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The Dark Knight

"I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you… stranger"
Heath Ledger was the man. His death is a big loss for the cinema. His performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight is just unbelievable and unforgettable. The first word I can think of is "powerful". Powerful as the whole movie, which is a real masterpiece. I thought Batman Begins was excellent and now I have a problem because I can't find a word to define correctly its sequel. When you have a bunch of such great actors (Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Christian Bale) to serve such a fantastic plot, it has to be really good ! Oh, and Mr Nolan, if you want to do a third Batman movie, don't hesitate ! One piece of criticism, though: why did you replace Katie Holmes by Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes ? There are so many beautiful actresses in Hollywood… I could write more but it's nearly impossible to describe these 152 minutes of ecstasy without destroying their magic. So watch this awesome movie !

Dead Poets Society

Carpe Diem !
"Oh captain, my captain..."

I watched "Dead Poets Society" twice and I could watch it thousands of times without being bored ! It's absolutely perfect ! This movie is also very topical even if it takes place in the fifties. The fight against conformism is and will always be fundamental.

Some might say that this movie is demagogue but in my opinion it's an example for young people of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

As far as the cast is concerned, Robin Williams is great, as always, and the young men (among them the future star Ethan Hawke) act very well.

So watch this excellent movie and... Seize the day !


The English dream...
When I saw the trailer, I thought that it was only a romantic story without interest. And, as a tennis fan, I was afraid of how they were going to show this sport that I love. But I was totally mistaken. This movie is absolutely excellent !

First, the matches are very well done (with the complicity of Pat Cash). We can even see John McEnroe and Chris Evert as TV-speakers ! Then, it's not only a romantic story (even if romanticism sometimes doesn't hurt ^^), there's also humor, it's really funny ! And as far as the characters are concerned, they're very endearing and moving.

Finally, with this movie, the English people can make his dream come true, at least on TV. Because the last English player to play the final in Wimbledon was Fred Perry, who won it in... 1936 ! Tim Henman was expected to be this winner all England was waiting for but he hasn't done it yet and he'll probably never do it.

Except if he does it this year in his - maybe - last Wimbledon after his thrilling five-set victory in the first round, like Peter Colt...

Seinto Seiya

L'aventure est sur ton chemin...
"Saint Seiya" is first a very good manga by Masami Kurumada, one of the bests I think.

The anime is rather good but the French version is a catastrophe ! The dubbers are, for the majority, very bad and the translation is really awful ! There are lots of mistakes ! But to defend a little the French version, the introduction songs are very funny... "L'aventure est sur ton chemin", "Les chevaliers du zodiaque"... The French-speaking fans will understand.

There the anime added a story, which was very interesting: the Asgard Part with the God Warriors (it wasn't successful in Japan).

"Saint Seiya" is nonetheless a good anime, the story is respected and it's always cool to watch our heroes speak, move and fight on TV ! And I want to say that the Hades Part (not translated into French yet, I saw the beginning in original version) is great !

Hagane no renkinjutsushi

Equivalent Exchange
I think this is the best manga adaptation ! It's simply better than the original (the books) !

The first books were written by Hiromu Arakawa and they began to make the anime (cartoon), so the story is the same at the beginning but, after a few episodes it becomes different (the book-series isn't finished yet). So, it's very interesting because we have to different stories to discover !

Speaking about the anime version, it's very interesting because it deals with very important themes and asks moral questions ("do we have the right to kill a lot of people in order to create the philosopher's stone to get back Alphonse's body and my (Edward's) arm and my leg ?"). It's also moving, thrilling and funny.

As far as the characters are concerned, my favorite is Maes Hughes, very strange and funny but courageous.

So, a great one ! Watch it, you won't regret your choice !

Dragon Ball Z

Kamehameha !!!
"Dragon Ball Z" is one of the best manga-adaptations into anime (cartoon). Of course, I'm only speaking about the French version, I don't know the other ones.

The manga by Akira Toriyama is one of the best mangas, so it deserved a good adaptation. The adaptation is good but there are a few faults nonetheless. The draws aren't as good as in the book (quite normal in 1989...) and it's a little censored in the French version (but a lot less than in "City Hunter" thank God !). By the way, as far as the French version is concerned, the introduction songs are awful !!! Fortunately, now, we have the Japanese introduction songs, which are fantastic !

There are also other qualities. The plot is respected, the musics are great, the French voices are rather good, ...

To sum up, the DBZ fans won't be disappointed !


The best French show !
This is the best French show and one of the best shows dealing with comedy !

Great actors (Jamel Debbouze (seen in "Astérix et Obélix Mission Cléopâtre"), Eric Judor, Ramzi Bédia (both seen in "La Tour Montparnasse Infernale"), Jean-Luc Bideau (famous Swiss actor)), some guest stars well-known in France (for example Bruno Solo in the first episode of Season 1), simple but efficient plot (yes, it's not "Friends" but who can pretend to be at "Friends" ' level ?).

These are the ingredients to make the mixture tasteful.

The result ? Fun !!!

Runaway Jury

Novel->movie: good !
This time, Grisham's novel is well translated into movie.

The cast is great. John Cusack is the perfect guy to perform the manipulator Nicholas Easter. It's the first time I've seen him acting but I think his face is the perfect one for this part. Gene Hackman is the perfect bad guy as usual (Rankin Fitch), Dustin Hoffman is a really great actor, in this movie as well, nothing else to add about him and Rachel Weisz is a good Marlee.

But I've got a question. Even if the plot isn't changed a lot, why did they turn the tobacco lobby into the weapons lobby ??? I think it was Grisham's will to attack the tobacco industry... Wasn't it politically correct ???

Stranger Than Fiction

Switzerland+money=great movie !
This movie is totally the type of movie that I usually don't watch. But this time I wanted to go and watch this movie because the director, Marc Forster, is Swiss like me. Last year I wanted to watch Stay but I finally couldn't. So, I wanted to see what Forster was able to do and it's a really good work !

I didn't know Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal at all, but they are great actors ! I especially liked Maggie Gyllenhaal who is very moving. Dustin Hoffman is excellent as usual, as a literature professor and swimming teacher. Emma Thompson is a really good crazy novel author and her British accent makes a good contrast with the American accent of all the other characters.

So, it's possible to make a good movie without sex nor violence. A great plot is enough.

Grey's Anatomy

A great one !
At the beginning, I didn't want to watch this show. I thought it was a second "ER" and was not so original. But an evening I had time and I said to myself "Why not watching "Grey's Anatomy" just to see how it is ?". So I watched it and... I liked it !

Actually, it's not a remake of "ER". I don't really know how to explain that but it's very different from the successful show of 1994 (that I like very much too). Each character is very endearing, especially George O'Malley (T.R. Knight). And Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) is so beautiful, her smile is so lovely... They aren't heroes but just people like you and me who try to be surgeons and to have a good personal life. And it's not always easy...

This series is at the same time funny, sad, moving and thrilling. So, a great one !

Prison Break

Wow !!!
"Prison Break" is the best Drama-series ever ! I've just seen the first season and I hope that the second one will be as great !

The plot is absolutely excellent, the watcher is constantly under pressure and after each episode you want to see the next one ! If you have problems with your heart, don't watch this show !

Every character is endearing. My favorites are Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), John Abruzzi (Peter Stormare) and Charles Westmoreland (Muse Watson). But I really LOVE Dr. Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) !!! She's a great actress and she's SO beautiful !!!

The bad guys are also well chosen, especially Special Agent Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein), "T-Bag" (Robert Knepper) and Captain Brad Bellick (Wade Williams). When you watch the show, you really want to kill them !

So, a great, great show with an excellent plot and fantastic actors ! Go on like that, guys !

City Hunter Special: Kinkyû namachûkei!? Kyôakuhan Saeba Ryô no saigo

City Hunter's masterpiece !
City Hunter Special '99: Live On Stage is the best of the City Hunter's movies !

There's a great plot that works very well, Ryô is as good as usual as a hero and as funny as usual with his "Mokkori" when he sees a hot girl, there is every character (Kaori, Umibozu, Saeko, Miki) and every place (Ryô's place, Shinjuku, the Cat's Eye, the Police Prefecture) that makes the success of this manga, the movie is graphically a great deal better than the TV series of 1987 and the music by sexMACHINEGUNS ("Illusion City" and "Magnum Fire") is fantastic ! That's why it's the best City Hunter ! Mr Hojo, you can be proud of this movie based on your work !

So, I'll never say enough that every City Hunter's fan should watch this wonderful movie !

Friends: The One Where Ross Can't Flirt
Episode 19, Season 5

My favorite episode of my favorite show !
"The One Where Ross Can't Flirt" is according to me the best episode of "Friends" or, if not, one of the best ones. And it's extremely difficult to choose an episode better than the other because, as everyone knows, each episode of this wonderful show is fantastic.

The plot of this episode is absolutely excellent ! Ross trying to flirt with Caitlin, the pizza delivery girl, talking of gas, Joey wanting to show his acting talent to his Italian grandmother and noticing that his scene has been cut, Rachel and Phoebe looking for Monica's ear rings and, of course, Chandler's hilarious jokes as usual to make this episode touch the perfection !

The Departed

"Maybe, maybe not. Maybe **** yourself." Dignam
WOW !!! FANTASTIC !!! This movie is a little jewel of dark humor !!!

Martin Scorsese is really a great director and the actors are fantastic ! Look at the cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, ... I wasn't a fan of DiCaprio but I'm really impressed by his interpretation. Nicholson is great as usual with his crazy eyes, the perfect bad guy. Matt Damon is a very good traitor. Special mention to Mark Wahlberg aka Dignam. Excellent ! His vitriol humor is absolutely awful and... hilarious !

The story is great, the actors are fantastic, so the movie is excellent. That's Scorsese. Who else ?

Casino Royale

My name is Craig...
Everybody was talking about the new James Bond for several months. First, everybody was saying that Daniel Craig wasn't the right guy to embody the secret agent of Her Gracious Majesty. When the movie came out, everybody said that it was great. So, I was impatient to see with my own eyes whether it was good or not. And I wasn't disappointed.

007 has made a really great coming back in the person of Daniel Craig ! A very good movie, a so beautiful James Bond girl (Eva Green) and a fantastic opening music ("You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell). As far as the new James Bond actor is concerned, it's rather a good choice. Craig is a more cold and cruel Bond with a bit less class than Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan but with more presence than Roger Moore. And as you can see in the movie, this Bond isn't only cold and cruel...

However, I do regret the absence of Moneypenny ! She wasn't fired, was she ?

So, this new James Bond is a really good one even if, according to me, Sean Connery was the best one, followed by Pierce Brosnan.

The Pelican Brief

Grisham won't be ashamed
Here is a rather good adaptation of John Grisham's novel, "The Pelican Brief". It's really better than "The Firm", also based on an excellent book by Grisham.

Denzel Washington - a great actor, one of my favorites - is the perfect guy to embody the journalist Gray Grantham of the "Washington Post" ("Washington Herald" in the movie if you've noticed). The young Julia Roberts makes her beginning in Hollywood with a rather convincing Darby Shaw. Tony Golwyn is good in Fletcher Cole, too. So, a good cast for a good movie.

Finally, Grisham's job is well respected, there's a good cast, we have a good moment of TV fun !

Ne le dis à personne

Canet at Coben's height !
I read the masterly novel "Tell no one" by Harlan Coben and the movie by Guillaume Canet didn't disappoint me. And I want to precise that I'm very critical with novel's adaptations when I've read the book.

At first, I was surprised that a novel as great as this one become a French movie and not a Hollywood production. But I was "disappointed in good" (déçu en bien), as we say in Switzerland.

Canet respected very well Coben's work and the cast is absolutely excellent ! François Cluzet (with a resemblance with Dustin Hoffman) is a perfect Dr Beck. Kristin Scott-Thomas, André Dussolier (can be a naughty character too), Jean Rochefort and the others are great as well.

Finally a really great movie - the best French movie I've seen, I think - as thrilling as the book ! "Ne le dis à personne" equals "Tell no one".

Notice that the man who follows Beck in the station is Harlan Coben himself.


Brilliant !
1994 is a great year: "Friends" and "ER" !

I don't watch"ER" since the first season but I can say that it's a fantastic show !

My favorite character is John Carter (Noah Wyle) and I'm depressed that he left the series after Season 11.

Each character is nice but there are (or were) some of them who are (or were) really great: John Carter, as I said before, Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), the horrible and hilarious Romano (Paul McCrane) were fantastic. Abby (Maura Tierney), Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) and Ray (Shane West) are great too. And the stupid Morris (Scott Grimes) is so funny ! And, yeah, Kovac (Goran Visnjic) is nice too but a bit dull nonetheless... But his relationship with Victor Clemente (John Leguizamo) in Season 12 is great ! Clemente is the character we needed since Romano's death !

Finally, the scenario is absolutely brilliant ! Sometimes I feel like crying watching this show (don't tell)...

But I have to say that by the end of Season 12, this show has lost a bit of its power and it's a pity. Perhaps they had better stop before falling too low and break everything that has been done in the past seasons...


Smallville: a great beginning for the young Clark Kent !
I'm a bit shameful... I've seen "Smallville" before seeing Superman... But, now, I've seen it too ! I've seen Superman I, II, III (not IV, sorry) and Superman Returns.

I think "Smallville" is a very good show with a good mix of characters and plot of Superman and characters and plot invented by the writers of "Smallville".

Tom Welling is a pretty good Clark Kent and it was a good idea to go into the character of Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk is marvelous. Erica Durance, which is beautiful, is a very good choice for Lois Lane, with this sarcastic part. The invention of Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) was a good idea too. She's very useful for the series. Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) was nice too. And I must quote Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole, Lana Lang in Superman III) too.

But my favorite characters are Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) and Lionel Luthor (John Glover). For me, Lex is the most interesting character of the show: we never know if he's gonna do something good or something bad (even if we know he'll be Superman's enemy). Jonathan Kent is the typical right and good guy, the father everyone wants to have. I was disappointed when he died. Lionel Luthor is the incarnation of evil (even if in Season 5, we don't know exactly what to think of him) and John Glover plays that extremely well.

I think the character of Superman is really well introduced season after season. Go on like that !


Gary Sinise and CSI: NY are very good !
CSI: NY is better than CSI: Miami and at least as good as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas), I think.

I like Detective Mac Taylor (not as good as Horatio, in his humorous (and unexpected by the writers, I think) dimension, but more realistic), who is a great character, like the other lead roles of CSI. I especially like the actor, Gary Sinise ("The Stand", Of Mice And Men, ...), who is a really great actor.

Flack (Eddie Cahill, seen in "Friends"), Danny (both very appreciated by the girls), Stella, Lindsay (pretty), and Dr Hawkes are very nice too.

A fault however: humor is a bit missing... But it's a good show with a good scenario, like the two other CSI.

So, watch it !

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The best of CSI !
CSI: Las Vegas is the best of the three CSI.

The plot is well done, the actors are very good and there's a bit of humor. So, there's everything we could wish !

Gil Grissom is a great character, always quiet, but he's got some sarcastic replies which are delightful ! Catherine, Nick and Warrick are very nice too, but I LOVE the beautiful Sara ! She's the most beautiful policewoman in the world...

I especially liked the two last episodes of Season 5 (by Quentin Tarantino), which are fantastic ! It's also good to change a bit the plot in Season 7 (the victims' (who are dead) point of view, episodes "to be continued", etc.) because it was becoming a bit monotonous.

But I think nonetheless that this show is being less and less thrilling. Season 7 is darker than the other ones, I don't like it as much as the previous seasons (even if the first episodes were very good). I think it could be a good idea to put an end before people stop watching it...

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Tony vs Kate: hilarious !
I love this TV series !

The plot is great and the characters are fantastic !

The rivalry between Tony DiNozzo and Kate Todd is just hilarious ! Gibbs is absolutely awesome in serious - but sarcastic - boss and the poor McGee is so funny too ! I also like Ducky and Abby, who are so strange and funny !

To sum up, it's a great show, which combine thriller and hilarious moments. Wonderful result ! I hope it will go on like this !

A few bad things however: this show makes a bit too much the apology of the US Navy and it's a shame that Kate died at the end of Season 2... There isn't the same magic with Ziva David, who is a Mossad agent, which shows this series' position in the Israelo-Palestinian conflict... It's debatable... But these are the only things which aren't perfect !

The Firm

Why did they forget Grisham's end ?
The Firm is first a fantastic novel by John Grisham.

This movie is a good movie in its own. Tom Cruise is a really great actor, the perfect guy to embody Mitchell Y. McDeere, Gene Hackman is a really good Avery Tollar, the soundtrack is excellent.

The beginning of the movie is great, but, Mr Pollack, why did you forget John Grisham's end ? Don't you think that the fact that McDeere can go to Boston in peace after having destroyed Bendini, Lambert & Locke's Firm is a bit naive ? The best part of the story is when Mitch is pursued everywhere by the FBI and the Mafia and in this movie, this part doesn't exist. In the real end, Mitch McDeere must hide to survive.

I think this movie is rather simplistic.

CSI: Miami

Horatio is great !
Horatio Caine is really great ! He's the perfect caricature of the hero of a TV series or a movie. He embodies the perfect police inspector, he can be like a social worker when he talks with a child ("I promise that I'm gonna arrest your mother's murderer", and so on...) BUT he has personal problems. Hey, he couldn't be totally perfect...

His sunglasses and his usual head movement on the left side (I think) are great too ! I also like him because he speaks slowly. I'm not a native English speaker so, when I watch this show in original version to train my English, he's easier to understand than the others.

The rest of the cast is good too. Eric Delko, the beautiful Kaleigh Duquesne are nice. I was a bit disappointed when Tim died, but Ryan is nice too.

CSI: Las Vegas is a little better but Horatio is unique !

But... I have just some questions... The episodes I've seen lately were more and more weird. Horatio is becoming a super inspector - social worker - scientist. Can he do everything ? He can kill two guys with guns without being hurt in every episode. Is he immortal ? And the last question: do we have to watch this show seriously or in the second degree ? I've chosen the second degree...


"Joey" is not another "Friends"
"Joey" and "Friends" are two different shows, so stop comparing them !

O.K., "Joey" is a spin-off of "Friends", but it's another story in another city with... the same Joey.

If you rate "Joey" in comparison with "Friends", you'll find it awful. So, give it a chance ! Watch it like a series on its own and you'll perhaps find it - so did I - funny. Not extraordinary, but funny.

In my opinion, it was a big mistake to try to create another "Friends" with only Joey Tribbiani without the others. Each character was great because of the five others. I think you can't separate the Friends.

I feel pity for Matt LeBlanc, who is a great actor. He would have deserved a better scenario.

So, watch it as a series on its own, not a spin-off of Friends, or don't watch it, because you'll be disappointed. I've been disappointed...

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