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Criminal Minds

Criminally Mind Blowing
This is a quality programme, I found it a few weeks ago it was on after CSI Vegas and myself and the girlfriend decided we would give it ago, After all variety is the spice of life. Within ten minutes we were hooked the cast is so well assembled we especially love Dr Spencer Reid, He is comes a cross like a real nervous geek, In his own words he looks like a teaching assistant. I think the stories are very well thought out, and the acting is super. I never thought I could take Thomas Gibson as a serious actor after Darma and Greg. But I think he is so good in this, You can almost hear his brain ticking over as he mulls over any given situation. As for the rest they all gel so well together. This programme will raise the tension so high within the first ten minutes and will leave you hanging of the edge of the edge of your seat until the last very moment. It's amazing. This programme has definitely made it into my must watch TV schedule along with the CSI franchise Cold Case and Law and Order SVU.

Hoboken Hollow

This film should come with a suicide warning
This movie looked to be a good proper horror/slasher especially with the cast it had lined up but the big names that they have in big letters across the top of the DVD but they have such small roles and Michael Madsen's role is not necessary at all especially when he looks like an extra in 70's porn flick. The thing that surprises me most about this film is at any giving time there is usually only three people on the ranch two blokes and a hideously ugly women (Mammy and Daddy obviously cousin or siblings) but they have five slaves now with those odds I'd reckon the slaves could take on their captors. But the main problem with this film is the characters talk about what happens to them if they step out of line but you don't see any of it actually happening I'm not to sure if anyone told the director but you need to see that if you want it to be a slasher film and you don't care what happens to any of them either you kinda want them to get sliced and diced. The main method of torture they use is a cattle prod, What ever happened to over sized knives, meat cleavers, hatchets or chainsaws! This film starts of well you kinda of get a Texas chainsaw massacre feel to it but after 10 mins that feeling passes and you are left bewildered. I can not believe Hopper and Madsen lent their reputations to this flick they must of lost a whopper of a bet to do this film. Hoboken Hollow is a dire film with dire acting even worse script. Anyone who claims this to be a good flick is just trying to trick other people into wasting an hour and half of their lives.

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