfully this is NOT a Yiannis Dalianidis film and we can enjoy a nice classic happy ending Nowdays it is considered to be a rare classic as it has never been released in a DVD and any copy of a videotape is a collector's item

Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires: The Curse of Ed Wood!

Watch only if you have to...
Not every movie with lesbian chicks and vampires, touching our favorite trash/cult genre is nice. Unfortunately this movie lucks of originality and the performances do not come up with the trash standards. Seem the creator's intention to make it cult it failed. Trash movies are trash movies because it happens. You cant create in purpose this kind of films.I don't know if Mr Creepo is a legend (first time i heard his name) BUT if he is i wonder the reason...

Awful. Even the lesbian scenes are pathetic so any fans of erotic x-ploitation films will not be satisfied, as there a thousands of movies better than Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires.

The Witching Hour

funny, nearly a movie but still... a great porn!
Well yeah, i know it's a porn movie, but for those who seek and love b-movies (and erotic films as well), may find it quite nice. Apart from it's funny start, very soon you get what you expect, the sex scenes, mixed with a dark photography and an adequate directing style. What i found to be different, are two things. His comments about social relationships, based on beauty which forces a lot of people be lonely as they do not come up with beauty standards we all have and the hilarious dialogs. Oh yeah, those who wrote the script, made something just perfect, for a porn movie, with a laugh

If you find it, don't miss the chance to watch it

Microwave Massacre

a diamond among the rest of trash/cult classics
Described by many as the worst movie of all time was another reason why i should have seen that. Apparently these people might ignore movies or at least the independent horror b-movies industry How can this been described as the worst movie? Far better than many Hollywood mainstream movies, combines so many cool elements of both comedy and horror with the unique Video style the 80s had brought to the genre! Donald is one of my favorite characters. An average guy that all he wants is a decent meal! His wife, a cruel dominant woman is ignoring him so (as it's doomed to happened in so many other similar movies) she must die. But the death comes with the face of her art, the cooking and to be more specific, the microwave she orders from the first place The rest is history and you should rent or buy this movie to find out You will enjoyed this ONLY if you are a true fan of horror comedies and independent cinema. A diamond among other trash/cult classics


perhaps the strongest film of this decade
"The Dealer" is a revolutionary movie which i had the luck to watch in a theater, and not in a DVD (i think it's going to be released on April of 2006). I believe that's why i manage to recognize it's unique atmosphere and photograph. From the beginning till the end, "Dealer" and ourselves become one, even if we do not identify on everything. His actions, his thoughts are not represented in the film but inside the viewers. I believe it's one of the few times someone skipped the dialogs and preferred thinking. What starts as small self-discovering for the "Dealer" soon transforms and becomes as a personal renaissance. Love and vanity, apathy and affection, this endless battle between them, is the main core of this movie A brilliant presentation, a modern philosophical play...

Apart from directing and the photograph, "The Dealer" presented an extraordinary montage and a unique soundtrack. Modern electro-noise sounds did not just accompany the scenes. Are combined with them!

You have to see it to believe it.

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