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Danielle Deadwyler is an outstanding actress!
Danielle's performance, specifically her ability to deliver a realistic cry, was something amazing to see. She's so terrific as an actress that I can't tell if she brought light to a terrific script, or if a good script brought light to her talent.

Cooking Up Christmas

One of the best family, holiday films I have ever seen...
This film just made me feel good about life, family, and the holiday season. Thank you OWN network for unlocking it so I could watch it free on Youtube. Who knew it would be a film that I would actually pay to watch.

Words on Bathroom Walls

This film is better than any textbook.
In college, I studied schizophrenia and its effects on the human mind. For a decade, I went on to work with those affected with the illness. Yet, never have I gained more of a vivid view of how it works than after watching this film. Consequently, I consider this film a true education that every mental health professional and educator should enroll in...

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am

...and I'm proud of it.
This is the first review I've ever written, and likely will ever write, that is completely biased, holding a rating that is predicated solely on the level of admiration, love, and gratitude that I hold for the artist. I am thankful to those who documented the pieces of Toni Morrison so brilliantly. Regardless, my rating of 10 goes to Toni, because she was who she was, and I'm not ashamed of it.


This film scared the living hell out of me!
I had been raised to not ask people who they are, just silently wait and see. I had been conditioned by the time I was ten-years-old to believe that whatever is in a person will eventually make its way out. Of course, the wait time would speed up when the temperature rises. It's only then can you see what hell someone can raise. Now, to watch this film somehow forced me to apply its storyline to my life. The film felt just that real until I could imagine one day finding out that someone nearest, or just in close proximity, can become the face of the devil at any given time. The thought alone shook me, and I'm sure pushed any living hell that could have been trapped in my bones out of my body, as I pray to God that I will never, ever know a Luce.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Beautiful Filmmaking
I loved every shot from this film; every angle from the camera lens, every decision made for the actor to look into the camera or away. There were times that great acting, or an impactful message, was put on pause in my mind only for me to find myself studying the director's choices of when and where to focus on the what and why. This is just beautiful filmmaking.

The Lovebirds

The comedy of Issa Rae and Kumail just works!
Honestly, 'Lovebirds' as a whole body of art gets about 4-stars from me, but there are moments in this film that has kept me laughing long after the credits. I'm certain that these moments wouldn't exist without the genius way that Issa Rae and Kumail delivered their lines, or maybe even improved scenes. The comedic gift of these two actors in this film made it worth three additional stars.

The Farewell

I was sideswiped by this film and consider the collision a high point of the day.
I saw this film a few months ago by accident. I was blindly scrolling the streaming sites that day, open to whatever came my way, and then was hit by this monster of a film.

Queen & Slim

F--- what you heard, Queen & Slim is a Coming of Age film!
Since its origin, the term 'Coming of Age' has been specifically used to define a story of someone within his or her pubescent years that is learning about self through life experiences. Regardless, despite the two main characters in this film being fully pressed into adulthood, 'Queen & Slim' is 100% a Coming of Age story! It may have been gassed on race, cranked by fear, but it was driven solely by the search to find one's self. It's, perhaps, the greatest reason why this film sticks to ribs. Well, it's that and how brilliantly the writer allows the space for the main characters, perceived as polar opposites, to navigate through treacherous terrain only to finally see their true reflections in the others eyes. Of course, the journey to see these reflections was sped up by the hustle to stay alive. Undoubtably, for me, this made the film all the more breathtaking to watch. For it wasn't until the main characters found what they were looking for, did they realize that that was the only time they had ever been alive.


I will put this script against any script ever written.
I believe wholeheartedly that, if this film had a major movie star that was beloved by white audiences, there would be the biggest award nominations spread throughout the cast. The way this film makes use of telling a backstory and the future through silence, while yelling the present, is an unbelievable testimony of creativity and pure brilliance.

King Richard

I didn't just watch a film...
I didn't watch a film. Instead what I witnessed is what happens when a vision from God shines through every room in a house and no one inside dares to close the blinds.

Side note: What I hoped to have watched was Aunjanue Ellis finally get an Oscar nomination. Her acting has always been top notch, but the physical transformation this woman did to attempt to embody her character was impressive.

Love Hard

I knew where this film was going and still enjoyed the trip.
I buried the idea of this film being an original a few seconds in when its dialogue seemed to echo the intro of the film, 'The Half Of It.' Such a disaster of a start nearly made me search for something else to watch. I like to say that I'm glad that I didn't. Despite knowing right away where this film's story would end up, I enjoyed the trip. There were a few corky and unexpected funny moments and some that were especially sweet. Regardless, none of that made me adore this film. For me, it was the cast in combination with the script that did it. It was the brilliant assemble of fresh faces that portrayed Asians in a way most American films often fail to do. They were just people. Some were family. Others were friends or a love interest. What I didn't see were any of them being portrayed by stereotypical gestures, and that made me feel good. Although, in the end, I can't honestly write that I love this film hard, I can state that I sure do like it a lot.


I wanted to love this film so much!
Regardless of however long it took to get to the film's end, I was hoping that sometime before the main characters would be fully developed, that their secrets and passions wouldn't be glossed over, and that their fears would somehow present themselves on screen as more than someone else's nightmare. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. Throughout the film, with all the silent or slow motion moments, I found myself with the time to think up scenes that would have fully formed each character and landed on a finale that would sum up the lives of those I watched dance around--whatever it was they wanted. All the while, what I wanted was to love this film. Sadly, I can't.

The Harder They Fall

Let the haters hate!
I just read a review on this site by a writer that gave this film five stars. This writer stated the s/he was white and then went on to call this feature "a kind of new Blaxploitation film." I suspect this person's perspective is one of many others that handed this film such little favor. It's the only way I can understand the disrespect.

This film is fun, funny, sexy, and full of quick wit. It has a killer ending, but what makes it special is that it's not all fiction. This film is based on real people whose names have been deliberately torn out of school history books. Characters in this film are based on real lives that deserve to be acknowledged somewhere. So, let film be the place. Let the troubled days and love affairs of black gun slinging outlaws become an entertaining tale within a future neither ever lived long enough to see. Meanwhile, let's bury the title of Blaxploitation film, shall we? The term is flat out racists and hypocritical in its origin. I can't count the number of films that I've watched that has an all white cast, which was directed by a white person, and produced by all white people, proudly projecting a storyline that caters to a white audience, and never, ever in my whole life have I heard of an ethic subgenre created to define it. It is just called a film. Now think on that, as I let the haters hate.

Dune: Part One

Not more than a dream...
I'm expecting top tier award nominations to go to the director, the makeup and costume teams, as well as the special effects designers of this film. Unfortunately, the star powered cast didn't have much range in the script to show off their acting skills. Regardless, all of the above were the only things that kept me from turning this film off. Sadly enough, until the credits began to roll, I just kept waiting for characters to become fully developed, tragedies to be witnessed and not just whispered about, and an overall storyline to emerge as more than a dream.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Pardon the Interruption...and update.
Since I felt compelled to pause my binge watching in the middle of S1- E7 to give this review, I'm just going to get right to it. This series gets better each episode. I'm not sure if the reason for this rests on the perfect cast, or the writing that brilliantly blends quit-witted lingo, political impact on community, and old fashion romance with just enough heart felt friendship moments. In the wee hours of this morning, all I know for certain is that it all just works! Now, for me, it's back to the show.

Update: The series ended magnificently, and so much so that I watched every episode again. It was then that I realized how good the writing was from the beginning and how every word and every action of every character wasn't wasted but designed to make the ending just perfect.


I wasn't ready for this...
To put it plainly, this film is based on a true story that rocked my sensibilities all over my living room.

Hard to Get

Entertaining is an understatement for this film.
It is crafty, exciting, sexy, and at times romantic and frightening. Then, of course, it can be down right hilarious. Yep, this film is a lot like love.

Holly Slept Over

I chose right.
After watching the intriguing trailer for this film, for what I now recognize to be months late, I found myself with only two options: either I would rent or buy. Cautious with my time and money, it seems I chose right. This unusual comedy turned out to be worth my time and cash.

Our Kind of People

The hardest thing this series will have to contend with is a closed mind.
Despite historical facts that detail the lives of extremely wealthy Black people who lived in America, and regardless of those who live amongst us today, the images of black people living without borders and eloquently speaking without fear of being silenced by anyone of any social class, most free minds can't accept. Therefore, this series can expect backlash. It can expect haters from all races. It can expect people of every nationality dismissing characters left and right, judging the actors performances as unbelievable, and categorizing their dialogue as bad writing or rather "not black enough" to hold true. Thus, I wish this series good luck making it to another season, as I am beyond thankful to its creators and the network for showing American viewers, not just an entertaining program, but how each of us honestly categorizes Black people in this country.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Life lessons
There were at least a dozen life lessons taught through the existence and experiences of every character. In my eyes, that makes this series meaningful and gloriously made.

A Black Lady Sketch Show

S2 Episode 5, If I'm Paying These Chili Prices, You Cannot Taste My Steak," is beyond impressive.
The performances of Robin Thede and Gabrielle Dennis in S2- Episode 5, weren't just entertaining but impressive.

A Storybook Ending

Well Done!
I couldn't predict what would happen next in this short film, and that's a very good thing. However, I can't help but predict that I'll see these actors in more films in the future. They all gave believable performances and, perhaps due to the complexity of her character's role, Toni Ann De Noble is a name I won't soon forget.

Scenes from a Marriage

Make it Make Sense!
It's extremely rare for me to catch the first episode of a series on its premiere date and absolutely love it, and then be forced to wait the maximum amount of time before being able to dive back into the storyline. This happened to me with this series. The first episode, I rank just about as high as ranking permits. However, the second episode, I could barely watch to the end. Of course, the actors were excellent and the directing was flawless, but for God sakes make the story make sense!

No one in this big wide world can convince me that a loving husband, or even a devoted father, brother, mother, sister, or neighbor, who took one look a woman's back that's covered in bruises, wouldn't bring immediate and relentless attention to it. That kind of thing wouldn't be glossed over, especially if that woman has been honest in revealing that she was once attracted to abusive men. Needless to say, after I saw the husband just mention the bruises, as if they were tiny mosquito marks on his wife's back, I was pretty much out of my head space when it came to this episode. Although, I did have help with that from the start.

SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS: An incident in the husband's past was so serious that it caused him to be rushed to the emergency room with an asthma attack, and then later him hearing of his wife's pregnancy calls for him to need his asthma pump. Yet, the man can go through a full night listening to his wife tell him that she's sleeping with another man and leaving him in the morning for good, and the only thing he needs is a small glass of water to calm down a little cough. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE! He goes through a whole night, quietly in bed next his wife that's leaving him, likely knows she's been beaten (and likely by her new man), and the only time he feels like his air is fully escaping his lungs is the next morning when, I guess, reality hits him. I can't believe that. Make it make sense!

Seriously, I stayed in the second episode for Jessica and Oscar's talent. Although, with how unbelievable the storyline turned out to be, I can't wait around for another dose. I can only pray that those to come are more like the first than the last.

The Witches

This film was entertaining and enjoyable.
To think I only decided to give this film a chance because I saw Octavia Spencer on the poster makes me realize that I nearly missed out on something good. So, there's Ms. Spencer and then, to my delight, came Chris Rock and Anne Hathaway. I thought all that's good with the film would be over with the acknowledgement of their presence in the film, only for me to realize my foolishness the moment the story began to unfold. Needless to say, I was hook by the story's creativity, the characters' makeup, and the humor or sweetness of each line. This gets me to thinking that, perhaps, only children, and those adults who can tap into their childhood, should be able to rate and write a review for movies that were made for children. My goodness! The overall rating of this film doesn't fit. This film was entertaining and enjoyable. It was also exceptionally sweet and offers a few important life lessons that all people can benefit from learning. Add on the fact that it's clean and finally here comes a film that I can recommend to anyone and everyone.

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