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Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal

Very good.
The characters on this show are easy to like and the story keeps moving along. Action, murder mystery and zombie shows can be entertaining and this show is great for when a bit lighter.fare is desired. If you like buddy shows and hospital shows this might be for you.

Hotel Del Luna

Great entertainment.
For those who like the supernatural/fantasy type entertainment this show is a good one to check out. Hotel De Luna grabs attention immediately keeps things interesting throughout.


Not even going to bother with the final four episodes.
After mostly liking the show for the first 75% the writers just had to throw in one twist too many. I have no desire to see how many more twists and turns they have managed to shoehorn into the final four episodes just to make sure they reach their quota. Perhaps if Rube Goldberg had written murder mystery cop shows this is what it would look like. In the USA in the 1990s there were a handful of movies that began with the protagonist about to die that would then go back a matter of days or weeks to a real beginning point. Now it seems that about 40% or better of American movies do that in the best METOO run it into the ground tradition. Korean writers seem to be doing the METOO run it into the ground on cop shows by adding more and more convulutions, twists, turns, mazes etc. At a certain point it just gets beyond ridiculous and further willing suspension of disbelief is too much work.

Juan de los muertos

Great horror comedy.
This movie is very funny. Putting a Cuban spin on the zombie apocalypse, Juan and his friends are likeable and easy to root for. Give it a try.


Worth watching
Set against the backdrop of the 1976 coup attempt in Nigeria this is a good movie. Not much shoot em up but good drama.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Best to watch the series first.
Great revenge story and origin story for the series. Ashin is a very determined woman of great intelligence and drive. If you watch the series first it will be obvious why you should also watch Ashin of the North. Korean entertainment at its best is second to none.

Shinya shokudô

Great fun
Midnight Diner has a different regular cast member or guest dealing with a life situation every episode. It has occasional mild violence but relies on interesting plot lines and good writing to hook the viewer rather than loud explosions and special effects. The owner/cook of the diner has some undefined charisma/authority that his customers respect. The episodes are sometimes serious and sometimes amusing. Very much worth watching IMO.

The Awakening

Good to about the halfway point.
If the major plot hole on The Faculty didn't phase you than you just might like this. I gave it four stars because there are worse movies out there but it remains a story that could have been very good to great if that gaping no one can see Tom plot hole was not in it.


This series manages to mix genres and do it very well. The story develops and the focus changes in a fluid manner that makes sense as it happens. Bae Doona, who was so good in Stranger, has a strong supporting role in this series and the rest of the protagonists are good as well. But the stand out performance is Queen Cho, played by Hye-jun Kim. She is one evil character that you will hate by the end.

Q & A

Outstanding crime drama.
For anyone who likes crime dramas of the 1980s and 1990s like Extreme Prejudice and Playing God this is a movie for you. It has NYC Mafia, their Puerto Rican gangster allies, a corrupt DA Office, police corruption and drag queens all thrown together in a bunch of interconnected sub plots that unravel into a series of violent retributions going to the story resolution.

Cadillac Man

Badly written and edited.
The yuks on this movie only work if the audience goes along with the notion that not only is the character played by Tim Robbins stupid, but that his character is too damned stupid to realize he is being made fun of. It gets two stars not because it is any good but because there are even worse films out there.

The Fare

Worth watching
This is a movie made on a small budget that does not disappoint. The script was written by female lead Brinna Kelly who clearly knew where she was taking the story and proof read it to avoid the plot holes and inconsistencies that can derail a good concept. Some movie producers can get a lot of bang for a few bucks. She seems to be one.

Under the Black Moonlight

Absolute garbage.
There are a lot of good Korean shows available. This is not one of them. This is actually quite bad. Not insipid or boring but proactively godawful garbage. If this film were an odor it would maybe be durian or a kennel full of dog poop on a hot Summer day.


Worth your time
For people who enjoy the fantasy genre this is good solid entertainment. The protagonists are easy to like and root for and it is good diversionary light hearted fare.

Murder Party

Don't waste your time on this turdsicle. Badly written. Badly acted. Not funny. Not good horror.

The Unraveling

Major plot holes
Wrapping up too conveniently while leaving gaping plot holes makes this a very disappointing movie. I have had much worse times than wasting 83 minutes on a poorly written movie but it was still a waste of time. It gets one star because that is the lowest available.

Alice's Restaurant

Bad movie made from an awful album
The movie is bad enough to almost make the alboum okay.

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Excellent movie
Charismatic cult evil from an Asian Buddhist angle and a plot twist that doesn't try too hard makes an excellent movie.

Mystery Men

Outstanding comedy
This is a great comedy with a top notch cast. It is worth your time if you like over the top silly comedies like Zoolander and Dodgeball.

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