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North Pole #73

Peter North in jail
The scene was filmed in a studio with a full-scale structure of custody in steel. The scene with Peter North and Cindy Hope is wonderful. Peter North is locked up in jail, Cindy Hope, is a naughty sexy guard. She unlocks the door and go in to Peter, orders him to sit on the bed, she undress and star to take his clothes off. For once North wears underwear, a pair of sexy black CK boxers. We see wonderful hot action, Peter proves he is the greatest and that he is still best. He gives Cindy what she needs, and she enjoys, so hot! In the end, he completely drowns out her sweet face with his cascades. They are both surprised at the pressure and volume in his spurts. And break out in laughter. Peter's final comment is priceless: "I should be put in jail for that!" I say, no Peter you should get an award for that!

Anal Addicts 20

Peter North and Nadia is great!
Scene 3, Starring: Nadia Styles, Peter North Peter North is so hot and sexy in this scene, the action between Nadia and Peter is very intense and something extra. When Peter is doing Nadia's mouth and goes deep throat the heat is really turned up... Peter's stamina is incredible, he slams Nadia to seventh heaven, and what a show to watch. Love it! He bangs her so hard made me wonder if she could walk after? ;-) Sure she could, but I bet her back door needed some vacation, Peter's pole is huge and Nadia got her back door banged real good! Some nice A2M action and a fantastic North pole soaking of her face made this scene extra hot.

Assed Out

Lauren get's assed out!
Assed Out, Scene 1 Starring: Lauren Phoenix, Peter North Oh my God! Peter North is so incredible hot in this scene, his sexy muscular body and rock hard pole made me almost go crazy. His performance with Lauren Phoenix is one high class act. I would have trade place with Lauren i no time, Peter knows how to drive us women wild and I love it! I love back door action, and here Peter shows how to make it extra fun! :) The way Peter pounds her back door is something extra, he does it like there is no tomorrow. Lauren get's Assed Out! Mmm.. maybe I am to direct now, but when Peter goes back door to mouth with his big pole.. it made me shiver of lust for some adult action. This is hot exotic back door action that makes me hungry for going this way tonight. The money shot in the end was so sexy and I have to admit, once again, I would have loved to be there.


It's a classic
This movie was in fact the first adult movie I saw, almost. But the movie is a classic. I remember two scenes in the movie that was the best ones. Peter North with Ebony Ayes and Randy Spears with Trinity Loren. You can see that it is the 80s in Peter North's hair. Ebony is a swim star Peter is her coach. Peter sits in the sofa, and Ebony is behind it, and is bending over to perform some swimming. She wears a bikini top, and her big boobs are almost popping out. When she comes down to Peter we see that she forgot her panties, or can it be because Peter North is her coach? *smile* It does not take long before the real actions starts, they have a fantastic chemistry and they both look hot. Peter North ends the scene with placing his big pole between her big boobs and Peter decorates them all over. Randy Spears and Trinity Loren are two studio reporters and they feel for some hot action too. Making out on the table and with Randy ending the scene with splashing on Trinity's chest. It is a true classic.

Little White Chicks Big Black Monster Dicks #3

Anastasia get uninvited guests...
The best scene in this movie is the one with Lexington Steele, Jake Steed, Jack Napier and Anastasia Blue. The three guys "monsters" are running down the street, we hear a police car chasing them. They go inside a house, to get away from the police, just to find Anastasia in the shower... It don't take long until the guys start to undress, Anastasia is all ready naked, she sits down in an armchair and get's shocked when see how big the guys are, Jake is big, Lexington is bigger.. And Jack is bigger then Lex... She has a hard time breading when she takes Jack's big pole in her mouth. The guys share Anastasia in different positions, and fill her holes to the limit. Anastasias make up is completely smeared out, she look likes she just been with the whole foot ball team, Lex, Jake and Jack is three hard, rough and crazy studs so it's not so strange. In the end of the scene Anastasia is exhausted, she sounds a bit miserable when she says "why do you do this to me..?". The answer from the monsters? They laugh and roar.

Sodomania 2: More Tails

Peter & Sean make Rebecca scream!
The far out best scene in this movie is the one with Peter North, Sean Michaels and Rebecca Bardoux. Rebecca plays Peter's wife, a naughty wife it is. Peter asks her if she want to have some adult fun with his client, played by Sean Michaels. Naughty, hot, willing Rebecca says yes. They invite Sean to their home; Peter North leaves the room, leaving Rebecca and Sean alone in the sofa. Peter North is in his bedroom, waiting for the right moment to join the hot Sean and Rebecca. Rebecca start her fun with Sean by giving him head, she takes the big black snake like the pro she is. Just wait until you see her take in the back door! Sean loves her wonderful wet mouth and tongue around his big black pole. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Peter is stroking his big pole, thinking of what happens in the other room. After a while he must go out and join. Rebecca get's in different positions, by Peter North and Sean Michaels. When she give head to Peter, Sean get up behind her and give her some back door action with his big black snake. Rebecca scream loud of excitement. Peter also take Rebecca for a North Pole back door action tour. In the end Sean is pumping Rebecca's back door, and shoot his load all over her back side. At the same time Peter is receiving Rebecca's oral skills. The pressure in Peter North's big pole is so high and explosive. So when he unloads he shoots all over his chest and Rebecca's face. Up in the air and down, like fireworks on 4 th July. In this fantastic scene Rebecca is mixing Southern Comfort with North Exposure.

Anal Addicts 3

I like it..
The favorite scenes with Peter North is the one with Monica Sweetheart and the the threesome scene. In the one with Monica, oh boy do Peter North get to tap her ass... The chemistry between them is good. We see some special way of giving oral treatments.. From behind, upside down etc. Always nice to see Peter getting rimmed too. Monica shows how hot and perfect for this job she is. She is a true sweetheart. Lot's of hot back door action, huge facial in the end.

In the threesome scene we see Peter North with two babes. Peter plays a male escort, showing how too treat a lady with his North Pole. Lot's of back door action in various positions and the final is like Peter North always do nowadays, a huge facial.

Pick-Up Lines 23

I got picked up..
Peter North is in two scenes. The first with Kristen Conrad. Peter joins Kristen in a outdoor hot tub. They kiss before he starts to play with her boobs. With Kristen's bikini bottom pushed to the side, Peter licks and sucks her private parts. Peter's shorts are removed so Kristen can give him head. Kristen eyes him at times as her head bobs back and forth on Peter's rock hard pole. She shows her oral skills. They stand and he removes her bikini bottom. Peter takes Kristen from behind. Kristen then do the cowgirl. In the end of the scene...Peter's pole is getting ready in front of her. He shoots his North Pole juice on her teeth, chin and cheek. She eyes and sort of smiles up at him as his pole moves around her face.

The second is with Anita Dark Anita, in a pink bikini, is laying out on a yacht. Peter starts kissing her backside. They kiss passionately as Peter's hand moves down by her private parts from behind and her hand moves over his shorts by his pole. They go below to a bed. Anita's bikini top is removed so Peter can taste her boobs. They give each other oral in the 69 position. With her pink bikini bottom on and pushed to the side, Peter works on Anita from behind. Peter puts his weight on her and moves her onto her stomach. They then do the reverse cowgirl as Peter holds on to her boobs at times. Anita gets off his pole and begins showing her oral skills again. On their sides, Peter takes her from behind. Peter pulls out and starts the hand job with his pole off as Anita moves her face over his rock hard pole. Peter shoots his love juice on her chin and mouth, but most of it lands on his own stomach. Anita smiles and eyes the camera as Peter continues stroking the pole. Some North Pole juice rolls out of her mouth and a string of white hangs from her face as she licks the head of his pole a few times.

Anal Addicts 7

Peter and Nikita is hot!
Peter North is in only one scene. But that scene is really hot! Peter North is finally doing it with Nikita Denise, and what hot adult action we get to see. The scene takes place in a small office. The chemistry between them both is hot, explosive and really good. They both know how to make a scene steamy. We get to see lot of oral, Nikita takes the North Pole deep. Hard thrusting in varying positions. We get to see A2M, and we surely see that Peter is building up some the hot steamy chemistry. Nikitia is very good and like the pro Peter is he ends the scene with a total facial soaking of Nikita. The North Pole juice is thick, white and the mess is total. Peter must have been saving up for this. It's sad that Peter is in only one scene in this movie. But it's one hot steamy scene, that will be classic facial ending.

Naked Scandal 2: The Kathy Willets Story

Peter North makes it worth to see
The best scene is with Peter North and Jeanna Fine, they are by a outside jacuzzi. They are being watched by Kathy Willets, maybe she is thinking of how much she wanna trade place with Jeanna. Peter observes that he is being watched and that just turns him on. His pole gets even harder, not just because Jeanna is working on it. The action between Jeanna and Peter is hard, god and sexy. We see some really deep throating and hard back door action. Jeanny moans loud and that makes Peter wild. Later in the movie Peter North is invited to bed with Kathy Willets, her breasts are huge but look too plastic. But she get it all, but no back door action this time. Too bad, she looked that she needed some back door treatment.

Assed Out 2

Michelle gets stuffed..
The scene includes Peter North, Michelle and a guy. It takes place on a sofa and the action is pretty hot. Michelle starts stripping, the guys gets excited and we see some sucking on Michelle's boobs, Michelle then go down and enjoy some oral job, and she gives some hot talk, she get's her private lower parts licked and fingered. While the other guy is working on Michelle from behind she takes Peter North's pole so deep in her mouth so she look like she is going to pop her eyes out. We also see some cowgirl action, yes Michelle gets double stuffed too. And her back door is being worked on hard in various positions by the two studs that understand how hot Michelle is. The energy is good throughout the scene, Michelle's breasts is massive and the final is a pretty massive facial from both guys.

I Dream of Christy

Wild dreams...
The overall impression of this movie is rather poor, with one exception the scene with Peter North and Christy Canyon. The scene begins with Peter in bed with a blonde, the blond girl start to go down on Peter. We all know what will happen now, or? Peter close his eyes and when he open them... The blonde babe is gone and Christy Canyon is "eating" him... She makes a good job on the North Pole, and Peter who thinks he is dreaming is soon aware that this is really happening. And when Christy asks Peter to turn around we get to see one hot way in the art oral treatment. Christy even let her tongue find it's way between his buttocks. Peter then go down on Christy and the whole scene is energetic, full of lust and the chemistry between them is good. Christy ask Peter to put his pole between her big breasts, and the action ends with Peter shooting his juice in long squirts on Christy's chest and neck. After that Peter open his eyes and discover that Christy is no longer there, the blond babe is back. And she tells Peter that he was fantastic... Was it just a wild dream?

Up Your Ass 18

Lexington is the best
The "Up your Ass" series was always good when Lexington Steele were in it. His scenes with his friend Mr Marcus was always good to watch. Lexingtoon Steele makes this movie worth to see, of course Jewel Dé Nyle, Miko Lee and Aurora is good too. But it is the energy and the huge pole Lexington has that makes the scenes wild and frenzy. Jewel Dé Nyle get what she wants and deserve, she looks sweaty.. Maybe it was hot that day, but I guess teaming up with Lexington Steele made her sweaty. Her make up looks smeary, even before Lexington provide her face a Lex Steele make over with his love juice. This couple have made better scenes together, the one they had in "Heavy Metal 2" is far out better.

First Offense 5

Peter North's hot movie!
This movie rocks The best male stars in this one is Peter North and Lee Stone. Both are hot, hard and ready to take care of the girls. The scenes with Peter North is extremely hot.

In the scene with Peter North, Keri Sable and Kendra Allen we see real hot adult action. This was the first time for both of the girls to work with Peter. Keri loved it, but even if the girls share Peter's North Pole juice shower, it got a little bit to much for Kendra. This was the first and last adult movie she did.

The scene with Cytheria is a real blast, she gets so hot that she squirted all over the room. Peter North got wet! Of course he gave Cytheria a big facial.

North Pole #10

Peter North and Jewel rocks!
The best scene in this movie is the last one, with the adult superstars Peter North and Jewel Dé Nyle. Peter takes his boat out for a ride, and the lovely Jewel is with him. The are looking at each other and we can hear what they are thinking about. Mmm that is some hot thinking going on.. Soon Peter can't hold back any longer and he start making out with Jewel. They serve each other real good, and Jewel takes on Peters pole like the pro she is. She do the oral job so good that she can taste a foretaste of Peter's North Pole juice. Then we get hard action with much energy. It does not take long before Peter North provide some hot back door action for Jewel. They do this in several positions, the scene ends with Jewel on her back at the boat floor with sun glasses on. Protecting her eyes from the shower of North Pole juice that Peter is soaking her with. She get's decorated like a cake on the 4:th of July.

Pick-Up Lines 9

Peter North gives Mila a ride!
The best scene in this movie is the one with Peter "Big Unit" North and Mila. The scene begins with Peter having problem with his car, Mila stops and ask if he want to go with her. Peter jumps in her car and then she takes of. The scene continue in Milas kitchen.. Were Peter and Mila start doing the wild thing. Mila goes down on Peter and she does a good job. Then they do it hard and in different positions, Peter North thank's Mila for the ride by giving her some anal action. She takes on his big pole like the pro she is. You can clearly see that she is real hot! Right before the climax Peter pulls out, and of course Peter North awards her good job by giving her some a big facial shower of his North Pole juice.

Gang Bang Face Bath II

Peter North is the best!
Peter North is in three scenes in this movie. In he first scene in the movie we see Heather Lee team up with Peter North, T.T. Boy and Tom Byron. (3 guys on 1 girl, is that really a gang bang?)The action is in the living room. The guys are so excited and Heather makes them wild. Peter North got so excited with Heather and his thrusts got to hard. And the scene was cut. You can clearly see it's been cut. We see some DP and the scene ends with the three guys unloading in Heather's face.

The second scene with Peter is with Kim Chambers, Marc Wallice and Tom Byron. The actions is in a bed. Kim takes on the three guys good. Peter give Kim some back door action, end the scene like only he can. Straight in Kim's mouth.

The third and last scene with Peter is with Kim (again) Marc Wallice and Joey Silvera. The scene is pretty lame and not so good. The best scene in this movie is the one with Heather Lee.

The Pink Pussycat

Peter North and Ashlyn rocks!
The far out best scene is the one with hot Peter North and hot Ashlyn Gere. The scene begins with Ashlyn falling asleep, and what a hot dream she is dreaming, In her dream she come in to a dark room, with Peter North on a kind of bed. Only wearing a white sleeve less shirt. Ashlyn crawls up to him, ripping the shirt and the action begins.

Ashlyn is her usual delightful, Peter is super masculine and hot. The make it in some positions, and the end of the scene Ashlys says that she wants to taste Peter. Of course Peter North is a gentleman and he let Ashlyn taste. And that is a lot to taste. Peter absolutely drenches her face.

Pink Hotel on Butt Row

Peter North is explosive
The far out best scene in this movie is the one with Peter North and Jewel Dé Nyle. The scene starts outside, by the pool. Peter North is looking at Jewel, which is inside the pool, just wearing a leather strap top with belts. It does not take long before Peter is sitting by the pool, with his feet's in the water. Jewel is drawn to him, and she start to pulling his shorts down. Jewel want to taste him, and the action starts. Peter's pole is soon rock hard of the Jewel lip/mouth treatment.

We then move inside, with Peter sitting in a leather armchair with Jewel in the cowgirl position. Peter and Jewel doing it in various positions,the action is hard, good and very hot. Peter North's energy is explosive and Jewel Dé Nyle is one hot babe. When Peter takes Jewel from behind in the leather sofa he does it so hard that you almost can feel it as a viewer. The scene ends with Jewel taking care of Peter's pole, with her hands and mouth. And Peter awards the good job she's done with soaking her completely with his North Pole juice. She get's decorated all over her face, neck and her chest. And of course the North Pole juice is dripping... The scene is a classic.

North Pole #7

Jewel get's wet!
The best scene in this movie is the one were we see Peter North,Chris Cannon and Erik Everhard doing Jewel Dé Nyle. In this scene Peter North plays a stock car driver and Jewel his number one fan. After the race Jewel seeks him up in the garage. In the garage Jewel meet Peter North's two assistants Chris Cannon and Erik Everhard. The action starts and it get's hot. After a while Peter joins and now it gets real hot. Jewel is on the hood of the stock car. In the end of the scene both Chris and Erik unload over Jewels chest. The grand finale is when Peter North unloads the North Pole juice all over Jewels face. No hands used. Jewel gets real soaked. The end of this scene is a North Pole classic moment.

North Pole #4

Peter North is hot!!
This is the first time we see Peter North and Jewel Dé Nyle doing it together in the North Pole series. And the scene with Peter North and Jewel is sensual, exotic and very hot. They are doing it outside, in various positions. The best is the standing 69, now we talking adult superstars at their best. The chemistry between them both is electric and this first close encounter in the North Pole series makes us want to see more. Of course Peter North ends the scene in the way only he can do, and Jewel Dé Nyle is taking the North Pole coctail all over like the new starlet she is in this movie. The best scene in this movie is this one.


Peter North is a pro
The scene between Peter North and Savannah is pretty good, that is because Peter North is a pro. Peter North is an reliable adult superstar. In this scene we see two superstars of that time. Too bad that Savannah is in a bad shape, her body is real thin. You can clearly see that she is stoned in this scene, at sometimes it looks like she is about to pass out. And that is not because of Peter North's stamina and hard pumping. So if Savannah had been in a better shape the scene would have been a blast! Anyway, thank's to Peter North hard body and professional hard work we get to see the nice happening between them in the bed.

Best Butte in the West 2

Peter North is Hot!
The scene between Peter North and J.R. Carrington is steamy, hot and full of energy. It start's with Miss Carrington giving head to Mr North. They then move to a stairway, and we all is being shown ho to have adult fun in a stairway. Peter North and J.R. Carrington do it in different positions, and the energy between them is high and hot. We see two adult superstars who knows how to do this. As always with J.R. Carrington, she want's the back door action. And of course Peter North gives her what she wants. The scene ends with Peter North giving the hot babe his North Pole juice, it's a lot and it goes all over J.R. Carrington's private part.

Anal Addicts 10

Fantastic scenes!
I must say that my two favorite scenes in this movie is the one with Peter North and Ryan Connor and the one with Peter North and Monika Star. Peter North is professor Hardon, and the girls are some hot young, blonde and busty students. They will do anything to get higher grades. And of course Peter North will help them to get some higher grades. Peter North do the fantastic with them like he always does, the scenes are hot and very vivid. We some hot nice back-door action that makes the babes go wild, being plugged by the North pole is a hard job. Peter, of course, ends the both scenes with giving the babes his North Pole juice, all over their faces.

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