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Happily Ever After

phenomenal, ravishing, gorgeous, heart wrenching
This movie is THE greatest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. The graphics, extraordinary. The music, breathtaking. And the overall quality of the movie, 15 stars out of 10! I was absolutely stunned. When you first pick it up, you may jump to the conclusion that it is a corny children's movie. When in reality, it is full of pee-your-pants action, bone-chilling terror, villains that will shake your tail feathers like egg-laying fiends, and who could forget, the SIZZLING RED-HOT Shadow Men! Oh, he burns me up! There's even a guest appearance of Oddette! Based on the classic fairytale of snow white, Happily Ever After teaches morals to help you look inside yourself and find the truly beautiful and thundering person you are! From handsome princes, to stone cold Great Animals, this movie's got it all! BuY iT nOw!

PROS Shadow Men, Odette, Butch, Graphics, Music, and everything else I've already mentioned!

CONS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NONE! Except maybe that stupid bat, Batso.

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