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A Little Bit Strange

Creepy, Kooky, all together BLECH!
This wasn't actually a show, it was a pilot that wasn't picked up. It was an attempt at creating a new "Munsters" type program with a black cast. The Masterson Family were "Bewitched" style witches, with the abilities to conjure up anything humanly imaginable with the exception of their uncle, who was a vampire and his boy creation, Frank(enstein) who was best buddies with the Masterson son. Even for the time period it was pretty corny, just picture "Family Matters" meets "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" and that's the show. It wasn't that America wasn't ready for a show about black monsters, America just wasn't ready for a REALLY BAD show about black monsters.

Mission Hill

I'm definitely "Missin'" Mission Hill
This was a great attempt at trying to create an animated show that WASN'T based around an 'overweight father figure who's beset by life's problems'. Oakley and Weinstein used their experience on 'The Simpsons' to put together a really solid show with great characters. But it didn't find much of an audience when it was on the air and they were never given the chance to finish the first season.

Andy French is a wannabe cartoonist who lives with his two roommates in a New York-like hipster enclave called "Mission Hill", when his parents decide to move, they send his nerdy little brother, Kevin to live with him until he graduates.

The show is undertoned with youth culture commentary:Andy is unaware that his beloved 80's slacker peers have moved on into early yuppiedom, the show pre-dates the major gentrification of most major U.S. cities, it was designed to look similar to alternative press comic books and Kevin is obsessed with online role playing games and nerd-centric activities. Even though this is probably the shows greatest contribution, it tends to dates it a little.

It comes as no surprise that the show has become a cult favorite.

Clone High

The best animated show MTV ever cancelled!!
MTV teamed up with Nelvana to produce it, so the production values and writing were a couple of notches above their usual fare. It was created by the same people who created "Scrubs" for NBC and used a lot of the same actors to voice the characters.

A secret government agency has cloned a bunch of historical figures so that they can raise their own clone army. The clones, who are all in the teenage angst-y phase are all in High School together dealing with love, sex, drugs and social inadequacy while being watched by a maniacal Principal with plans of his own.

It simultaneously lampoons the current WB-style "tween" shows and after-school specials. The shows comedic style is fast paced, almost vaudevillian and it becomes even more bizarre and disconnected as it moves along.

Too bad MTV dropped it after only airing like, six episodes. I hear it still plays in Canada, though...

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