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Double Platinum

Double Platinum - A Great Uplifting, Heart-warming Movie!
I must admit, I am not a big fan of movies that have been made for TV, but Double Platinum surprised me - it is definitely the only made-for-TV movie that, in my opinion, is worth watching.

The movie focuses around the two main characters Olivia King (played by Diana Ross) and Kayla Harris (played by Brandy) and their struggles as they try to reignite the mother-daughter relationship that was non-existent for 18 years between the two.

Olivia, a struggling club singer in St Louis, is offered the opportunity to go to New York in order to pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer. However, in order for her to do this, she has to leave her baby daughter Kayla behind.

Eighteen years later, Kayla wins a contest run by a local radio station to meet her favourite singer Olivia King (whom she doesn't know is her Mum at the time). From there, the story progresses and Olivia helps Kayla, a club singer in St Louis herself (ironically enough), to establish her career as a singer in new York.

This is a truly heart-warming, feel-good movie. By the end of the movie, you will believe that love is all that matters. Watch Double Platinum and you will not be disappointed!

Touched by an Angel

Touched By Angel - One Of The Best Shows On Television. Watch It And You Will Be Touched!
I have been a huge fan of Touched By An Angel ever since the first episode aired back in 1994. It's a fantastic show and I love tuning into it each week.

I absolutely love Monica (Roma Downey) and Andrew (John Dye). When I die, I hope that an Angel like Andrew will come and take me to Heaven! The only bad thing is that over here in Australia, Touched By An Angel isn't as successful as it is in the States. We're about two seasons behind, but I still love to watch it anyway....

I am sick of all the violence, sex and foul language that is on the majority of television shows today and Touched By An Angel is a breath of fresh air.

Each week, I do end up being "touched by an angel". It's a very beautiful show and I love seeing the way in which Monica, Tess and Andrew deal with various situations.

It is very emotional and I do end up with tears in my eyes after most of the episodes. I hope that this show will continue for a long time and that it will continue to touch the lives of so many people as it has already! I do believe in angels and I believe in them even more after watching this show. This show has helped me to grow in my relationship with God too!

My favorite episodes are: Psalm 151, My Dinner With Andrew, On Edge, Fighting The Good Fight and The Spirit Of Liberty Moon.

Watch this show and trust me, you will be "touched".

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