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The Greatest Gaslighting
Without saying too much, the movie is centered around a young lady dealing with trauma that gets whisked away by her "prince charming". From there all hell breaks loose. The acting is decent, cinematography was great and even though you'll most likely figure out the twist early on, it's still worth the watch

Assassination Nation

Set a Couple Centuries After The Salem Witch Trials, A Decade After Mean Girls, 6 months After Spring Breakers and 1 Year Before The First Purge
This movie left me not knowing how to feel about it.

Stylistically, it's a masterpiece of modern day music and cinematography. The soundtrack and visuals do an amazing job of setting and maintaining the mood throughout the entire film. It definitely gets an A++ in that category.

The plot itself is also pretty good, with many poignant observations on the internet era we live in. Cyber bullying, meme culture, sexting and the inherent lack of privacy of today's world are all covered. Plenty of unrealistic moments but I don't think this movies point was to be deep or hyper realistic so that's okay. It gets a B- in this category.

Where things start to fall apart are the actual characters themselves. While all the actors do a great job in portraying their respective characters, you won't ever really care too much them or see any real character development. Everyone in the film is just a plot device to move the story along including the main characters. Plus when you add how incredibly vapid the main cast is written to be, it ends up making it somewhat difficult to empathize with any of them for the most part..

Finally, we have the final and biggest problem in my opinion. The moral leanings (or lack thereof) of the movie. After making such great observations on internet culture, this movie is incredibly ambiguous when it comes down to society itself. For a movie that starts with a literal trigger warning about toxic masculinity which it contains plenty of, the movie doesn't really examine the Mean Girl levels of toxic femininity displayed throughout. Instead choosing to go in a direction of a nihilistic faux female empowerment fantasy that may ultimately do more harm than good for the young, gullible and uninformed viewer who are most likely to enjoy this movie

All-in-all the movie was incredibly watchable and may even be good for a re-watch or two. This was a movie that the director could've been made into a cult classic. But instead he just made it for the lulz.


Brutally Honest Peek Into the Underworld
This movie is hyper realistic to the point of being depressing. No silver linings or happy endings here, just the harsh reality of what life is like for millions of young girls forced into the life of sex trafficking. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

All About Nina

This is a Drama About a Comedian Not a Dark Comedy
This movie was alright, it featured strong performances from the lead actors but ultimately ends up falling short of its potential.

It has a few chuckles throughout but plays out as more of a romantic drama than any form of an actual comedy. By trying to navigate between multiple genres, it loses potency in both.

Also, while Mary Elizabeth Winstead does an excellent job in her role, Nina is written as such a profoundly unlikeable character that it makes it somewhat difficult to empathize with her even after the big twist.

Common also does a great job with his role but his character comes across as more of a Dogged Nice Guy trope than a realistic depiction of a person.


Hands Down Tyler Perrys Best Film
I'm not a big fan of Tyler Perry but this film deserved awards. The story is deep, multilayered and realistic. The only problem seems to be how divisive the film is! Women and men seem to have ENTIRELY different opinions on how everything played out. Men seem to acknowledge that Robert definitely had his faults but ultimately ended up delivering on everything he said he would plus some. Many women seem to wholeheartedly side with Melinda and her actions throughout the film and view Robert as a con man. This polarization just might be the point the movie.

The acting was Grade A and the plot was perfection. This movie truly deserved an Oscar. Why it received so much is beyond me.

The Oath

Amazing Movie That Reflects Modern Day America
This movie really took me by surprise. It's definitely a dark comedy but it makes shockingly observant statements about the political climate we've been living in. The acting, writing and visuals were superb! The Oath is one of the best films of 2018 even though it went relatively unheard of when it was released.

Just Getting Started

A Kids Movie For Senior Citizens
This movie wasn't terrible but it certainly wasn't great. The humor was immature but mildly entertaining and the script was lazy but the lead cast makes it watchable. It's a very old-school comedy that relies on the traditional boys-will-be-boys and big man on campus gets the girl tropes. Older crowds and younger children might enjoy it more than than teens and young adults.

Into the Dark: I'm Just F*cking with You
Episode 7, Season 1

A Trippy Thriller About Trolls
The last thing this movie is predictable. Constant twists and turns leave you wondering where this will go next. The lead actors do a great job of capturing insanity on film. The movie starts slow and isn't perfect by any stretch but it's definitely worth a watch.

My only complaint is the ending. It felt a bit rushed and unnatural but it did match the overall theme of the movie.

Into the Dark: The Body
Episode 1, Season 1

All Around Awful
I decided to watch this after seeing 'New, Year, New You', a separate entry in 'Into the Dark' anthology expecting it to be as good.

I was wrong. This movie was just terrible.

I love black comedies but this movie fails on every level except the acting. The actors do a decent job with what they're given but the script is simply insufferable. I particularly disliked Maggie (the character, not the actress) and her role, followed by the hitman himself. Both roles are written like try-hard goth teenagers and come off incredibly pretentious.

Not worth the watch.

Into the Dark: New Year, New You
Episode 4, Season 1

An Excellent Satire of Female Relationships and the Social Media Era
This episode of Into the Dark does a great job of creating a tense atmosphere without being too heavy handed. The acting was hyper realistic in the sense that we all know a girl or two that perfectly fits the mold of any of the lead characters.

The scariest part ends up being that even though the plot is a bit exaggerated, it's entirely plausible that it could actually play out in real life. Definitely worth the watch!

The Perfection

Good Premise, Bad Execution
The movie starts somewhat strong but gets less and less entertaining after about the halfway mark and the ending is downright bizarre. There are some original twists so it gets points for that.

It felt like the director was trying to make an artistic statement about society but ended up missing the mark entirely. If it was intended to be comedic, it probably would've been better but the movie takes itself entirely too seriously.

Rim of the World

A Fun, Somewhat Mature Movie for the Kids
This film is packed with jokes, puns and innuendo that are funny but more "adult" than a lot of kids movies in the past. It's also full of plenty of clichés and new age tropes that get tiresome but it does pack in a good bit of lessons on life and morality so it's not all bad. It will definitely keep the kids entertained!

The Dark

Beautifully Done!
It's hard to say much about this film without giving away important twists but its definitely worth the watch!


Compelling Story, Powerful Ending, Weak Actors
I don't wanna bash this movie. Its not bad but certainly wasn't great. The story is more original then your average post apocalyptic flick and the cinematography was excellent. But the lead actress and actor lacked the polish to truly make this film shine. Add the somewhat unnatural script onto that and you get a film that had the potential to be amazing but ends up being just slightly above mediocre.


Good Ol' Fashion Comedy
I really don't see how people could NOT like this movie. I'm black and I still thought it was a hilarious and engaging story. It's too bad they don't make movies like this anymore.

See You Yesterday

Great Summer Movie for the Kids With a Weak Ending
Sci-Fi mixed with modern social commentary, this movie was great all the way up until the end. 5-10 minutes more and it would've gotten a 10/10


Great social commentary, Weak ending
This movie follows the story of a young black man in a a group of hard partying but well meaning white guys. It's deadly accurate in setting the tone of what that feels like but kinda falls short in the end. Kind of like a more realistic Get Out without the sci-fi twist to it. A good watch if you've ever been in this situation before!


Lovecraftian Horror Meets Teen Drama
This show starts slow but really grabs your interest along the way. If you're looking for the standard jump scare fare or shoot em up action,then this won't be for you. If you're looking for a psychadelic, psychological and supernatural journey then look no further, you will love this show. Definitely worth the watch, can't wait for Season 2!

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