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i was really impressed
I was really impressed with the movie.. It gave me so much knowledge and information about my chicano ancestors that was very inspirational. I was born in 76 and i noticed some things have changed in the school system but not everything.. there is always room for improvement in the schools... I was very moved and inspired by the movie.. I cheered and cried when they cried and cheered.. I am glad they were brave and strong enough for all latinos to take a stand. I am very proud of my Asian, Anglo and Black friends and family for taking a stand with us when we needed them the most.. They are some of the best people then and now... I appreciated the knowledge of the horrible police brutality to our teens.. How funny how that was not the case a couple months ago here in los angeles with the L.A county High schools.. Boy, how times have changed..

Step Up

I love a good Dance movie!!
I really enjoyed the movie Step up. The previews did remind me of "save the last dance" and maybe "flash dance". I found the movie much better then those old movies. It was a feel good movie about doing what you Love. Also about having a Passion in life for something. I know a lot of adults that do not have a drive and motivation almost like the character at the beginning of the movie, but at the end He had found his motivation and was moving forward in his life. Channing Tatum has a tough upbringing in comparison to Jenna nice school and nice family home. They come together to embrace each other and show one another about life. Someone with no goals shows another how important it is to have goals and dreams. That is important for kids and teens growing up today. I was once a kid and I knew how to have dreams and aspirations. I love a good dance movie maybe because it involves doing what you love and Feeling Awesome about it.. I love the choreography in the movie. The ballet and street dancing was amazing. Great story. It may seem like all the others but it was original with itself. Yes, i am a dancer too :)

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