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  • I watched the movie at the cinema and I have to agree with basically everyone else reviewing this movie, the sound in the cinema was off, maybe way off (maybe they mixed it using AirPods on their laptops during lockdown :D ). A lot of the time it was extremely hard to decipher what was going on and didn't help with following the storyline. I think my cinema played it way too loud though. But in the end, I came out and had great discussions on the mind-bending story and enjoyed it a lot, although my ears may not have.

    The set is honestly amazing, and the acting by John David Washington & Kenneth Branagh was awesome, however, I've got to hand it to Robert Pattinson and for me, he was the star of it all. The composing by Ludwig Göransson was incredible as well! It brought everything to life, especially while experiencing it in the cinema.

    I ended up re-watching the movie at home with subtitles, and this is what I would highly recommend for anyone watching this. The cinema experience is unbeatable, but if you want to understand what characters are saying and be able to follow the story well watching at home with subs is a no brainer.

    I think the reason why so many people are reviewing it badly and saying things like "I'm confused" & "it's hollow" is because they haven't understood the movie yet. In my opinion, maybe Nolan wanted people to watch it more than once, maybe he made it for you to be confused on the first watch, and maybe this one sets up for a sequel. I don't know about you, but aren't the best movies are ones you can continue to watch and uncover more layers over time? There are a lot of haters (or people who still don't get it), but I honestly think this was a great mind-bending movie with a super complex storyline that you only really understand with either more research or by watching it again (and again). Wait until you get the "oh now I get it" moment.
  • This is one of the most entertaining series I have watched. I could honestly not pick out a single fault with it.

    I think Chernobyl should be on everyones watch list, it gives us a terrifying example of what can happen when lies get out of hand. When the powers at be don't care about the well fare of the people but instead only themselves and making profit.

    This show reminds all of us the cost of lies.
  • For those thinking 'oh it's like 20 years old now, probably some better ones to watch' you are definitely mistaken. This is hands down the best war story. The acting was brilliant, the scenes were amazing, the filming was done to perfection, I don't really have anything to fault in it. I would highly recommend this to anyone, even you may not enjoy war films, as this doesn't only show the battles of WW2 but instead it gives us some insight into what those soldiers had to live through, and how they were affected by it.
  • From what I can see generally everyone loved Henry Cavill and his role, I too thought he was awesome.

    I really enjoyed the constant humour as it made it very easy and fun to watch (this primarily from Geralt with his serious, stiff personality). If you enjoy a little bit of action, drama and humour this is for you. I would recommend giving this a watch, I found it really good.

    A lot of people have been saying that the storyline was poorly written and that in some cases it was confusing to follow, but this may not have been done accidentally. For example present and future time (flashbacks) is moulded together and events in the future are then transitioned to ones before-hand with little to no indication. This kept me engaged and made me actively watch as you can easily become confused if you don't. This made it more engaging

    Although there might not have been that much back-story or character development shown in Geralt, I didn't see this as too much of a problem. This sense of ambiguity left a lot up to my own interpretation, and I feel like (hopefully) there will be more of Geralt's life shown in the second season.
  • Christopher Nolan is definitely one of my favourite directors, his films always make you stop and think about things. Interstellar is amazing, I cannot find even a single fault in it. The longer you watch the more you get sucked into it. The film evokes all sorts of emotions making you completely perplexed by the end of it.

    There is nothing else to say, except that Interstellar should be on everyones bucket-list of the all-time greats.
  • This movie was flawed before it was even made. Because there was nothing to work with due to the sh## show 'The Last Jedi' and the complete lack of organisation and planning from Lucasfilm's management (Kathleen Kennedy).

    ( At least now we can say that the prequels aren't the worst of Star Wars xD )

    I knew it would be bad before watching it, because the trailer basically explained the whole storyline! This movie only made one thing clearer to me... that Disney had no intention of making the fans / audience happy, but only their shareholders!!!

    I want to make one thing clear though, I thought that The Force Awakens wasn't actually too bad. I thought that it was a good starting point for the next movies to come. But The Last Jedi was the ending of the trilogy, right there and then I witnessed how clueless the creators of this movie really were, and I cannot think to blame anyone other then Kathleen Kennedy herself. (I still have no idea how she is still in charge).

    Rant: I might sound crazy, but I still have a slight urge to believe that the trilogy being this bad was not done on accident... But intentionally so when Disney decide to create a completely new story, theres will eclipse the original Star Wars story (Skywalker storyline). - This is not that far fetched though, because as shown with the series 'Mandalorian' Lucasfilm are clearly capable of making good content, but only when they want to... (also may be due to Kathleen Kennedy not overseeing the whole thing).
  • This film is a complete flop by Disney.

    After Episode 7 I was left with some hope, thinking that this trilogy might actually be pretty good. But after watching all three of them together I can safely say that the trilogy was disappointing to say the least.

    There are more plot holes in this movie to count, making me think about it actually makes them seem even worse than they are. Kathleen Kennedy is primarily responsible for this unorganised, chaotic mess. I am not going into why, as there is plenty of material online you can find on her xD

    This movie accentuates the real intentions of Disney with buying the franchise. Money. They have no care in the world about keeping fans happy, or maintaining some dignity for George Lucas and his legacy. This movie is like a C grade film made with an A grade budget, it's a joke...

    It isn't worth watching unless you want to come out with 10 times more questions then answers, and for you to be that little bit more upsetted off about how terrible the story actually is.
  • One of the best movies about the exploration into space, Bradd Pitt was amazing, and the camera filming in this was awesome. It was a slower film, but still had a great sense of interest and amazement.
  • What an inspiring film, great to see such a positive perspective on our future for once :) Amazing work Damon!