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28 Days Later...

A thrill ride
I am starting off by saying what Roger Ebert said about " the Crying Game" : See it then shut up about it. Danny Boyle's latest will have you screaming , covering your eyes , and shaking all over. I recently saw this with my horror loving grandma who wasn't phased and asked me if I wanted to leave. Of course I said no and enjoyed my time in the caring if not rough hands of a master of fright and just relaxed and waited for my next fit of screaming , crying ,and shaking . This is not for the timid and will give you chills . If you want to see somthing less scary , my brother said " Johnny English " Was very good. But remember if you see this film dont say I didin,t warn you>

My Bloody Valentine

This film was Crap
Just when I thought my search for a movie at my local video store was over a woman told me about this film and the Hills Have Eyes. Guess which one was better, not this one that's for sure. The film is typical mid eighties teen fodder with actors who in my opinion act like robots programmed to act like drunk fools. These people work in a mine , what teen would work at a mine? The story is simple a angry miner gets revenge on his home town after his supervisors leave to go to a dance and forget to check the methane levels. By the end of this move you start thinking what am I doing watching this besides killing my brain cells and you don't even care about the characters. My suggestion , rent a film like the Ring if you truly need to scream because like the tape in that movie is just like this one ... it kills you slowly.

DON'T RENT THIS!!!!!!!! _______________ __________________

Meet the Feebles

Not just ordinary puppets
Let me just say that this film is one of the most bizzare shocking and funny films I've ever seen. Where else can you see puppets doing cocane, having sex and singing about sodomy. The story is about a cast of bizzare puppets who are about to get a chance to perform live. There's the drug addicted veitnam veteran frog , a rabbit with vd a hippo whose husband is cheating on him with a siamese cat , a rat who makes porn flicks with cows and cockroaches, and then theres robbert who's trying to break into show biz. It all comes down to a hippo going on a rampage with a machine gun. Sure this movie looks like a kids movie but trust me this film will have anything to shock you. So sit back and enjoy peter jackson before he was working with hobbits and elves. Trust me you'll never be the same.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Disney Goes Dark.
I have recently rediscovered this film and have realized one thing : that this film is Disney's most darkest film yet. The film is based on Victor Hugo's lavish novel that disney tries to sugar up without losing its edge. The film's subject matter ranges from understanding others to even dark things such as racism. This film is not for the younger fans due to sequences such as The villans blatantly sexual obcession for Esmerelda or the even more depressing sequence of Quasimodo's mother dying. The songs remind you of Baz Lurhman's Moulin Rouge and by the time your done you can't get them out of your head. My suggestion is to rent this film along with Beauty an the Beast for an even more enjoyable experience.


I rented the dvd and I was surprised in how awful this was. This story hashes the Ed Gein story and still it has enough gore to fill a butcher shop. Robert Blossom acts like a male version of Anna Nicole Smith without the qualudes: and the movie is so bad it's laughable. If your video store has this on dvd watch the second film on the disc . It will be better than this trash


Twists and Turns
On Monday I had acquired a box of DVDs from and auction. While looking at the selection I found this direct to video gem and decided to give it a try. Boy what a big surprise. The films story revolves around a couple who kidnap a woman so she can have their baby. Sure it sounds like you have seen it before,but this film has so many twists and turns that you don't know when to get sick or pass out. The score is perfect for this film and Jennifer Tilly is insane. So if you love a good thriller you will love Hide and Seek AKA Cord.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I viewed this film with my brother on a tip from a libraian friend who said this film was funny. She wasn't kidding. This film will make you laugh hard and also make you think about your next CD purchase. The music suits this movie perfectly and will get you up out of your chair and dance. If you love interesting movies see this one.

Shock Treatment

I purchased this movie and was not expecting something great. But now it is among one of my favorite musicals. The plot is different than the RHPS which dealt with a more sexual theme. This one involves more of a mental health theme. There are alot of hidden jokes in the film such as a picture of Sigmond Freud in Bert's bedroom. The film has a great cast and the songs are done in a rock opera style.

This is a film not to be missed for any musical fan.

Moulin Rouge!

When I first rented this film I was worried that it would be awful. To some members of my family it was . My grandpa walked out after 5 Minutes which was sad because it was a very moving movie. The story revolves around a English writer who falls in love with French prostitute who works at the lavish nightclub The Moulin Rouge. The problem is that she is supposed to belong to a rich duke. That is basically the plot . The music is very good and lovely at certain points. So if you haven't seen it please do and if you have see it again You won't be disappointed.

Twelve Monkeys

This film will haunt you after you see it. The story revolves around a prisoner who is supposed to be sent to 1996 to stop a deadly disease from spreading. Instead he is sent to 1990 and is placed in a mental hospital. There he meets a psychotic man ( Brad Pitt) who clames to have a rich father and a beautiful doctor who tries to belive him. After escaping the hospital he is later sent to 1996 and kidnaps the doctor and forces her to drive to Philadelphia to find the army of the Twelve monkeys. The rest is a series of surprising events which ends in a ending that will make you scared for your self. Terry Giliam has twisted this film into a 2 hr epic that will shock you and surprise you untill the final scene ends and Louie Armstrong's " What A Wonderful World " plays during the final credits. So if you love film or need to be surprised , this one is for you.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Pure Terry Giliam
I have just seen this film yesterday and I am very impressed with it. The story revolves arround Raoul Duke and his overweight Samoian lawyer Dr. Gonzo who go in search of the American dream. This dream involves bunches of cocane,acid , pot, and ether (which they breath through an American flag.) . This film is for the fans of Terry Giliam of Hunter Tompson only and should be rented with extreme caution. Otherwise check out this acid trip of a film.

Dude, Where's My Car?

The PG-13 Me Myself And Irene
This film is just about as wacky as hell and fills 83 Minutes with potty humor and sex jokes. But , this is what I had expected about this film which leans towards Sci-Fi , Action , and a shameless parody of what happens when you get waseted and get involved with Transexual stripper, aliens, and ostriches. If you love potty humor and need a fix for humor this is it.


One hell of a film
I rented this film last night and I was wowed. I have a strong stance on dubbed films but I rented it after reading it in Fangoria Magizine. It has every thing I love which includes gore , a thrilling plot, and a great cast of unknowns. If you love terror and need a gore fix rent Anatomie for a good scare.

Lost Souls

just awful
I rented this film allong with the matrix and this film was the worst . Wynona Ryder's talent is wasted in this horror flick about a man who is goning to become the antichrist on his 33'rd birthday. The plot sounds good but it is wasted with the shots of exorcisims and flashbacks of young Wynona Ryder being exorcized and the shouting of a young girl in a diner chanting " Jesus is dead." . If you want waste your money see this one but if you want to be scared rent the new exorcist and watch that in the dark


What a waste of time.
I expected more from Henry Selick since I rented " The Nightmare Before Christmas" and loved it. But Monkebone was dumb and not very funny. The film focuses on dreams and the afterlife a subject I prefer not to see in a comedy or even a film like this. The film also moved slower than a snail and was too long for my tastes. Plus the sexual comments made by Monkeybone were offensive and crude. So if you have time to kill and need to sleep for a little while go see Monkeybone and take a nap.

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman

can someone say gremlins remake?
Okay , so this wasnt what I was expecting. I rented this film just to see how it would be since I want to see the first one anyway. But , this film had B-movie all over it. But when I watched it I realized that it was very funny. For the first 30 minutes It was just how the snowman was kiiling people and one man losing his sanity. But , those first few minutes had some funny one liners in it. When He throws up the first of his little minions I knew this would be very very funny. They all act like the gremlins in the ninteen eighty four hit gremlins that it made it look like it was spoofing it and made me forget it was a B-movie. So if you like to laugh rent this one.

Blue Velvet

what would draw me to see this very unusual film. was it the music ? maybe. the chance to see isabella rossellini nude . no but it would help.was it the chance to see a great mordern classic.dang right. the film tells a tale of a small town where a young man comes home to visit his ill father at the hospital. as he walks home he sees a ear in a field and takes it to a friend of the family at the police station.when he gets a call about the ear he isn't told much but his daughter does. they learn it has to with a lounge singer who's husband and kid his being held for ransom.when he inspects her apartment he sees frank a drug dealing sadist ( only dennis hopper could play him so good) who allong with a partner is selling drugs out of a building. the film is unusual but , aren't david lynches films weird. most scenes in this film are parrodized of coppied ( warren beatty tried to copy issabella rosselini singing with madonna) if you love a good film see blue velvet.( three cheers for david lynch )


better than the first
before I saw hannibal i read the book and found it exciting . Then on saturday i saw it at my local theater and found it to be the most bloody and the most shocking film i have ever seen. but there is one goof you should put on your page. that is towards the end you can see the microphones hanging down . if you have to see one movie this year hannibal is it.

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