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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hit man that kills random, unqualified targets, quickly and quite happily asking no questions, then when he knows almost without a doubt (murdered cop in the trunk!) who the target, is he ignores the chance to easily kill him with no risk.

    Along with all the other inconsistencies, its amazing such a well shot, big cast (Anthony Hopkins ffs) movie can be so poor. Did no one see the flaws in the story and script?

    Unbelievable how these get made. I always wonder if they somehow make any money, when really good films sometimes struggle. I think these are films made to train people really.
  • Viewing audience wrote the accurate ones.

    Gave up after 15 minutes as the actions of people was totally incomprehensible.

    2 people shooting at point blank range and missing everything (professional trained law enforcement!)

    Who funds these things, surely someone read the script?

    Just worth watching to help show how very good the pro's are I think.

    At least some people got some wages I guess lol.
  • Where The Mandalorian is at one end of the sci fi scale, simple, page turning storytelling, nothing going on but the main story, The Expanse is the exact opposite. Multiple threads, interlocking and separate storylines, very deep and clever writing, in depth characters with intricate back stories, and an overall arc that is strong and plausible enough to carry across all the seasons.

    I am a massive fan of all things sci fi. and this is now my favourite show due to the amazing production value, massive attention to detail, realism, quality and flawless effects, and in season 5, episodes that each look like a full blown movie.

    The way the characters interact with the tech (portable devices etc) as well as the effects themselves, are so believable, I think they set the new bar very high for any future sci fi show.

    The story is hard to keep up with at times, intentionally I think, but when it all comes together, you get that aha moment.

    Its definitely not going to be for everyone, I know a lot of sci fi fans who wouldn't like it or stick with it, but if you can, and do, its worth it, especially season 5, which in my opinion is the very best yet.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Everyone did a good job making the movie except the director and any story advisors. I'm surprised people gave him the money to make such a badly thought out movie. So many stupid inconsistencies. 2020 but no mobile phones with cameras. DV tapes, really! Soundtrack all over the place, weird choices throughout. A guys been in the jungle for a few months and built a super plush tree house and no one knows he's there with his untraceable internet. He is right next to a secret underground base populated with the most advanced robots in the universe that are about as accurate with a gun as a dog, (or are they meant to be people in suits with yellow blood that are shocked when they see it, and cant see to tie someone to a chair with Velcro! The locals in Cost Rica are super helpful and seem used to seeing white robot men. I fast forwarded bits as I just couldn't put up with 2 hours of this. Gonna guess this was a training film for the crew and a trial for the director. Keep the DOP, camera ops and CGI team, but give any script to an experienced director (or mature adult) before shooting it. Could have been good, shorter. Don't pay money to see this, whatever you do.
  • I cant believe they didn't get anyone technical to try and make it a little more realistic and credible. A high school student movie director might at least ask a friend or relative who works in aviation to vet the script a little, and surely some actors must realise when they are given ridiculous dialogue. The set, the lighting, camerawork, editing, all good standard. The sound design is comical, adding whistling bombs and explosion sound effects over the engine noise in a modern commercial airliner! I wanted to like this movie as the idea could be coo, interesting, fun, intriguing, yet I found myself laughing at the poor direction, acting, script and sound effects. The visual effects aren't too bad - game quality. Can a Messerschmidt really keep up with a commercial airliner? I just hope the makers all learned from this disaster of a movie. They didnt even learn that Mayday is NEVER said once in a transmission, it must be said 3 times for clarity, and pilots do not say I A, the phonetic alphabet was introduced to prevent misunderstandings in air traffic control, the military etc, so it would be India Alpha, and others have commented on "the loop" and pushing froward on the yoke to turn lol. I just think its bizarre they spent a lot on some items, but didnt pay one technical advisor to validate the script. Like making a movie about a hospital but not asking a doctor to check it out.