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Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius

Bad Movie!
I have seen this "movie" and it makes paint drying look like it is in "Fast Forward."

Good looking movie...but really, really bad script... and gut wrenchingly laughable direction. This cost $20 million?

More Important: Does anybody know why Bobby Jones Movie producers Dawson and Eldridge "borrowed" the title of the earlier Titanic Thompson book, TITANIC THOMPSON: STROKE OF GENIUS for their Bobby Jones movie? I mean, why would they want to do that when Titanic Thompson was a noted golfer/gambler/hustler who only played golf on occasion, and Bobby Jones was...well, he was the great Bobby Jones.

What came over them?

And who is this HOOTIE guy? Were Kim Dawson, Rick Eldridge and HOOTIE in cahoots? (No pun intended.)

I have heard this HOOTIE guy is either the guy fired from AUGUSTA golf course management team, or, he was a cohort of "ALFALFA" in the OUR GANG comedies.

Anybody know which one he is?

And, did THE GOLF CHANNEL ever collect their money for running their ads for the movie? The ORLANDO BUSINESS JOURNAL ( ran a story saying THE GOLF CHANNEL had to sue the producers for about $300,000.

Wow! I guess this was an embarrassment to past MASTERS winner, Arnold Palmer, who I hear owns part of that TV channel.

And finally, does anybody know for sure how much money the Bobby Jones movie lost?

Now, from reviews and box office performance, this is a BAD movie... but mercifully...viewing it gave me some much needed sleep.

To sum up: BAD movie...made by talentless people!

Slaughter Trail

Finally found the film and THAT song!
You know, this is CRAZY but that song in SLAUGHTER TRAIL has kept running through my mind ever since I first saw the film.

If you have any other film remembrances of that movie...I'd like to hear them.

I think Brian Donlevy had something so "serious" about him that it lent a "feeling" to the film and made that song a mind sticker.

Anyway--it's like a miracle that other people still sing that song too.

And--I remember it as well as any song from any "A" musical. So, I had to rate it as "Excellent." Gosh, why not? And, I thought I was the only one whose head it kept running around in!

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