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An eye opener and must watch..
Nicely made by Ali and opens up all the lyings seafood industry is spreading about eating fish making us healthy and so on. Stop eating seafood .. watch it and do yourseld a favour ..


Good easy watch... excellent in parts.
Very light hearted comedy drama.. kunam is at his best. Nicely supported by cast of rasika duggal, ranvir shorey and gajraj rao.. very well paced and comic timing is excellent too..


One of the good shows to watch ..
Aarya has everything... A good script, Twists and turns.. Powerful star cast.. and what a couple.. shushmita sen and chandrachud singh.. A comeback to watch for ..

Paatal Lok

One word.. Finest till date..
These webseries is one of the best that came out of india..

Its gripping and everything else is top notch too - acting, screenplay, writing, casting and the best part is story telling.. Yes it has some nudity, some f and c words, some horrid scenes.. however compared to other webseries the content of Paatal Lok outweighs all negative things about this show.

Do yourself a favor.. Go watch it. This will never disappoint you even once.


Concept is really interesting and could have been dealt with more gripping screenplay and writing. It gets loose on many occasions and . ranveer shorey is really good.. vir das needs some work to do. Climax is worst part of it...

I Am Not Okay with This

Refreshing and great watch !
This show is really worth watching.. Refreshing funny at times. 7 episodes of 20 mins run time, i wanted more and i am not okay with this run time, i wanted more :)

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

Short one time watch ..
Good subject that needs to be talked about.. short and simple movie. Acting is good however could have been better as gets little boring after first hour.. scenes gets repetitive.


A worthy watch !!!
Best story.. keeps you interested all the time, many twists, lots of humour and funny moments !! A class of its own .. Must watch- you will be never disappointed.. do yourself a favor - start watching !


Gujarati cinema at its finest !
Must watch ! Nicely directed, good screenplay and acting is really good by all artists ! Music is an added gem to this movie ! If you like nice clean family movie this is the best flick out there ..

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Overrated !
Started watching this show as it had really good rating. Felt this show is overrated. Not much sense of humour and plenty of overacting !

Dream Girl

Its a laugh riot ...
Go watch this.. this is one of its kind laugh riot.. crisp screenplay.. quiry one liners every minute till end will keep you on the edge till your funny bones gets tired of laughing ....


Its unbelievably good..
Very well acted and storyline is topnotch... just into a second episode and hooked to it.. Start watching and surprise yourself.


One of the worst..
This series is shockingly ridiculous. So depressing to watch. Did not bother to watch it after finishing first episode. Netflix india - you can do much much better than this.. one of the worst storyline..

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