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Deep Inside Nikki Sinn

It's a shame
For a critic. A little insider into this compilation.

It's shame Because I am pretty damn interesting. lol Feel free to come to twitter and ask question or two. My favorite scene is the last. Blindfolded. Being talked to the way he was talking to me. A fantasy for me was always to be blindfold. For it to be removed to show a sexy little kitten for me to do bad things to. When you see my face in the last 15 seconds, it shows real satisfaction. A fantasy checked off and also for it to turn out that enjoyable. Those were always the perfect scenes for me.

I was always a huge fan of changing my hear color. You become something else in a way when you do that. It was a nice way to keep things interesting and like a reset button in way. Sharon Kane was in short, a fun, exciting star to work with. She's a legend for sure. Big fan of hers!!! Veronica Hart, professional, creative, and has a great eye for things. I enjoyed working with her. I remember going into the details of me a little nervous at first. It wasn't but a few mins until I really started to open up.

I live a pretty private life these days with my loved ones, and I was so grateful to get a chance to open up and share a bit of me, rather than read the B.S on some sites on the internet. It was also a chance to share scenes with my "forgotten junkers" who I call friends and had an amazing time working with them. Some my best memories are back in the day and I am very proud of the my work. Even the not so hot one.

Deep inside Was a great thing to be a part of. I was a tough bitch then and still am. So If I see a Hodge Podge of reviews, good or bad It's nice to know that we have freedom of speech. I love my fans/cast members/ and even my critics and it has been the best time getting back in touch with them. Sinn-Fully yours, Nikki Sinn

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