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I was here just for Theo James :), the movie was okay , the end made it more interesting and worth it

W - Du gaeui segye

Loved it
The actors were great , the plot interesting and the love story was good I abandoned sleep to finish it on one day :)

Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka

I don't get why everyone makes it seem sooo great
To me the story was predictable, it got boring and i didn't even finish 3/4 episodes in the end because it was cringe 😬 and just meh

Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin: Dokkaebi

So many kdramas later i wanna rewatch it
Def recommended , it remains as one of my favorites It has everything , from romance to mystery I also love the gream reaper story


I enjoyed it I would have preferred for the story to remain 100% accurate to his biography but anyways the movie is definitely recommended and the end *chefs kiss*

Iyi Günde Kötü Günde

I enjoyed it
Even tho it ended really fast , and it deserved more , it was a great plot overall and different from the others , there were no villans just complicated relationships . Refreshing , the cast was great.

Hatirla Gönül

It need season 2
It was a really good series and i finished it in a couple of days but it has no endin it needed a season 2. The actors were great and the ending sucked for me . Worst finale


A nice series that kept me interested Nothing too exciting but not boring .


The show was smooth and kind of predictable , nothin to exciting , the main couple was disappointing but kerem and nesli or Sefer and selvi made it up for them. Appreciating the fact that they worked so hard with their bodies and the boxing scenes .

Sevgili Geçmis

Enjoyed it
The plot was nice and full nothing super long and too much , it was well developed. The one thing that truly made me appreciate it was the fact that it wasnt a cliche were the characters would wait to be saved and all that . They took matters into their own hands and didn't go along with the villan.

World War Z

A good movie overall but nothing too amazing ,,,,,,,,

Vatanim Sensin

Tops all my lists
This is one of the best series i have ever seen , kept me in front of the screen all the time , from the love of a turk and a greek to the love of a turk for country and the plot twists are sooo good , like in some parts on a movie when ur already bored cuz u can Guess whats next , on this show i couldn't . Loved it , its so different from all the romantic comedy cliche trash we see all the time on tv . Definitely recommend it


The story line was interesting and kept me interested in the show .. for a while but then by the last season everything was too much And too me it was a big bummer that some characters didnt even exist or that most of the story was made up by the story writers , history it self would have been nice and ENOUGH


Lead male actor is great but the female , i cant stand her anymore , it was kinda ok in the begining but by the end i didnt even want to watch the movie because of her

Sen Çal Kapimi

So happy with this 🙌
Finally I found a series where the lead female role is a strong and confident woman , the cast is great . Finally some great content and FUNNY for real , a true comedy . Can't wait to see more of this

Bay Yanlis

The cast is great , but rather than that the story is boring , nothing new to watch and the main characters are so basic and the female lead is soooooo predictable and not fun at all after all the movies i have seen this comedy is just plain and not so funny anymore

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