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I wanted to like it...
This premiere episode was embarrassing. So many gaffes, so many poorly directed and amatuerly edited scenes. A 9-pound premie??? Gimme a break. One of the new nurses spent his entire shift carrying around an Igloo ice chest with severed fingers as he blithely wandered the halls, during a mass injury emergency, looking for the fingers' owner.

To end, it didn't remotely look or act like a real hospital. As rookie nurses on their first day, they were assigned to ONE patient that they followed around for their entire first shift. What an insult to the REAL nurses and health providers that do real, in the trenches, health care.

This show is really bad. Nothing but a fluff piece trying to piggyback on the (deserved) spotlight our frontline health care workers are under.


I will never get that 90 minutes back 😭😭😭
I watched it. I think I was running a fever and couldn't find the energy to locate the remote. I can't believe I really sat thru that whole thing. What a sorry Anglicized imitation of Bollywood movies. Pretended to feature a synthicized hip-hop. Fail. Massive fail.

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