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S h 1 t
And that's being kind.

The high ratings are not from people who care about 'good' SciFi

There is really nothing worse than bad SciFi.

Hold on.. no this movie is!

Just call it a drama and save people from the pain.

Raised by Wolves

Wow a new experience for me
Ridley Scott has been my hero for years from "blade runner" to Alien(s). I can only assume that he is cashing in on his brilliant reputation by selling his name to this; the last episode left me speechless and the sad thing is that I am unable to explain the absurdity of the movie as I didn't even understand it.. I must be stupid and it is in fact genius.. I will that were closer to reality.. my apologies for being unable to articulate the mess that is this series and the lost potential...

Gran Torino

Loved it
Just like Clint Eastwood. Always have. Can't understand those who didn't like this movie.

Killing Eve

It's Ok
Doesn't deserve 8.3

And isn't going to sustain 6 seasons.. i give it 3. That's enough

Ray Donovan

Man's Man
Great Character! Just had to keep watching the show. Level of violence and gore factor kept in check for the most part at least for my level of sensitivity and sex scenes were realistic with some very attractive women which never hurts. Yeah need to go and get myself some good whiskey now! Great show and there aren't many ( it took influence from soparonos and maybe a touch of Bosch from the Connolly Books ( not the TV show! ) And just delivered! Highly recommended

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