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Sudden Impact

Best sequel out of the Dirty Harry series
With this movie being the only Dirty Harry movie which Clint Eastwood not only stars, but produces and directs as well, you know it's got to be good. Although some say that The Enforcer is the best out of the series, I completely disagree. In my opinion, apart from the original Dirty Harry, Sudden Impact and Magnum Force are the only two worthy of being in the series. Although The Enforcer is an alright film with a couple of good action sequences, it doesn't get the dirty and gritty impact that the other three films do. This film captures all the excitement that makes a Clint Eastwood film good, and it's got the quotes that make a Dirty Harry film good. In Diry Harry it's "..Well do ya, punk?"; in Magnum Force "A man's got to know his limitations" ; and in this it's "Go ahead. Make my day." Also in this film it's nice to see a change of scenery, as you get a bit tired of seeing the same old San Fransisco streets in the other films in the series. With great acting by Clint Eastwood and co-star Sandra Locke, and good directing by Clint, this is in my opinion the best Dirty Harry sequel ever.

Body Double

De Palma + Sex + Murder = Above Par Thriller
Although many critics and viewers rubbished this film, it deserves a much larger amount of praise. Many people criticized this movie for its nudity and gore, but if they think this is bad, they definitely wouldn't like movies such as Basic Instinct. Both Body Double and Basic Instinct are in my opinion terrific films, and likewise both of them received a high amount of bad publicity and controversy for its subject matter. Although both films do have a fair amount of violence etc., neither of them have been appreciated for their true beauty.

This film is similar to De Palma's previous work Obsession, which was very similar to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. In this film, Craig Wasson stars as a struggling actor Jake Scully, who witnesses a grisly murder, yet everything isn't as it seems....

This film contains many memorable sequences, most notable the murder scene. Many people were a bit confused about the ending of the film, including me, but it doesn't ruin the story very much at all.

Overall, this is an excellent piece of film-making, which deserves a much wider audience than your average crime flick.

Mission: Impossible

Dumb movie with stupid plot.
I am a huge fan of the director Brian De Palma and I have to say that this is his worst movie yet (apart from Mission to Mars). Tom cruise is incapable of doing a good performance in all his movies, and this is no exception. I seriously don't see what everyone sees in him. Why other good actors like Jean Reno and Jon Voight would waste their time with this is absolutely beyond me. The only good thing that ever comes out of this movie is it's awesome theme. That has to be one of the most memorable pieces of music of all time.

What amazes me most about this piece of schlock is that it managed to get TWO sequels to it. THAT's when you know that Hollywood is desperate.

The Postman

Was Kevin Costner on drugs when he chose to be in this movie?
This movie is an absolutely terrible piece of crap. What's worse is that Kevin Costner was stupid enough to both act AND direct this piece of trash. The list of problems with this movie are endless. First of all, this movie is three hours long, with not a single piece of interesting dialogue at all. Secondly, the acting is awful. I used to like Kevin Costner, but after seeing such films as Waterworld, No Way Out, and now this, my opinion of his acting skills is much lower. About the only expressions Costner makes in this film are to smile and to stare at something.

If you are looking to watch a good adventure movie, watch the Lord Of The Rings trilogy or Dances with Wolves etc., but whatever you do, DO NOT WATCH THIS Film!


Excellent medical thriller with stylish suspense
If you like a good, solid thriller with slightly old-fashioned moments, than this is the movie for you. This movie is definitely in my list of favourite movies of all time, as it has all the necessary elements that make a movie great.

First of all the directing by Michael Crichton is excellent. Almost every camera shot has a meaning to it. The best scenes, however, are all the chase scenes. Every one of them captures you complete attention, notably the Jefferson Institute sequence. The general feel set throughout the movie by the directing is similar to Roman Polanski's 'Frantic', where you can feel the tight edge to the film without the help of acting or music.

Secondly, the script, also by Michael Crichton, is superb. There isn't a single piece of unnecessary dialogue throughout the whole movie. The deception over who is the real Dr. George is very well written. Also, the descriptions of surgical procedures in the movie are very clear to understand.

Thridly, the cast is great. Genevieve Bujold is perfect as Dr. Susan Wheeler, the doctor who is tormented by the fact that something is amiss at the hospital, but no-one believes it is true. You can really feel the character's shock, grief, horror, torment, terror etc. because of the great acting by Bujold. Michael Douglas is also brilliant as Dr. mark Bellows, Susan's boyfriend who never completely believes her story until the end.

Finally, without the score by Jerry Goldsmith the movie wouldn't be nearly as suspenseful as it is. The music during the Jefferson Institute chase is very suspenseful.

Overall, a must see movie for fans of a solid thriller. However, if you're looking for action and special-effects-to-the-max, this probably isn't the movie for you.

Femme Fatale

Excellent erotic thriller by the modern Master-of-Suspense Brian De Palma
First thing first: for those who love watching Brian De Palma films, this is a must-see film for you. Femme Fatale is one of Brian De Palma's greatest thrillers, along with Dressed to Kill, Carrie, Obsession etc. If you are not familiar with Brian De Palma films, it might be best if you watch some of his more conventional thrillers before watching Femme Fatale.

This is definitely one of De Palma's more personal films to date, and as he both directed and wrote the screenplay for Femme Fatale, he has virtually complete control over the film. Every single camera shot has a meaning to it, and this film as many of De Palma's classic camera styles, such as split screen slow motion action sequences, long takes before a disaster occurs etc.

A lot of the talent behind this movie also comes from the cast. Rebecca Romjin-Stamos gives a noteworthy performance as the bisexual seductive Laure Ash, and Anotnio Banderas excels himself as Nicolas Bardo, the retired still-obsessed professional photographer, who gets trapped in Laure-aka-Lily's seductive web. Other noteworthy performances got to Peter Coyote as Bruce Watts, and Eriq Ebouaney as the sinister and ruthless Black Tie.

Generally, the screenplay for the movie is well-written and flows smoothly throughout the movie (except for the ending, which is a little bit strange. Those who have seen the movie would know what I'm talking about).Also, one there's one pretty major problem with the heist at the beginning, but you don't really notice it when you're watching(I only picked it up after my fifth viewing of it).

Also,Femme Fatale wouldn't be the same were it not for the film's sweeping and riveting score, which sets the slightly mystical yet mysterious tone for the film.

Overall, a top-notch De Palma classic, although no-lovers of Brian De Palma may not appreciate it in it's full brilliance

Kramer vs. Kramer

Heart breaking story of what divorce does to the whole family
I'm usually a fan of guns-and-explosions violent crime thrillers, but this movie is now among my favourite movies of all time. The general plot is that Joanna Kramer(Meryl Streep), after years of marriage, finally walks out on Ted Kramer(Dustin Hoffman), and a court battle ensues over who gets custody over the child. I won't go into too much detail, as that would ruin the story for you.

In my opinion Meryl Strepp is the best actress of all time, and she and Dustin Hoffman are as good as always. A must-see movie for all ages, but just a few words of caution: If you don't like depressing movies, this probably isn't the movie for you.

Cape Fear

Excellent Scorsese film with an all-star cast
Martin Scorsese's remake of the original Cape Fear is just as much of a classic as the old one. However, this version of Cape Fear focuses more on the psychological impact on the Bowden family than the original, which in my opinion made this movie much better than the original. One of the best areas of this Cape Fear lies within its cast. With an all-star cast like Nick Nolte, Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange, Juliette Lewis etc, and with terrific directing by Martin Scorsese, you can't go wrong. It's also fun to see appearances from actors from the original movie, such as Gregory Peck, Robret Mitchum etc.

Overall, a must-see movie for lovers of a psychological thriller.

Jackie Brown

Excellent Tarantino movie with all star cast
Jackie Brown is the first Quentin Tarantino movie I ever saw, and I loved it. In my opinion, Tarantino is one of the best crime directors around today, along with Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palma. Jackie Brown is an excellent movie all-round, with an all-star cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro, Bridget Fonda etc.

However, theactors who really stole the show were Pam Greir and Robert Forster.With this being their second collaboration together, Greir and Forsterare the perfect duo in the movie's web of deceit and betrayal. The script and directing by Quentin Tarantino are amazing, with lots of crisp dialogue in Tarantino fashion. I'm disappointed that this Tarantino classic isn't among the IMDb Top 250 like all his other works, because this movie certainly deserves it.

Overall, a must-see movie for both fans of Quentin Tarantino and lovers of a good, original crime flick.

Carlito's Way

Excellent crime/thriller by master film-maker Brian De Palma
I am a huge fan of both Al Pacino and Brian De Palma, and to have them both reunite after Scarface was an excellent move. I watched this movie only yesterday and i was amazed. The screenplay was amazing in this movie, as it gives the movie a tone of darkness throughout the film without being full of in-your-face violence. The directing by Brian De Palma was outstanding, and the chase sequence in the train station had my complete attention all the way. The acting by Al Pacino was as good as always, and Sean Penn gave an excellent performance as the coke-headed lawyer-turned-wiseguy. It was also interesting to see Viggo Mortensen as the crippled Lalin.

Another interesting thing about this movie is that along with re-uniting director and actor from Scarface, it also features some of the actors from Scarface in minor cameo appearances, such as Hector from Scarface appears as Rolando, who is the man smoking a cigar at the beginning of the movie, who doesn't believe that Carlito retired.

A must see movie for fans of Pacino or De Palma 10/10

The Recruit

Okay movie, but too many plot holes to make story believable
I saw this movie a couple of days ago, and when I first started watching I was impressed. The beginning of the movie captured my attention, but slowly as the movie dragged on I started losing interest. Too many potential plot lines were completely dropped, and what was left of the story dragged on too much. By the end of the movie when you find out that Burke is a Russian agent, the movie just got ridiculous. The only reason I gave this movie a 6/10 is because I'm a huge fan of Al Pacino, and his performance was as good as always. Also, the directing by Roger Donaldson was very good. Overall, an average CIA flick which needed serious work on its script.

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