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Gaspar noe,s nightmarish and dreamic world about sex,violence,relationship and brutality of humans one of the best experimental films ever in world cinema the way they uses the camera was totally gut wrenchy,Vincent Cassel,Monica belluci and every other actors makes the characters so realistic WRITTING of Gaspar noe was grippy,thrilling and brutal at one point he makes to think about the violence inside the deeper of human psychology,the world they created by lot of elements especially lighting they used it like a painting,films soundtrack was astounding in a particular scene in the rectum music and sound creates a texture this film also has a Gaspar noe,s field like the the intense lust inside the humans also he use lot of stuffs like pimps,prostitutes,gays,sex club,parties and drugs at the end of the films he defines the whole film by the quotes TIME DESTROYS EVERYTHING, HATS OF TO GASPAR NOE.

Soorarai Pottru

What a FILM
A film tells the story about passion and dream surya delivers some astonishing performance he gives a life to that character. Sudha kongara she creates a world of aviation and makes them a successful one technical aspects are so good especially cinematography costumes makes that character real credits to costume designer overall a very good film


First of all salute to Shannon Murphy,Rita and Eliza scanlen these three ladies makes this film an outstanding one. Story is about a sick girl and her life between her death characters,elements,scenes and emotions of this film was so realistic and each and every actors of this film gives their best also technical side music was fantastic and so nice to hear with the scenes Dop looks cool especial one continuous shot in party colours they used gives some extra texture for this film once again Eliza scanlen was outstanding she has some brilliant talent in this young age.

The Haunting of Hill House

Totally haunting
It follows a template horror pattern like a house,family,deaths of the character who lives before in the house but they treated it in a totally haunting way. through out the series they follows a visual story telling for this story it was quite amazing work from Dop,art director and costume designer. The non linear story telling makes the story more interesting and intense casting looks interesting also actors done their job very well every actors.director MIKE FLANAGHAN pulls the audience into the story even in a first episode also he transforms the haunting,tense,depression of the characters to the audience overall a amazing work from mike flanaghan making of a episode 6 was totally outstanding this series is a treat for a audience who loves horror mystery kind of stuff.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

A film about a journey of two different characters with some conflicts,writing of this film was well constructed from start to end,actors like Shea,dokota jhonson and Zack they give life to their characters,technical aspects are so good especially cinematography some wide shots looks like a painting directors Tyler and Michael made some wonderful work.


1917 a film about a race against time,writing was clean and simple but conflicts was powerful,technical aspects are makes this film convincing and real,performance of lead characters was fantastic especially McKay writers,director Sam mended,dop roger deakins,music director,production designer all done their job very well a fine film given by Sam mended and crew

Minority Report

Another intellectual work from Steven spielberg
Minority report its a sci fi action murder mystery thriller film it shows us a future world and a technical aspect to find pre crime first of all a world that created by Spielberg was so intelligent also he combines that into human nature. Writing of this film was interesting and grippy,actors like tom cruise,Colin Farrell,Samantha Morton all are perfect casting acting wise they done their job very well,technically this film was amazing especially DOP&production design they are the back bone of this film overall a another intellectual work from Steven Spielberg.


One of the best film I seen in recent times no words to describe it worth watching also a film it was best in every way


Queen is a fictional series about a real life epic character its a character driven story of shakthi sheshadhri her travel from her school life to chief minister of Tamil nadu it was breathing slowly and touches her all part of her life success,struggles,tears,stubborns,fame,loneliness,decisions,her supporting persons in her life and her enemies. Writing of reshma ghattala was slow and steady,film making of gautham Menon and prasanth murugesan was outstanding kudoos to both of them. Cinematography was a back bone for this series it defines the mood of both past and presents dop,s velraj,Kathir and manikandan all finely done their job very well. Ramya krishnan she shouldered this story through out the end,anikha and anjana done their part nicely all supporting characters are so good at their performance espically character pradhiban,Sonia agarwal etc. Indrajith his performance was another back bone of this series. Vintage costumes,vehicles,props,are helps to convince that time period. Only flaw in this series was dubbing it does,nt sink through out the series other wise a great series to watch for also there is a lot of accuracy from the history. MUST WATCH.


Aquaman connects the land and world by stop a great war. First of all James wan,s making was tremendous he finely created a world by the idea of DC, his direction style of this film was so good,technical aspects are back bone of this film especially cinematography it was phenomenal. Jason maomo,amber heard,Nicole Kidman,William Dafoe,Patrick Wilson all are perfect choice for the film. There is some tiny cliches are there apart from that a nice super hero flick to watch out.

Oththa Seruppu Size 7

A difficult experiment from parthiban but he easily carried that and succeseeds in that,this film it was great in writting,great in making,great in acting also great in technical wise, masilamani lead character tells the story about his murders and wife it was came beautifull visual to the audience mind it was the success of this film kudos to actor,writer,director PARTHIBAN.


BIGIL film arounds with characters Michael aka bigil,rayappan,kathir and game football, it talks about the low level people how difficult to came up by any sports of international level,also a women angle. Screenplay was OK but little bit less intense,dop and music was good making of Atlee was average. Major drawback of this film was commercial elements it does,not works at all overall VIJAY is the only man shouldered the film finally a good festival film thatsolve


Underrated gem
A film about a relationship between a camel and a beautiful family. From beginning to end there is no any dull momemts, writing was good vikranth easily fit into that character,technically good work has done by technicians vasundhra,little girl,vikranth,s friend,two lorry drivers,foreign traveler there are so many beautiful characters are there.In this film there is some political angle about animal assassin. Director done some good job,a underrated gem.


Asuran is based on the novel VEKKAI by poomani but there is some cinematic stuffs are added but director vetri maaran thoroughly maintained the core flavour of the novel,Dhanush,manju warrier,ken,pasupathy,teejay all actors are done their job very well music of gv prakash Kumar elevating the scenes very well over all fine film from VETRI MAARAN


It,s a origin of joker and his pschycological worse jaoquin phoenix lives as joker his performance was tremendous writing was so good making of Todd Philips was extraordinary DOP looks cool a Robert deniro has some good portion a fantastic film based on DC,s character

Sing Street

Best irish movie
I'm not vary watcher of Irish films after this I'm going to check some Irish films it,s a musical,romantic drama about guys of sing street very well writtened and executed film,musical gave some thoughts about life

Gangster Squad

One time watchable
It,s a ordinary police vs gangster story,production design done some fabulous work they recreate the 1949,s los angels DOP was fantastic the colour pallet they used it sets the mood of film. Writing was OK there is nothing lag in whole film but Sean penn, s character was a gangster but there is nothing visuals about his gangsterism two three scenes only,Emma stone has few scenes his character is OK Ryan goshling,josh brolin and the police characters are good they fits in into the character making of the film was good but there want to something more in script. A one time watchable film.


A thriller film with a intense,raw and emotional non linear narration of this film keeps the audience engaging . Jiiva gave some tremendous perfomance making and script wise great work done by ameer making was so realistic DOP,editing,music all aspects in this film has tremendous work a very good film to watch.

Game Over

A good attempt
Sapna character name has a metaphor of story tapsee plays the character of sapna she fits for the character script wise there is some innovative work done by writers tatoo concept,inner fear and also a serial killer element film was moving interestingly but core idea of this film does,nt understand for all audiences anyway a good attempt from ashwin saravanan. Actress vinothini gives some good job technical wise OK DOP,music,editing.

Ready Player One

Visually stunning and innovative work from spielberg
A film about virtual world,video games,levels . a perfect film for who loves visually huge and action kind of stuff. Vfx of this film was so great to see it helps the film to another level.DOP,production design and making of Spielberg was tremendous.


Complicated,twisted and brutal
Film ran around the character of India stoker.After her fathers death her solitude and her unknown uncles arrival it leads a shocking story of his father and uncle. Park chan wook film making was excellent up to the level. Technically this film was top notch mia wasikowska,s performance was brilliant she leading from the front also Nicole Kidman supports to the film . A good flick from park chan wook

It Chapter Two

Stephen king characters and situations are mind blowing there is some good making from director. DOP was fine also there is some bits and pieces of surreal elements a good film to watch that solve.


Udaan a Gem
A gem film from vikram motwane and anurag kashyap. This film gave some fantastic feel after watching this. Performance wise all actors performed well especially arjun character.it,s a realistic and organic film with minimal characters.

Sacred Games

Both season 1&2 are perfect and grippy. Nawazzudin siddique performance was top notch saif Ali khan gives his best perfomance non linear narration engaging the audience in a fine way kudos to writers making of anurag kashyap and vikramaditya motwane was raw and realistic technically so good aspects sub plots are well connected and ideological vikram Chandra makes a fine novel it perfects for a fantabulous series...


A film talks about class dividends. performance wise all actors makes their job perfect.technically best all technical aspects are top notch. Bong joon ho delivers a gem.perfect film for palm d or in Cannes.

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