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Resident Evil 4

Sadler is my lord!
So i need to say that i really love Resident Evil 4 Remake. It was still a great game in 2005 and even more with that game. You can see below the Pros and the cons:

Pros: -the graphics ( still have the visual identity of the orginal game with more details, more things to look at and better modelisation of the characters and the landscapes) -The Ambience: the sound design, the monsters, the landscapes, the different locations.

-the infiltration style (dont expect a game like Hitman or MGS but its still great to have the options to play agressive or more subtle) -the new gameplay ( the knife gameplay was a nice add, now we can shoot and move it was not possible on the original game).

-the variety of the monsters ( pretty impressive to see a variety of monsters with an explanation that can make sense with the story) -the characters: it was nice to know more about Luis Serra, Leon, Rachel, Ada, Krauser, Sadler. They all have some mysteries or plot that engaged us to move on in the story.

-the plot: the story of Saddler, the virus, the ennemies of Leon, the mysteries in the game really engaged us to finish the game and make us want to know more.

-the Merchant: i dont know why but i really like the character and every time i saw the blue light i immediately know that i can rest a little an sell items.

-the weapons: a nice variety, the upgrades let us want to find all the objects to sell and to have etter weapons and that kind of thing can make us more able to explore.

-the Riddles: not really complicate but it add more quiet moments and mre relax feeling between hard times

-its a long game: it depend if you do the side quests, take the time to explore but i finished the game and i spent on it like 23 hours: its really a great score for an action-adventure game.


  • Sometimes in some areas the ennemies are too much and that can really make us frustrated because of that. And the number of ammo and knife really make us more frustrated even if i need to admit that it add a lot of more tension and make us really care about the surroundings. So its a mixed between Pro and Con.

  • the movements of Leon: he is really rigid and it really give old memories with the original game but sometimes with a lot of ennemies or during the boss sequences i had a lot of situations that i died only because i found hard to move Leon. The movements are not geally dynamic but i think it was on purpose because of the original game and they didnt want to delete that feeling i guess.

Overall the game really make me want to know more about Sadler, Ashley an all the characters. I did play the original game a long time ago. And i still had some memories of some scenes or moments. Thats great that they keep the original feeling and with the improve graphics, ambience, sound its really a pure joy to play this game once again. Even if i had some hard times with too much monsters sometimes, difficulty to move Leon but this kind of problems really get forgotten when its time to get into the story, the ambience, the characters. Its still a great game and even better now!

Love & Death: Stepping Stone
Episode 3, Season 1

Candy's therapy
So we basically see Allan and Candy take some distance and even Candy said that she doesnt feel attracted anymore by him. She wants also to follow a therapy with Pat to help them in their couple like Allan and his wife. We have also the little story about the church and the renovation of it. I needed to say that the episode made me bored and pretty uninteresting until that Pat find a letter that reveal her relationship with Allan. That thing really made my interest came back and made me interested about how Pat will deal with that and what about Candy? Is she gonna end her relationship with Allan? Or is she gonna continue because of her attraction that may come back if she continues to see him like this. I loved also the honesty of the feeling of Candy: the shame, the confession to her husband: the fear about his reaction. It was a great moment of the episode for sure. And the confrontation at the end between Candy and Betty was also kind of delicate for Candy and for us too. But things seemed to take a dramatic side with Betty and her axe on her hands. Im still kind of surprise: she didnt seemed to be violent or possessive like this but anyway we defintely need to see more.

Love & Death: Encounters
Episode 2, Season 1

Couple therapy
So the episode still let us see the relationship between Candy and Allan but this time the therapy couple that Allan want to follow wit his wife will have a dramatical effect with Candy; i think she will feel rejected by Allan. And the couple therapy worked very well: they had sex and Allan seem more able sexually to please his wife. Great. But we can see Candy feel that she is really more and more that ye relatinship with Allan is going to end. So what she has really in mind? And what the effect of this therapy will have on their secret relationship? And what about Allan? Is he gonna reject Candy for his wife? Or is that not gonna change a thing between them? Need to see more. We dont really know but some images let us see the feelings of each other. Nice.

Love & Death: The Huntress
Episode 1, Season 1

Love and Blood
So we get introduced two new characters:. Allan Gore and Candy. We can see that Allan have a wife and will get soon a child and that Candy is a bit tired of her husband (not given the attention she wants). She will get atrracted to Allan because of his smell. But things let us think thats something will go wrong. The beginning of the episode let us see that blood is involved (potential crime or anything else; we dont really know). So Allan get hesitant to be engaged into a relationship becausr of his wife and Candy want to be in that kind of relationship because of his husband. So they will basically get more and more closer and they will also sex together but the end of the episode wasmkind of implicit: what really happened? Is she gonna be murdered? Or is that something else?. I dont really know but clearly need to see more. I need to say that Elisabeth Olsen is really gorgeous and love her performance but its really too soon to give a proper judgment in my opinion. But the episode introduced the characters, the plot in a basic and effective way. We dont really know whats really about: we know the characters, the church, the work, the danger behind their secret relationship; what else?

Game of Thrones: The Winds of Winter
Episode 10, Season 6

Winter took too much time to come
I need to say that the fifteen first minutes really surprised me and didnt expected to see Cersei and her true intentions: the music, the dialogues, the mise en scene was really great until we see how Cersei can really affirm her autority. Its sad to see that Tommem decided to suicide himself. I think he just realised that he was powerless in his decisions and even more as a king and as a husband and just decided to end it because his mother take decisions from him. I dont know why but to see Cersei become a queen is a great thing: she is a good mix between her two sons: Jeoffrey and Tommem. It was really great to see her like this and it was a great moment to see her killed even Tommem's wife without any mercy. Despite all this , i still prefer her with long hair. Also with John we can witnessed him to learn the truth about Melissandre about the little girl. And John banish her: nothing else to say except that Snow take a decision that can have consequences. Littlefinger reveal his plan to Sansa but she refused to be with him. There is another alliance that can make danger arround Cersei: The Tyrell who seem to have an alliance with Daenerys. Trough the vision of Ned we can see the baby Snow who get into the hands of Ned. Daenerys seem to be not really attached about her relationship with Daario; she doesnt want him to accompagny her. And Tyrion have more and more trust from Daenerys and become the hand of the queen. We had also a nice payoff with Arya who get revenge from the Frey and by killing his son and the Frey himself. It was a nice episode to be honest: we can see the alliance, strategies, revelations, murders, decisions, future wars, future of possible betrayal or ennemies. It was a great season for sure and still enjoyed that episode. Need to see more with the season 7!

Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards
Episode 9, Season 6

Bolton and the last fight
Daenerys meet the three slave masters but they refuse to surrender. Two of them get killed. Theon and Yara finally have an agreement with Daenerys in exchange of the Iron Islands being independent. After that we basically witnessed the big event of the episode: the fight between John Snow vs the Bolton's army. It was quite boring to watch the fight; yes it have some epic moments and some tensions with a feeling of the chaos of the fight but some scenes lack credibility (the scene with the Bolton who shot the arrow to kill the brother of John Snow-it was just a trick in the editing process and took some liberty with that. Finally, John win the fight and take Ramsay as a prisoner and Sansa will release the starving dog on him. It was a nice pay off and nice to see the defeat of Ramsay even if it will be more enjoyable if Theon was there but nevermind. The ending was pure horror with the dogs. So one ennemy down. What else now?

The Twilight Zone: The Lateness of the Hour
Episode 8, Season 2

The perfect family?
Pretty interesting that episode about Robots/servants who created a dependance for the family and made the father and mother and the daughter access a certain security but also some boring, uninteresting routine that repeat days after days. The daughter seems really motivated to get out of the habits of servant and her protective father and mother but we will witness the big revelation of the episode: the daugher also is a robot and she is a creation of her own father. After that discovery, the daughter will be devastated and we discover at the end that they transformed her into another servant. It was pretty predictable that the daughter was a creation too. I discovered that by myself and was pretty logical. But i think they should also showed a new daughter or a new character that will take the role of the ancient daughter to let us feel the routine and that kind of habits that the parents will get once again used by the same routine despite the change of the appearance of the daughter: a nice episode anyway.

Death Come True

A meaningless revelation
Im pretty disappointed with the game to be honest and the beginning made me really frustrated: the death again and again. The choices that lead tl death because something weird happened or we couldnt predict something. But i was curious and i just wanted to know more and to see all the revelations so i keep going. And everything made sense in some ways but another thing made me more frustrated. So to resume the story its a man who participated in a program to see again his wife/colleague? Because she was in reality the last victim of a serial killer. So yeah it was a revelation that i didnt expected but really pissed me off was the choice at the end. To have the gun and to have the choice to end the program and that virtual reality. So i decided to end it because i thought that we will have more explanations in real life but i really was frustrated even more when i saw that the game deleted all the progress but kept the reward that we won during the game. Why? Is the purpose of this game is to make frustrated the players with choices that will lead to a death anyway with again the same choice at the beginning over and over? I mean this is a frustration: how it cannot be one? Did i finished the game? I wanted to learn more!!! Why they did that? I will surely never restart the game anymore and choose again and again. The game try to be complex but its really just frustration from the beginning until the end. And when the story begin to be interesting the game is finished; at least for me. A big disappointment! I will dont restart the game for sure. To see again and again the same thing. Surely not! The acting was average and the choices really have no consequences or have a straight linear plot that we cant really change and that is again a frustration!!! It could be so much better but let me frustrated! Some parts of the plot was pretty predictable like the whole thing was just a program; i figured it out much earlier that was a fake reality even before the death; come on it was the only possibility and let me again in a big frustration! And it clearly lack of "mise en scene"sometimes and let us pretty hungry in term of direction and lack of purpose. It s a story who is pretty much an entertainement more than something we can relate to the plot and characters and i coulndt really get into the game from the beginning until the end. Sadly!

The Pope's Exorcist

A classic horror exorcist movie
I didnt enjoyed that much the movie but didnt hate it also but it really annoyed me sometimes and how the dialogues lead us to a superstitious thing and how they made theories about the devil, Jesus, the sins. The performance of the main actor is convincing even if im not a fan of that kind of comedy in these horror movies. The mood was there, the ambience too: i enjoyed the blue and orange tone and give an interesting visuals despite the classic plot and characters. So its basically a story about a priest who do his job and we will just get to know him better trough the new case with the old case about a woman who he didnt saved. What else to say? The special effects were good: the boy look convincing and the transformation can be seen much more later in the movie and was well executed. We have also the discussions with the church, the purpose, the religious thought and so on and so on. We have seen a lot of times that kind of topic with the exorcist theme. We have also some history about the house that the family who just moved in. And we know also the name of the devil at the end; it make him more weak; same thing over and over. So to resume that movie: its a classic horror movie with the exorcist theme with some talks who was a little bit too much superstitious for me and some exorcist and some rude language as always the devil is still rude and not really polite so yeah it can still make you know a story about the priest but it made me think that they took too much liberty in my opinion mostly at the end. But it is what is.

Game of Thrones: No One
Episode 8, Season 6

Tell me a joke!
Tommen take more and more decision by abolish the trial combat. So Cersei Couldnt hide behind her champion. Brienne failed to convinced the Tully to give the castle. Edmure make tht Tully to stand down their weapons. I hope we will avoid the fight between Brienne and Jaime because it will be hard to watched them fight against each other despite what they have been trough. Its a pleasure to see Daenerys back at Meereen and it will be nice to see her deal with the problems. Clegane join the Brotherood. Arya finally kill the young lady who wanted to kill her and decide to come back home. Is she gonna make it? Who she will see first? Sansa? Or anyone else? A nice episode anyway that let us want to see more for sure.

Game of Thrones: The Broken Man
Episode 7, Season 6

Ally and ennemies
So the real big surprise from the beginning its that the "Hound" is still alive but to be honest i was sure he was because we didnt see his dead body or have a confirmation of his death. So for me it was not a big surprise but just a surprise that they put him in this episode. The Tyrell and the Lannister are still in conflict because of Loras and Margaery. She convinced her mother to go back at King's garden; did she plan something? What she has in mind?? We dont really know yet. John, Sansa and Davos still seek to take back the north from the Bolton and can count on the Mormont. The king of the Mormont was Bella Ramsay and i need to say that was a pleasure to saw her even more after i watched her performance on the Last of US TV show. But she is very young here. Jaime fail to get an agreement with Brynden Tully: so what now? What about the Frey? I also enjoyed to see Theon and his sister with the prostitutes; its been a long time that we didnt see nudity and that was great for the eyes. But the main interesting thing with them are their intentions about make Daenerys an ally: is she gonna want to make an alliance with them? Is Daenerys will go back at Meereen at tht right time? Arya want to go back to Westeros but get stabbed: she gonna get hurt until she go back at Westeros; maybe death for her? Need to see more.

Mia and the Dragon Princess

Kind of Linear, weird mise en scene and plot
So im pretty disappointed overall. The beginning look interesting with the introduction and the animation to explain the treasure and the purpose of that young indonesian women. But everything fell apart after that and kind make things not coherent and not logical and let a few choices without a real impact in the storie or consequences. Some of the characters died and we couldnt saved them or make us decide; they just died because the plot needed them to died. And the choices during the riddle with the trap door and stuff reallylmade me pissed of; how we supposed to know what to do? By randomly choose something? Some of the events dont really feel logical. I need also to say that the fights was kind of well executed; i found them pretty dynamic and realistic. With that indonesian woman. So we figured it out the plot pretty quickly: the woman want the treasure, the other main character will help her and trust her (for no reason?? No explanation?). So yeah they basically seek a treasure and only the fight at the end was weird; they put a candy in the vilain throat and get away like this?? It was pretty weird to be honest; the plot and the characters are pretty superficial and was not really deep. We kind finished the game pretty quickly and thats sad; i wanted at least 5-6 hours but nevermind. I hope they will be a next episode. This one look really pretty unfinished and simple in every way. Disappointed overall.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Im pretty convinced about the marvel movie Guardian of the Galaxy. It dont avoid some cliché: the new vilain and his weird vision to create a perfect society and stuff like this. Of course the main interest of the movie remain Raccoon and his background and how it become Rocket and how he lived with when he was in captivity. A movie that have still great special effects, visuals, interesting fights sequences mostly the end with the shot without any cut that really was impressive. I liked also the humor: sometimes too much, but sometimes pretty funny. The new vilain is good but kind of cliché and dont really stand out by his intention and was more useful trough him to know more Rocket. It have some sad moments even sometimes it feel pretty forced at a few moments even if i enjoyed it anyway. A nice Marvel and to see the members of the guardian of the galaxy get separated at the end was a little bit worried but we know that they will return anyway. We had also the relationship with Gamora and Quill who seemed to get better even if it have some problem because of the memories lost. So pretty good overall. A nice Marvel movie.

True Detective: The Secret Fate of All Life
Episode 5, Season 1

Cohle? A killer?
I was pretty shocked how things turned and how the suspicions are making Cohle maybe that he is a killer: we have the same surprise like Hart and that is pretty coherent anyway; but is it true? Is he a killer? Hart also have same problems with his wife but obtain forgiveness. We had also and interesting event when they made a false statement about what happened at the Bayou; they got promoted anyway because they found the boys missing. Is it really Cohle who made and planned the killings and what really happened during all these years? We dont really know and that made us oretty curious and wondering about if we get fooled too like Hart. But we clearly need to see more before making conclusions.

The Twilight Zone: Long Distance Call
Episode 22, Season 2

The act of faith and a telephone
So yeah the episode was kind of interesting but it was a little bit rushed in my opinion in term of plot and its pretty superficial and kind of predictable. The death of the grand ma trigger some weird event with the telephone but the grand ma look a little bit scary: she wanted to took the boy? And make him her own son? It was a little bit scary in term of intention but she finally let live the boy and made the parents go into the superstition of the telephone who symbolize the grand ma. It was kind of interesting but kind of classic anyway. I found the mise en scene quite good but not really impactful sadly. But it was a nice episode about death, son and grand ma and the desire to have a son and to lose a son. Nice.

The Twilight Zone: A Penny for Your Thoughts
Episode 16, Season 2

Read the thoughts
The story of that man who can read thoughts and let us know how people think (the naughty thoughts, money, womens, job) it was really an inside journey to people mind and how the thoughts can fooled us too. Mr Smithers and his desire to take the money and make a trip. Our suspicions of him who will robb the bank. And we finally conclude that thoughts are only thoughts. Because as Mr Smithers said he is a coward and yes he thought about it and dreamed about the trip but didnt act that whole time and was really surprising. And yes thoughts are only thoughts. We can think a lot of things but without doing all we have in our head. A nice morality.

The Twilight Zone: The Silence
Episode 25, Season 2

2 liars and a bet
So really interesting to be honest and that bet really made us wondering if he could stop talking because of the money. And we can see how determinate are the two mens: one just want to avoid to give money and the other want to make happy his wife. But we will know that at the end the both had lied because the other made a surgical operation to remove his voice because he couldnt succeed the bet. That was a big revelation to be honest and didnt see that coming. And we see also how the supposed rich man was really nasty: the insinuation about the women's man was really hard to see and we finally see how these mens was both liars and determinated to succeed and they finally get tricked by both of them.

The Twilight Zone: Nick of Time
Episode 7, Season 2

The superstition of a couple
So its basically a couple who will put under a test and will get challenged by that machine and they will see how uncertain life is and how that machine can bring serenity or more confusion and will make their superstition stand out because of that. It was really interesting and let us think that future is not predictable and whatever the superstitions or beliefs we have. We will never be able to predict it. We are just uncertain. We just see also another couple who at the end will ask again that machine and can let us compare the two couples who one are ready to make their future and another who seem to be more confused but whatever they are: future cant be predicted.

Game of Thrones: Blood of My Blood
Episode 6, Season 6

Wildlings and the North
So Bran get saved by Benjen Stark and he tell his own story and tell him to become the three eyed Raven(is he gonna made it before the countdown?) . Tommen affirm his autority and punish Jaime because he wanted to offense the faith militant (so we can see that he can finally made some decisions and stop trying to get support) The faith and the crown are making an alliance. We see also the Frey who want to take back the castle. Sam and Gilly have some problem with the father of Sam who rejected him because he married a wildling. But he said that little Sam can stay. Sam finally leave with his wife and son. The scene at the dinner table make us really feel uneasy about the situation and that was kind of well made to be honest. The mise en scene was pretty effective . Arya also made a decision that will affect the future and the relationship with Jaqen. Still we have the scene with Daenerys and her beautiful dragon and let us know that she is really motivated to have the throne for herself. Sound exciting. Need to see more and how she will achieve her objectives. A nice episode anyway.

Game of Thrones: The Door
Episode 5, Season 6

More mens, more war
So Arya have a mission that she will need to kill. Its pretty sad what happened to Jorah and we can understand the frustration because of his sickness but he is charged to find a cure for that by Daenerys who seemed to let him know that he has still a queen and need to obey her orders. Tyrion and Kinvara meet to help the people. The moment to choose a new king on the iron islands was quite interesting: Theon support his sister but its finally Euron the new king. Another great moment was the confrontation between Sansa and Littlefinger. Sansa is more and more cautious with this man but he will bring news about his uncle and let them know that he took Riverrrun. Sansa, John and Davos need more mens to plan an attack at Winterfell. Bran's visions let us know more how the night walkers have been created and let us also know How Hodor have become non talking or just s saying Hodor. Was quite unpredictable to be honest and was quite interesting.

Appointment with Death

Appointment with a family trapped with a will
A nice movie that start pretty slowly with the introduction with the family, the influence of the grand mother, the different opinions of the members of the family and their considerations of their grand mother, their motivations. So like i said, it started pretty slowly and the different scenes will have a different interpretations during the questionning of Poirot later in the movie. So i need to say that i didnt expected the killer was that lady and the different explanations confused us and make us clear members of the family to be the killers and that was quite interesting and clearly have some great moments. I enjoyed the subtle humor and the moment of revelation at the end: the fact that the grand mother had some secrets when she met the killer at the prison because she was a jail guard. It was quite unexpected but made sense with the elements that we knew from the movie. It was a nice whodunnit mystery. It take a little time before the murder come but it is quite understandeable why. A nice movie anyway with some nice investigations.

Ponniyin Selvan: Part Two

King of Cholas
So still interesting in the same spirit as the first one. We have more revelations about Nandini, her past, her real father (that was uncertain until the end and we had some suspicions about some thing but was not sure until the end). The death of Aditha by Nandini was a great moment and pretty surprising. The king of cholas who become not Arunmozhi but the other guy who get forbidden of the throne by his own mother. The set design, the visuals was really nice and have some great design and i really enjoyed it. The past of Nandini let us know more about her and Aditha and how things has turned. And even more dramatic when we know that Aditha killed her father. We knew that later. We have still the conspiracy, some surprises and great songs. It was still a great surprise for me. And i didnt regret to watch it to be honest. It was great! But i didnt read the books so i cant really compare with the events of the movie to be honest. But i really enjoyed it despite my lack of knowledge of the Cholas. A nice movie.


Classic plot with an interesting ending
Im pretty disappointed of the movie despite the beginning who make us maybe think that the rythm will be fast and interesting but everything get more slower and slower and we investigate that case and to be honest its all along cliché, classic plot, classic characters, some scenes with too much dialogues and useless morality. But the end was really interesting when there is the talk between the killer and the main character. We know that he will get killed and stuff but it was kind of interesting to understand his situation (no money, dont want to be part of that kind of society-we can understand that.) But sometimes it was too much cliché and really bring nothing new. I was bored the whole time and some dialogues really pissed me off: when the teenager need to be arrested and that detective said it was because of the violence in the video games; it was kind of a stupid reflexion. The most of the time we see the boss who give orders, he is not happy. It was really a pill to sleep to be honest. Yeah i was pretty disappointed and the psychological part is pretty superficial and meaningless.

Ponniyin Selvan: Part One

The Cholas Story
So i really like it but what make me pissed off sometimes or make me get off was the plot or sometimes it go in a way and go another way pretty quickly and make me frustrated because i really cant feel some challenges except the battle of the thrones and the lords. They overused too much the use of conspiracy and the way that they were always someone making betrayal. I really loved the visuals: the princess, the set design, the visual effects (that i found really great and reinforce the immersion in the world. So i never heard about the Cholas and the whole story behind it so im a kind new to that kind of story and i have hard time to get used to the names or to remembererd who was who? But i managed to finally get it and enjoyed the different stories of the different characters. I had some hard times to follow all the talks because of the different names but i really enjoyed it anyway and im waiting for part 2. I really was mesmerized by the beauties of the woman and they was really gorgeous in their clothes. So yeah basically we see conspiracy, love, jealousy, lords, strategies, infidelity. Nice movie to be honest. I was pretty surprised and i enjoyed also the choregraphy, the dance and the fight scenes.

The Night Agent

Save the president!
So yeah i finished season 1 and i need to say that i really enjoyed it. It have some classic things like the conspiracy, the president in danger, the personal conflict, the subplot andhsome revelations(Diane Farr, the real threat that the president is ). A nice season that have some cliché and some things already seen elsewhere but i really found the night agent interesting and tell us a story and let us discover the night agent institution with some conspiracy and stuff. I found the actions scenes well made and really give some tensions and made it escalate sometimes. That Night Agent Tv show was pleaseant to watch and i really spend a great time watching it and i will wait for season 2 for sure.

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