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The Sissy Duckling

Strummer, the One-of-a-Kind Duck
Guy Gilchrist published a "Silly Shape Book" in 1989 titled "Strummer, the One-of-a-Kind Duck." I've always loved it and have thought it should be made into a production of some sort, and last night saw "The Sissy Duckling" on HBO. WOW! I liked it. It expanded on the theme of the small board book, but the music was sweet and the voices were great. All children should grow up knowing the lesson of these stories. Hurray for the self esteem builders!

What They Had

Just in Time
The Universe brought me this film on a flight from San Diego to Dallas on my way to visit my 90+ year old parents downstate Illinois. My Mother had been in the hospital, and my Dad requested my assistance. What a blessing to bring my Mother home the next day. She suffers from dementia. They too live in the same house and it is the issue for my Dad and brother who lives in town and usually cares for them. Superb acting from all, as expected. Chicago in winter spectacular. I was lucky. I needed this now, as would anyone in the similar situation.

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