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Das fliegende Klassenzimmer

not only for Kästner-Fans!!!
Since I'm a huge Erich Kästner fan, I have the three movies of "das fliegende Klassenzimmer" that were ever done. The script of the first one (1954) was even written by Kästner himself. So it's the closest to the book, of course. There was just this part were they run over the ice and slip all the time. It's supposed to be dramatic, but it's just stupid and disturbs...

The second one took place in Bamberg in 73 and the idea of setting it into summertime was really good. They changed the snowball fight into a 'normal' fight, which was really good made. But that Ulli jumped out of a window of the third floor (I think it was the third...) with an umbrella was unrealistic and over-dramatic, too... but I never new which one I like more...

Then I heard that they wanna make a new one, and I wondered, how they wanna set it into this time. There are hardly any boys boarding schools in Germany anymore, but the idea of putting the play into the Thomaner school was genius! (By the way: in this version it's winter again and the snowball fight is a snowball fight^^) And that they reeranged the play into some kind of a rap-musical in the future-space was good, too! Because with it, they could not only create the past difficulties of Justus (Ulrich Noethen) and Nichtraucher (Sebastian Koch) with the DDR, but it also appealed more with the new generation.

The acting was awesome, but I have to say that Hauke Diekamp (Jonathan Trotz) was the most incredible. Not only his acting was very convincing, but it was the first time he acted at all, what is not to believe after watching this movie.

All in all, the newest "fliegende Klassenzimmer" is an awesome movie, which everyone should watch once in his life (not only Kästner fans!)

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