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Nae Dwie Teriuseu

A Mash-up of different Hollywood Films, very disappointing
This series is a mash-up of Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible, Kingsman, Taken, and The Pacifier.

Son Ji-Sub is a good actor, and I don't know why he accepted this project. The lead actress' acting has no depth, no wonder she was not the first choice to portray the character of Go Ae Rin.

The Writers of this series have no talent or whatsoever. The writers lacked creativity and just took parts from different Hollywood blockbuster movies, stitched them up together and gave it the title "Terius Behind Me."

The writers could not even come up of another name for a shop, that they just changed "Kingsman" to "King's bag." Lacking creativity aren't we now.

If I could give this a .5 star, I would.

Hopefully Ji-Sub will not take projects like this, ever again.

Mubeop Byeonhosa

This drama series is the type where at the start it will make you think "ok, so now what?" But as it goes on, you will not stop watching this. It took the original form of films, or series wherein in you start at the bottom and as it goes up the peak, the momentum is unstoppable.

Cast was great. It was just great. There was a love angle, but the drama did not concentrated on that angle, which was a great move! It was straight forward, pace was fast, and Lee Joon Gi was good as usual. Action parts were also great. You can't expect less from Lee Joon Gi when he does all the action stunts.

I recommend highly recommend this drama.

Kohi ga Samenai Uchi Ni

Good Film
As expected from Japanese movies, it hits your core and makes you cry.

The movie a good watch, it's kinda realistic having those rules that you have to follow to be able to go back to the past. The movie was straight forward and shows the different situations or events that makes people want to go back and re-live the past, even for just a moment.

There is small part of the movie which kinda dragged the story, although it was just a short part. Also, there was also a part where I felt needed some sort of explanation as to how it became. Reason why I gave it 9 stars.

Over all, it is a good film, it tugs the heart and the twist is unexpected.

Highly recommended.

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