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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Fun movie
It's a fun movie. Not great, not bad just fun and corny. At least it's better than Supergirl, anything is better than that. Kinda nonsense sometimes but I would give it a chance.

Two and a Half Men

It doesn't work
The show ends after Charlie. It might as well called "A half man" because it just isn't the same without him. It's not fun, the jokes aren't funny and the show is boring. It's a different show. Season 1-8 8/10. After it 4/10.

A Promise

It's a good movie. There's the desire and the betrayal in a certain way, but there's no action, no passion and it continues till the end of the film. It could have been better.


Great movie
Funny, heartwarming and shows a good friendship from a disabled man and someone who treats him like a normal person instead of his handicap.

The Bling Ring

No point
The only reason I watched this was because of Emma watson, all of us did, but the movie doesn't even have a story. Kinda a shame for a good actress like her.

Need for Speed

Didn't disappoint
I want cars not explosions. Unlike Fast and furious this movie has cars and races believe it or not, as expected from need for speed. The team is cool and the story is easy and enjoyable.

The Gauntlet

The bus scene is honestly a meme
It's one of the dumbest movies I ever seen. It's a bus not a tank. 100 police man shooting at the same time with full auto can't either make a vehicle explode or kill the person who drives in front or shoot the wheels really? Unless those are nerf guns.

Re:Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu

Amazing, best Isekai
I honestly don't know what I was waiting to watch this, maybe the amount of episodes. This could be described as Edge of tomorrow Anime version. This Anime is absolutely intriguing and deep. Love and sadness all the time. The characters are all lovable and the story expands on them. The story is all the time full of twists and it really keeps you going. It starts ok, gets very slow to mature Subaru but then it gets even better. After the Sanctuary, the story becomes really hard to follow as every single character story is showed and expanded, so don't worry. Best Isekai ever, definitely the one to start with.

Diff'rent Strokes

Good show
Such a good show for the tragic lives of the cast I didn't know about. The show talked about topics like racism and things like buying happiness. I recently discovered everyone had a hard time in real life but the show was good.

Home Alone

A classic
This movie is old, is exaggerated and is lots of fun, that's why I like it. The 2 thiefs are really great as characters. Watching this every Christmas is always a good time and laugh. I don't know how many times I watched that pizza scene.

Peppa Pig

I feel like the 10 here are a joke or a meme
This cartoon is probably the worst ever and not because is for kids. This cartoon doesn't have anything. It's a empty shell. Don't let your kids watch this trash. It doesn't have emotions, teaching, values of anything. Kids might not be intelligent but they aren't stupid. Don't be surprised if your kids turn out not like you would want them. Seriously watch an episode and judge yourself

Martin Mystery

Love it
This cartoon was hilarious and amazing. Every episode had a new mystery monster to discover. There's also some good and mature parts where they meet java in a lab and become friends. The drawings and musics are great too. Must watch

Huntik: Secrets and Seekers

Great series
Not too long but it's solid. Cool characters and fights but honestly the atmosphere and mysteries is what made it great.

Code Lyoko

Amazing don't miss it
Now this is a show that is mega underrated. It's one of the best I've seen in my childhood and up to now. It has both cartoon and cg graphics, interesting story and very likeable characters. Music are amazing too. Definitely recommend

The Cosby Show

This show was great. I don't care what has happened to bill cosby but the show was and still is funny. You don't even need to watch the first episode, just watching random episodes work too. Theo and Cliff are the best.

Edge of Tomorrow

It's a great movie which does a good job on representing the power of restarting life. Not the best movie but enjoyable in it's genre.

Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku o!

This anime is amazing. There isn't one single episode that doesn't make you laugh. Some of the most lovable characters too. Pretty chill to follow and get into. Definitely funniest anime ever and a great isekai of its genre.

Shin seiki evangerion

What do you wish?
Now I understand why people say this is the anime of animes. First don't watch this anime if you're not mature or 18+. There's also some epileptic and tripping parts that should be warned before watching. This is one of the darkest, most depressing and disturbing anime I've seen. After half episodes it becomes the real thing (hate,nudity,tools,betrayals for each character). The characters are likeable, the drawings are good and music is amazing, you can really see it's a 90's anime. But holy the Story is fkd up and disturbing. The last 2 episodes can be skipped if you don't want to see the perspective of Shinji. I agree that this is overrated but it's a great anime, that I don't recommend to children but adults.

The Shape of Things

Weirdest movie I've seen
The beginning is as normal as it gets. It's really cringe. But the more the movie goes on the more it becomes interesting, and then with a really striking and depressing ending. Wasn't expecting this really, this is so disturbing. Losing and betraying friends because you aren't your self anymore. We can learn from this movie to become better people, but don't change what you are.

Yojo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil

Very good
Very hard to get into, but very good anime. It's based on world war which is one of the topics I find to be most boring, but somehow this make it look interesting. Musics are dope and Tanya is cool.

Isekai Quartet

Better than you think
The anime is in chibi style and the story is nonsense, but that's why I love it. A school story that brings together 4 different animes. And the ost is amazing too, just too good. I highly recommend watching all 4 animes as they are some of the best ones and you can also understand better the jokes.


Really good
It's a hard anime to get into, but it's worth it. The characters are very likeable. The drawings are amazing and the ost is amazing too. Definitely watch.


The only and true one
This and the 2nd are probably the best hero movies. Legendary like Tobey Maguire. Films aren't like this anymore. Tobey will be forever the only Spider man.


Really good
Watched this today. This is made by dreamworks known for both bad and good movies, but his is a really great movie, mature just like shrek. The Evil is not that evil sometimes. Having everything and not having anything.

Lost in Translation

Feels like the film is unfinished. Looks interesting then becomes boring with a non sense ending. Scarlett is the only good thing.

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