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  • This is bot a limited series. Final E6 was clearly left open for S2.

    8 stars is high. This series, Tho not a new theme, normal woman wrongly convicted of murder, jailed. Funny. Often witty, satirical.

    Much worse on TV and films.
  • Ot line, script, dislike, acting terrible. Noting us kind. U vant comment on the director bec everything about this is hopeless.

    Maybe if you are 11years and everything us a bew 3coerience.
  • Cluttered, lots of stuff. But Not seeing the piles of trash. (I had a friend who had stacks of newspapers everywhere. She couldn't throw them out, till she to read them, but never did.) They make it seem like all these things are salable. In USA, NYC, Los Angels, SoCa, there are not Auctions Houses that sell these low end household things, low end collectibles and furniture in the US. There are vendors who will buy out whole estates lots, but there has to be some good high end pieces. Styles change, as noted, For instance the big glass display cabinets are in low demand US and UK. Because people overall do not have big collections of small things. Selling one by one on eBay, etsy, can be slow and very competitive. Poor condition, ordinary doesn't sell. )Car) Boot sales, US garage sale, stuff can sit un-purchased.

    These people are lucky to have a team who work to sell their stuff. These people having made a decision seem to have no problem doing a 180 turn around. US Hoarders, many have OCD, personality disorders.
  • There was a show, didn't last on fixing, covering unwanted tattoos. Shop in SilverLake Los Angeles. The problem was they played it one time only, hard to find, so the show didn't last. He is a real artist.

    Some reviews suggest that the original tattoos are fake, as the cover up colors weren't possible. There are plenty of bad tattoos; no need to fake. Cover up is a specialty. Biggest common problem Dirk seems to run into -- scar tissue, which is the sign of a bad tattooer. The problem I have with Dirk, is that he makes his tattoos too dense, with no open skin. I've seen others who do the same. His work could really benefit from some open skin. Comliments the tattoo, and makes it more readable.
  • He seems to add a few guys, but its all ladies, T & A. Lots of bondage. I don't see any men, except one short guy, who ties up his wife. Sex clubs aren't for everyone, but the sexual aspect is limited to specific fetish, bondage.

    There isn't a P**ns in sight.

    Despite his claims, hardly secretive club, on Showtime and intagram. The performances, something you can find. This guy ruined his marriage. This is 5 years, indulges, has created his own fantasy. Providing a service, with 5 star dining, and hopefully screens people for a safe environment.

    As an aside, it's Prussian Catherine the Great who had rumors of having sex with horses and all her soldiers. Not French Marie Antoinette, Google it folks. This was a wild rumor, invented. Frankly, it would be deadly, even if one could actually manage it. This elaborate fantasy based on misinformation shows how ridiculous Damian can be.. He gives himself too much credit for innovation.
  • I aagree, 9 is really high. I'd watch season 2. Jeremyknown to UK Public school uppeerclass, TV personality with a following. At 59, wth a younge pretty girlfriend (he must have an ex wife or 2 and grown children). Interesting, amusing, entertaining, a real surprise. Also showing what the small(ish) farmer (not a big industrial farm) is facing. With bad weather, excessive rain, floods and droughts. One of the worse years. And UK governemnt regulations. As well as the town council. He is a weathy celebrity. What are the local farmers to do to feed UK.

    Interesting on it's face, with a real message without preaching, U. S., we are facing major droughts, water shortages in California will mean food is not produced. . The small family farm or lone farmer will die.

    A word on scripted parts. Caleb is a good addition. Even the first documentary, Nanook of the North, south Pole Inuit eskomos, had staged, scripted scenees and some inventions for effect. It's not fly on the wall documetary, which we rarely get. I think the scenes or episodes that were scripted or staged, were for drama and continuity, a compilation of what came before, maybe combining events in time for clarity, so tyhey ould be shot.
  • 8 is very high. Not perfect, but really good especiallu if you like inventive SyFy that doesn't depend on hairy monsters, vampires and zombies. Theoretically, what coculd be. And how the idealic afterlife designed by man and computer for profit could work. A voluntary Matix where your ocnsciousness lives forever, as long as you can pay.
  • Waiting for paint to dry. Mind control through mandatory implanted device, internet feed. Big brother is watching. Impossible? CCTV everywhere in London. NSA listening in, gethering cell phone records. Snowden whistleblower so dangerous they had to persecute him.

    Still, Obama, now Biden, no pardon.

    The next step for a regulated society. OK/ Government mind control conspiracy. They do more than listen. Big Brother Bad. I gave up waiting for a plot and any action.
  • The lead is reprehensible, and does some mean thngs in self interest. He is enormously self centered, obtuse, entitled, and politcally incorrect. That being said, He is an everyman anti-hero. I found it funny, and entertainigng. But I can understand why some might not like it. He has an ex gilfriend, who keeps coming back, although it is hard to see why. No political angles, in a time when everything else is.
  • 8 for me is pretty high. I've seen some Italian comedy, msytery drama, that are truly unwatchable. I have reservations, bec so much is very sterotypical formula. Guido, Luca, is likeable, sexy, good hearted, a good dectective, a womanizer without being cruel. There he is in a small town in Tuscany, the Burbs, and there are woman who look like Italian Lingerie models, could give Heidi Klum a run. Even the sandwich girl in season 2, on screen only a few minutes, Looks just like the Inspector Marta, season 2. This series depends on the likeablility of Luca, Guido, and whether you can buy him as a respected, effective Dectective.

    No one is hurt by his philandering. Well he is 36, 38, a healthy single man, why wouldn't he be busy. The Coroner, looking like a 5'10" high fashion, Victoria Secrets model, a free spirit who takes her sex like a man, is treated pretty casually by Luca. As if she has no feelings, but is never hurt or offended. Luca's escapades are 1/3 of the series. He is an idealized italian, liked & respected by everyone, even if with a wink at his boyish nature. Good at his job. Solves mysteries with sympathy for the perpetrators. Just as a comment, Guido, 6'1" or 2", tall slim, atheletic, sportif, looks good in shorts (I hate skinny men's bird legs.) They show his chest in an open shirt, but never shirtless, no abs or chest or arms. Not enough muscles, probalby skinny arms, we'd see hi shirtless. Just saying. The messy curly hair is often too much, and the mustache which suits him, looks like 80s prono man, or 90s cop.

    I agree with another reviewer, that the off again, on again, I like you, do I love you, can I trust you between Inspector Lara and Luca is a bit tedious. Gets a lot of screen play.

    There is a Top commissoner, a charactature, 5 feet tall, pudgy, older with a young sexy wife. 2 uniform cops, give comic relief, loyal 2nd in cimmand, hen pecked by his also policeman wife. Auntie, a crime solver, and Ada, Doting Landlady.

    There are no homeless. No one is out of work, or struggling for money. Everyone is middle class. No astrocrats like in Midsommer mysteries. Yet there are a lot of murders for a quiet sleepy town, any other crime? We don't see it. OK, maybe life in the countryside of Tuscany is Utopia. And they don't have street crime, drugs, gang, influences from the big city (Milan) homelessness, provety. Also no children around on the street. No cars, no traffic. No business center.

    Me, I enjoyed Guido, the Italian spice, the fun, the whimsy, the counryside. Gppd way to learn Itralian. Some might not like it.
  • So Robert * crew is wearing masks, seating is 50% indoors.some social distancing he is approaching it like restaurants are not dying bec of COVID so just half watched 2 episodes he is sure they can be a success Hey fellow, restaurants are dying. Landlords still asking for full rent and who goes out to eat? so he redecorates, redoes the menu. "I have not doubt this R. can be making money - by next year" there is a slow roll out on vaccines. numbers are high, cases & death. Who are all these people out eating, during stay at home. New York City, Los Angeles,CA, stay at home. Restaurants closed. they re-open & closed again.try to do take out- established restaurants are struggling to stay afloat less ppl have money to eat out OK/ I get it, they want the show to continue
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So myc if thus wasccinfusing, as in, what jsut happened.

    seein it's supposed to be a comedy - give them some wiggle room. but I can't call it clever, & often it get's dark.Murder, police drama, comedy is a hard mix.

    bec I am in "lockdown" with everything closedsince March, I am looking forthing to watch. (why don't I read more, I need reading glasseslast mnths & the prnt has gotten too small) so somehow I wtched,*I think fell asleep. and I am now on las rpisode of series

    First not to body shame the Captain (title?) is a pretty woman with nice hair (so many of the Eng& French,the woman today,have messy hair with no stye) & she weasblack& white usually witha black jacket. finally they put her in pants top & a red leather jacket. which is nice bec it cretes a signature. byt she is 5 feet talll & 3 feeet wide. she hasto beeting 4-5,000 calories a day( learned that from My 600 lb Life) we never see her eat.

    last episode, seems this captain is married to the best man ever in her bed. and he is a serial murder, of young women. So destroys some evidence,tell him togo on a 6 week trip, make sure he's seen,comeback & disappear outof herife. He says ifwill say she was his a accimplice. a fight ensure,h's tied pone ofthe very young femaile detetives (her pal comes to help. they wind p killing him in self defense. Captain cries over his dead body. why did she help him? He ahs killed 10 that they know,& would keep killing. Ties to rape the young Detective, &would have kiled her. this man is a mosnter. I don't call this comedy or satire/

    Still allowing this is a black comedy of sorts, it's not "Fargp"- it doesn't commit to black comedy satire enough to make this plausible. it needed to go further, with MOREsatire & comedy. Or be more drama.
  • 1964, cold war 2021 TrumpCoupAttempt

    we'll meet again don't know where, don't know when?
  • I love Fellini, as do many. so I hoped there would be somethng to like in this film. for me there isn't. this is the type offilm, you have to get into the flavorof the film. I couldn't.

    This movie is like Fellini, as Spam is to gourmet cooking. Did they try to weave a story of Fellini-esk fantsy, image and reality. it's confusing.
  • 31 December 2020
    Even thou I watched major films like Schindler's List, I find the subject too distressing. I know, I just can't watch it.

    I don't think it was as bad as the 1 & 2 star ratings. but I agree with the criticism. If the accents are incongruous & the acting is stiff, I have to blame the Director, & maybe Casting. and the Producers who didn't give better in put.

    everything from accents, all English, & cockney; ok we know they are speaking English, but German accents would have helped. Hai at the timewould have been controlled. and if poor, pulled back & braids.

    The main character- called a good man in a trap-doesn't do enough to help his best friend, Jewish. He tries some. Caught in an uncomfortable position, he makes a choice. I keep waiting for him to do something courageous, given his position. so an ordinary man, willing to go along for his convenience. ,I think that's the point. an ordinary story about an oridnary man who goes along.

    this is a hard story to tell,
  • I don't agree he's deranged

    A man in middle age crisis with a wonky, seemingly unfulfilled marriage, He becomes obsesses with a beautiful young neighbor. She seems to be absused, in an unhappy marriage. Friendship flirts with sex.

    I am not sure what purpose the adult son plays. did they edit out a plot line?

    It's slow in the way nornal life would be, but this is a drama & we are watching.

    The end is unresolved. I think maybe the Neighbor set him up. His actions are not reaiistic, & there's no foundtion.
  • Didn't have much hope- when I saw Tariq was the main character. Gave it2 stars but thinking 1 star, bec it's not THE worst thing on TV. Power had a lot of flaws, but at least Ghost was always compelling.

    Hired as a child star, he grew up, not tall not big like ghost, still looks like a child, but this isn't a kid show. He has no charisma, no screen presence.

    The story lines just don't make it. I fell a sleep somewhere after Ep #103 & woke up in Espisode # 105- realizng, this show is so uninteresting.& I really don't care about Tariqi's journey. they ahmmer the same plot points. the Stranger by Camus Esp. 101, is one of my favorite books. He thinks it's boring. They want to show how badass he is, by him taking a different spin, on all the teachers. philosophers & scholars. Camus would say, each person should interpret for themselves, all are valid. Tariq injects his own reality; becomes to a realization about responsibility. He misses key points, which even if he argued a different conclusion, he should understand. The teachers questioning him, nod their heads. His professor seems chastised. Come on now. Never.

    Episode #102 it's Moby Dick, another book read in Uni, but akwardly applied to the life situation. I give them credit for trying something, but they don't make t.
  • Minute to minute it's slow & uneventful. quiet, thougthful with nothing to say. As for entertainment, paint drying on the wall.

    the lead actress might have been good if she had something to do; ditto the other actors. the cinematography ws good, I think, maybe. all so dull.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The 1st season had some laughs. not great but watchable. Season 2 going down hill. Season 3 giving it up. Andrew Lincoln leaves, b4 end of S#2- where would he get the money to travel to So America for 6 months. He likes teching &nthn he doesn't. Like with women. He likes them tillhehs them- OK he's only 27. still. teacher don't make enogh money to finance a car or have a flat- 2 guys in 2 bedroom. when they find out Shaun (JP) is gay, (only in #2) while they are accepting, they sure are adolescent about it, too much speculation, screen time. there more about 20 something sex than anything. and it takes over/ and also gets pretty monotonous.
  • Many of the rescues are dramatic, and things like 2 trains colliding, quite a bit of staging. up & down sides of cliffs & buildings. they keep the stunt people & special effects ;busy.

    much of the melodrama is pretty routine. what annoys me, is they are always driving & taking on a cell phone (pre smart phones) and they drink & drive, a lot of drinks or "just a few"- and these are supposed to be Rescue squad. Mickey wants to go out to a scene. they re at a gathering, BBQ. He knows he had too much to drink. Asks Georgina, have you had "much to drink". she says no. so 2 drinks re OK to drive. and he is too drunk to drive, but OK to drop down on a rope or fish someone out of a dangerous situation. about the divorce, Mikey, he was a cad but want st get back, 2 sons, is pretty pedestrian. I guess it gives his character dimension.
  • In the middle of season 2 . Too much chatting. Kate & Keith are great, true ceramicists. Very talented, knowledgeable & skilled so I can enjoy & respect their opinion. I pretty much agree. there is a lot of science & technique.

    sometimes, they don't show details on the pieces enough, or a chance to really see the result- 5 foot sculpture for instance. Mostly, I agree/ in shared studio, we candled up the heat,12 hours, can be up to 24 hours firing, and candled down, slowly cooled 12 hours. and the piece has to be dry before firing. they showed a "ceramics engineer" -there's a lot of science in glazes. and a kiln tech, also needed. position in kiln, how you load it, fire it u & down, can affect your piece. Me I don't throw, only hand build. You can get very secure, well built pieces with hand building. limitless.

    Altho I really respect Kate's work, I don't a;ways, like her commentary. I know she is a true expert. Keith is very direct, knows what he is looking at.

    I love Raku. the technique we used, is a bit different in final stages. Most of these guys don't understand Raku, the essence &the glazing. if well made with the right clay it rarely cracks. & some cracking is acceptable in Raku- Crazing, there is a white glaze designed to crack.

    but I have to say, there is too much chatting. Cathy Cox, an Actress, there as host, and for color. Tries too hard, & is not that charming or funny, as she thinks.It's the producers fault

    Trowing takes skill and 1,000s of hours of practice. It's a great skill done by a Master, but for me hand building is more creative, You can do a lot with coils and it's not just plain slabs.
  • On HBO- you'd have to pay me to watch it. Watch the original 1933 Claude Raines

    who liked the beginning?after she flees- the conversations & scenes are SO BORING. i gave up about 1/3 in.

    I am only so so on Moss. it's the script. Can't direct garbage, so I can't say how much is the director. can't comment on the casting or acting bec story line, dialogue & scenes are so bad.
  • I agree with the 1 stars - but have to say, this isn't better, nor much worse than most of whats on - 17-20- years ago, still the same crap now on TV. only thng that dates it, no smart phones, bec what's on today is the same old format the last 20years. this speaks to what is wrong with Detective shows. I agree- they solve very old cases, where evidence & witnesses are lost- even with improved DNA. it's a stretch. and get confesseion on cases, that they could never prove.
  • So there is a man murdered, Stanley Tucci comes to investigate, and 2 women murdered.and 1 more man.

    episode 5 we learn the murderer of 1 man, which makes no sense, there seems to be an odd element to the murders. which continue

    since they are an isolated small. very, town in the farthest coldest town,, Iceland. do they speak English? must be by the Artic Circle,. the gov't doesn't want to send forensic help., there are a few police, 2 women, a doctor, a bar, a school, there's a teacher, sort of hotel, or Stanley wouldn't have anywhere to stay, above the bar. and they are building a Glacier Lodge. Hardly any residents, work? or are they all inside.

    now episode 9, 10, they seem to be coming up with a theory of the madness. I don't know, it just too so long. I fell asleep. . 10 turns violent. Confusing. till the h=en. but does confusion make rama & tension. Episode 11 we find out what happened to the man Stanley came to investigate. there seems to be a crazyness hitting the town. 12 reveals

    maybe if they wrapped up this improbable story in half the time/ hard to believe there is a season 2 & 3 which is said to get worse.
  • Anthony is an Expert. He knows exactly what a Hotel needs, and how to fix anything. no doubt.

    Season 8 Episode 3 Anthony helps a non profit wild animal refuge in Arkansas, Abused Bear, Big Cats, Lions, Tigers. they even have a rare white Tiger, Tigers are the most endangered. Bears are abused bec they can be enslaved & foced to perform. By increasing revenue, they can continue to feed & give sanctuary, and save more animals. Warmed my heart. Anthony Do more. There ar other wildlife refuges.

    many he gives 10's of thousands of dollars of service & linens, comuter systems, website. Some need money to fix things, $250K, they'll renovate 1 or 5 rooms with s template to do the rest. pools outdoor, lobby's event/ball rooms often mold, bed bugs, killer bees. Season 7 eposode 3. the guy who is a supervior/manager housekeeping. he stands over the women while they clean, and is creepy witha creepy smile. He thinks he is a "cool dude". he looks like he has a toupee (admits it) with a villian mustache dyed black. He looks like a villian out of a Mel Brooks Gene Wilder comedy. they let him go. Season 6 Episode 7, Anthony is in Panama, to a hotel that is far from the city, beautiful black sand & Ocean . Roads are closed, and in bad condition. he takes a taxi and it breaks down.. yes the Hotel should have shuttle., Built 15 yrs ago, by a man & his family. Isolated, but Touist Industry is growing in Panama. Anthony said he was in the Air Force. Not much of a trooper. whined & complained. sure,bad for a guest. The taxi driver owner, after Anthony complained about fumes, & oil. that the roads destroy the cars. when it breaks down he is so rude to the driver. He has lost his car & his livlihood. Anthony walks in 92 degree heat in a suit & tie. I think he was very unkind & showed no empathy to the taxi driver & it really offended me. Season 4 episode 5- Hollywood Liberty- is such a disaster, not safe, fire hazard, plumbing problems, no management, unclean rooms, bio hazards left in the room. worrying about the dirty, ugly & I am sure uncomfortable rooms & lobby are lipstick on a pig (I like pits) Anthony is arguing with the new owners, or didn't have the building inspected. and bought as an investment without any back up capital. worrying about the lobby or upgrading the rooms, back mold. bad pipes, wiring that can and has caught fire. really. they fixed 1 room. I live in Los Angeles, they really don't put up with unsafe, unsanitary hotels and public hotel rooms. tourist coming to stay are in for a rude shock.

    L.A. health and safety wouldn't hesitate to close down a flophouse like this. On line it's still listed, with some bad reviews, the same owners? Anthony convinced, finally, the couple owners, to shut it down for 6 months, and get bank loan against the property to renovate to standard. saying it would be worth 6.5 million and they could be out of debt in 2 years. they never ran a hotel and bought it without any inspections, took the owners word that the building was up to code. L.A. code inspection is fierce. I can't believe it. Hired a manager who had no hotel experience. From what Anthony was showing, he has an obligation to report the hotel. before someone gets hurt or killed. I guess Hollywood has some shady flop houses. Someone on line called it a by the hour motel. and maybe Hollywood police & housing turn a blind eye. this made me question what this show is really doing.

    season 5 episode 5, Nova Scotia, CA, a crumugeon wants Anthony to "create a brand" that he would use for this & 4 other hotels. this man may need help, but he has money to pay. Anthony says, it costs $1MillionUS to brand each of the 4 hotels, and this guy expects him to do it in 4 days. He is brisk & arrogant. and angry. the Hotel is below standard. He has a much younger girl "friend" who is sales manager with no experience. and a new General Manager who doesn't have say over the sales Mgr. Clearly, this takes months, and it a very very skilled (I think Anthony could do it) valuable & highly paid skill. Tripline today has some very good & some very bad reviews.

    The producers must review who they choose to help. so even if Anthony is surprised (or is he a producer)? there have to be 1Ks of applicants. So it's a bit hokey. Episode 6, she has a lot of real estate, but doesn't want to sell bec times aren't the best, to upgrade her hotel. Anthony insists she has to.
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