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Paranormal Activity 4

i thought this was a good movie. i don't understand how people can say they liked the first 3 but didn't like this one. They all are pretty much the same!Yes, it would be nice to have a bit more explanations, but keep in mind that this is a "hand-held-camera-supposedely live footage" type movie, so in keeping with that theme, one cannot expect in depth explanations for all of the occurrences in the movie. If you were being haunted, would you know why? No. You'd either be coming up with rational explanations for all the activity going on in and around your home or you'd be running and screaming. I thought the first film was the best because I had never seen anything like that before, but i still throughly enjoyed 4. Happy Halloween!

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Average, at best.
I was 9 years old when I was first introduced to GI JOE, now I am 35. This movie was made for my 9 year old counter-part, not my 35 year old present self. This movie is not as lame as Transformers 2, but make no mistake, it is no Full Metal Jacket either. Think shallow and bubble gum when you go to see it and you won't be disappointed, that much. Typical Hollywood clichés and dialog are all over this flick, as well as lame special effects. Sienna Miller is NOT convincing as one of the baddest bad chicks ever. She didn't even have the classic baroness french/swiss/what ever it was accent. However, The movie wasn't a total loss. McClellen/destro was well acted, as was Stormshadow, and I guess Zartan as well. The plot was easy to follow. Snakeeyes vs. StormShadow fights were cool. Gadgets were cool (even though cgi itself was weak) Gi Joe is a big B movie. Just keep that in mind and you will be OK. Oh, hit me up on youtube: Klane Crew

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

cliché city
This movie was boarder-line lame. Far too many Hollywood clichés and predictable scenes. Remember Jean Grey's/phoenix line in X3 to Logan?: "He's tamed you!" Well, Wolverine is tame as all hell in this flick. I thought Sabertooth, the character as well as the actor, was really good. Maybe this film should have been titled: X-men orgins:Sabertooth. :-) Fyi, do Wolvie and Sabe have the same mom but different dad, or visa versa? There were a few good parts, but far too many lame parts and story deviations. Not the greatest way to start the '09 summer movie season. Lets just hope Star Trek, Transformers, T4 and the others can salvage the summer!

The Suffering: Ties That Bind

interesting and entertaining
Suffering ties that bind is a cool game to play. I liked the first one as well as the second installment. I really enjoy the interactions the characters have with Torque during non-play sequences or story mode (whatever it's called). All good sequels should employ the old/new formula and this one does that. Those annoying Mainliners and Slayers are back as well as a couple of other creatures from the original. This new version also employs some new creatures or malefactors as they are referred to. One of my favorite new creatures is the Supressor(s) because they are so creepy and deadly. They project an evil, eerie vibe as they haul around their obese, legless bodies leaving a trail of blood in their wake, all the while grunting and breathing heavily. The actors doing the voices were very good as well. I was unaware that "real" actors were used. I always thought they just grabbed one of the techs and gave him some lines to read or that the creators just did the voices themselves. I liked Consuela and Blackmore from Ties that bind but the gas chamber ghost guy from the first one is still my favorite actor/character in the series. He was chilling and had some cool lines, I think his name was Hermes: "I grow weary of this game..." Speaking of which, I like how the bosses taunt and talk to you as they are trying to kill you.Ties that bind is interesting in that all of the bosses are fought at the end as opposed to during different stages of the game as is the traditional formula. Speaking of the bosses they were difficult to defeat, not so much the bosses themselves, but the creatures that surround the bosses and come in endless supply are what makes fighting the bosses difficult and frustrating. Especially on the final stage fighting Blackmore. Even with cheat codes it is far too time consuming and difficult to defeat Blackmore, but hey, maybe it's just me, so get other people's comments as well. In all, I thought the game was very fun, just like the first one. My only complaint is the difficult final stage. I look forward to Suffering 3.

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