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Rim of the World

Rim of the Toilet
After reading reviews promising a throwback to 70s/80s Spielberg films I was eager to watch this movie with my family. We were very disappointed. I couldn't believe the inane dialogue, Not clever or funny. All of the characters were so over-the-top stereotyed based on their various ethnicities. None of the kids were likeable. Crudeness for crudeness sake (adult female camp counsler ordering 13 YO boy to "stick it (his phone) in my box"). The plot was so poorly formulated that it is still making my head hurt the morning after. No one is stupid enough to accept the leaps that had to be made to get these kids from Point A to Point B. Insulting the intelligence of the audience. Sad, lazy writing. Zero heart. Not even close to approaching the Spielberg classics or well done homages like "Stranger Things". Beyond disappointing.

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