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On a Clear Day

Great movie. Just saw it at Sundance.
I must say...."On A Clear Day" was one of the best movies I've seen in quite some time. Peter Mullan gave an awe-inspiring performance, while the supporting cast only helped more. It is a very touching story, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who has ever confronted a tough trial in their life. The script is so real, the characters easy to relate to, and a light comedic touch that keeps you laughing and crying.

I was fortunate enough to see "On A Clear Day" at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Sunday the 23rd of January. After the film, the director and several members of the cast came onto the stage for a little Q&A. I was delighted to discover how down to earth Peter Mullan (Braveheart's "We will run...and we'll live."), Billy Boyd (our beloved Hobbit, Pippin), Brenda Blethyn and Benedict Wong are. They were even nice enough to stay after, sign autographs and chat with the fans.

If you love heart-warming stories, relatable characters, and a good laugh, "On A Clear Day" will certainly come through.

Saving Silverman

Five words: Jack Black is a genius!
Ok, this has got to be one of THE top ten funniest movies of all time. Right away, one can tell by seeing Jack Black in the previews. That alone makes this movie a gold mine. I must admit, Jason "stupid" Biggs almost ruined this movie for me. But seeing as how he was playing the idiot of the movie, it was bearable.

There was not a 30 second span of time of which I didn't laugh. Seriously. Sure, there were some crude jokes, some of which I could've done without. And yes, I could've gone without the "Jack Black is gay" side story. But all in all, this movie ROCKED!!! Definite knee slapper. The people around me in the theater got pretty annoyed at all my laughing. But I'm sorry, it could not be repressed.

Might I also give my applaud to Jack Black's other masterpieces: The Cable Guy, High Fidelity, and Bongwater.

I would recommend this movie to ALL those WHIPPED guys out there. Especially my good friend LUKE.

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