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Wild Bill

A police series based in Boston UK. I watched with hope as I am from Boston UK. First thing to notice; everyone speaks with a Yorkshire accent, not a Lincolnshire accent. For ITV and readers worldwide; Lincolnshire is a large county south of Yorkshire with its own history and accent. In Wild Bill buildings have been added; for example Boston has no high rise, fair enough but please get the accent right. I wonder if Morse or Endeavour would suffer from the same lack of detail; I doubt it. As for the show; Rob Lowe excellent; plot lines based around the Eastern European influx and drugs was relevant to the local community and interesting. Believability of the cast as police officers and judges etc - poor. I would hope that a senior judge would behave with more professionalism than the one in the first episode. Overall promising; lets hope it gets better and please get the accent right.

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