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  • Just a poor mans version of fight club in the woke culture. Although Fight Club is way more brilliant then this... Turn on the subtitles next time to that movie and youll see what I mean - jack.
  • 28 September 2019
    Free everything to go to school? Yes its hard to be a student athlete. But get rid of the athlete and the school goes on. Look at the NBA and college losing out on top talent. No one cared if their school won. No one cared that he/she was better... If their school won. It is a mute argument and a silly documentary with a one sided perspective. I went to school and owe a ton of money back in student loans and our school began to accept student athletes the time I was there. They were not smart and most didnt care to be there... So why this argument now? Stupid joke.
  • Any gory scene is worthwhile in my mind. There should be no "censorship" based on how you feel about the subject... at all. If we do that we are basically becoming nazis and communists. This movie is very gory yes but every scene is worth it. And fanboys of the original need to go away. As a lone film, this wasnt that bad and severely entertaining.
  • Yes this is an actual term and yes this show falls under it... Just make it a lifetime movie for christ sake lol! And the Hollywood writers theyre pulling in are friggin terrible. Its like they found a woman who wrote some blog off the street and gave her a job to write terribly cliched stories with over the top unbelievable characters.
  • 14 September 2019
    Finally some gore.... best horror film ive seen in 2019 thus far... Completely badass... Sad a quiet place couldnt be like this.
  • Ok... hufflepuff and sliterin? enough said... Tired of watching nerd comedies.
  • San Franscisco is very much like my hometown of Seattle and being 6th gen. Seattlelite this movie hit home. My grandfather also built his house thats still in my family in a very gentrified area.... This film is something I needed to see as art imitates life.... Sadly with everything going away and changing and becoming unaffordable people leave in hordes and culture is killed... Seattle's culture is very much the same and its hard to feel these things you grew up with going away and not coming back... If we could for one instant retain our history you must fight for it... this movie showed that things are worth fighting for ans history is meant to be retained.
  • Ok so I still feel all fantasy movies basically mimic lotr and harry potter.... The first dark crystal movie had its own tone and aura and it was a tight movie without any pointless material.... This is the opposite.... It took 7 damned episodes to make it worthwhile and a lot of garbage inbetween. That and the lame irish music was really getting to me (ok lotr clone).... The sets are awesome albeit the panaramic shots of mtns (queue lotr and harry potter clone) but the forest imagery and towns were amazing.... if you have time worth the watch but no way does it hold up to the original... not even close... in fact big letdown for me.... and lastly garbage dialogue and writing.... and i mean cheesy garbage.
  • Starts out really well then becomes some comic book action movie with a whod dun it theme.... and it lulls at points.... i loved autopsy of jane doe and this isnt it... sadly.
  • Obviously being years later its made an impact. Its an important lesson on what America has done during "wartime." I do feel that wartime in America is an excuse to do so many atrocities.... Much like Nazi Germany.... Only thing that separates us is we won.
  • None of the murders are shown. Its a melodrama seen directly through the girlfriends eyes... If you know the story of Ted Bundy then there is no point to this movie. I know they dont want to glorify him but this is literally a rom com soap opera... my advise, watch the early 2000s version because it is much better. Only sad part is Enfron lights up the screen but they give him nothing to do.
  • 16 January 2019
    Didn't hate it but didn't love it. Didn't get the sense of dread as much as the original and Danny McBride is a horrible screenwriter.... The dad was a horrible annoyingly and achingly bad character. And the end was pretty bad.... Myers was supposed to be immortal not some pansy killer taken down so easily by 3 women.
  • Very good drama about getting old and having to deal with family situations. Definitely a great depiction of what is lost and what is gained from getting older.
  • I'd give this higher marks but it's almost a blatant rip off of this is England with some kids (for all you millennials who missed that) sprinkled in. Funny movie though and his brother is flipping hilarious.
  • Hey I get it... People are sucked into old ideas but instead of feminists it's black people. Good social commentary though.
  • How was this movie made? There is literally no sense of realism at all in this... All it is is a pent up revenge movie with no explanation about why people are doing this without thinking rationally about why they are doing this.... And there are no likable characters at all so you never get drawn in.... All it is is taking advantage of the social scene of social media.... That's all... Even Lilly's parents are unlikable and narcissistic with their decisions. Avoid at all costs... They want this to be like a straw dogs revenge meets Heather's... But you actually cared for Hoffman in that movie and you hated the guys that took advantage of him.
  • The holier than art thou attitudes and the narcissistic attitudes exude in this film... It is high entertaining and I'm sure appeals to most millennials but anyone else who watches this just laughs because who would honestly take this seriously? Garbage movie that I'm surprised got made but hey! At least it's better than anything Tyler Perry released... Or is it?
  • I really thought this movie was gonna be funny but all it is is another Netflix attempt at showing how bullying is bad and it's ok to be a victim.... I'm so tired of these I'm this way and I'm special type movies that Netflix continues to release.... I'd hate to say it but please bring back the stupid bro party comedy movies.... Even if you put a girl in it and she's happy and not a loveable loser.
  • 7 December 2018
    This movie terrified me... It's sharp from beginning to end and pulls the punches throughout... The dread makes hereditary look like a child's movie. Just goes to show the rest of the world is definitely making better horror than the Americans anymore (unless it's an independent release)
  • In a day where we are inundated with elevated (boring melodramas) and social horror... This is fresh. Every episode is different but the hunt for the perfect vinyl that kills - what a wicked concept! I only hope more people watch this and love it as much as I did!
  • This movie is so damned funny because for years we in Washington state and Seattle blamed smug Californians for moving up here. Instead these guys blame Portland hipsters for taking over their neighborhoods lol! Just annex the damn states already. Most of us up here who are locally born don't even like most Californians anyways hahaha. Now because of tech these idiots write a screenplay of which they blame hipsters and not the tech industry. Like get a clue man.... Pnwers do not look to move to Oakland. Most don't want to because of the smug (and act like their cool) attitudes of Californians. And those that do are typically rich kids who had money already.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Gotta love Hollywood. They put out dumb melodramas like this. Please let these fanboys like Abrams and Joss whedon and this guy who created this.... Who is a fanboy of Joss whedon stop making this drivel. Garbage soap opera TV masked as a horror/fantasy show.
  • Who knew that Ogre and the rest of the alpha betas would succumb to nerds.... Sadly nerds have taken over our society and now dictate everything we do. If you watch this.... Most nerds are weak willed and a sad excuse of victimization.... yet we have to listen to them because they drive our every day society.... And in my mind this whole fantasy bs they've created has made America and Americans weak.... Honestly if someone came in to fight, nerds wouldn't know what to do outside of sit behind their computer.
  • The people reviewing this movie and saying it is crap are downright fanboys of the original... It's not the original. It's literally monster squad meets night of the creeps... And since it was written by Fred dekkar I wouldn't see past that.... Go into this to be entertained... And honestly you'll get your money's worth.... Don't go into this thinking some sort of mythology is going to creep up and/or another horror film.... If you exclude the avp series.... The Predator franchise is all worth it.
  • 14 September 2018
    The acting is atrocious and the story is all over the place. The pacing is worse... Chance the rapper is not an actor... It's evident by this garbage.
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