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Poor making, worse cinematography and worst direction!
As we all know Misir Ali is Humayun Ahamed's one of the greatest creation, a mysterious man. So if any director wants to portray him he should read about him, he should know the writers perspective, reader's point of view and all that. But the fact is all of these things were completely absent in director's mind. Now let's explain about the movie-

1.Storyline- The only strength of the movie is is storyline or plot, which was created by Humayun Ahamed. Director here gets no credit. He may get credit for spoiling the main story.

2. Casting- Casting was also not up to the mark. The only reason this movie was hit because people wanted to see Misir Ali. They wanted to know what their imagination turn into the movie. Chanchal Chowdhury as Misir Ali was good choice but he could be more grumpy, more like as he in the books. It's not the fault of Chanchal, he is an amazing artist, he played his character as director wanted. Ranu as a mentally unstable person could be more like it. And Iresh Jaker as the villain(!) was the worst character.

3. Cinematograpy- Nowadays all the people watch movies from Hollywood, Bollywood. They are used to watch stunning cinematography there. As a government funded movie the director could use more qualified cinematographer, not a bangla third class comedy drama cinematographer. No good looking shot, no tricky shot, nothing at all!

4. Storytelling- The worst part was storytelling. I don't what drives the government officials fund like such a dumb director who can't even tell his story properly, who can't write up and organize his scripts properly. The death of Ahmed Sabeth was funny as hell. And the appearance of the ghosts was hilarious. Special effect was far far away from reality.

The fact is this director destroyed the Misir Ali. I will not forgive him for this.

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