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Ford v Ferrari

Super Awesome movie! ... 2019 movie of the year
It is so good... Very excellent movie... Very good actor performance.... So tense and exciting from start until the end... The race is so intense... This movie makes me know about Le Mans 24 hours... Carroll shelby, and Ken Miles.... The music is so good too

Kohi ga Samenai Uchi Ni

Very Good and really touching Story
Just watch this movies. this movies divided into sub story, there are 4 sub story. the acting was good, direction was good and also very different story. amazing story! I wipe my tears at the end of 4th sub story.. tears ..tears .. Most of mainstream hollywoods movies stories is just so bad an ugly compared to this Japanese movies... They should learn something from JAPAN !

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso

Avengers Endgame was NOTHING compared to this movie
Avengers Endgame I think is just too much Hype because it's just standard Marvel Movies. also standard Holywood movies which lately get me so bored, since it's boring formula... You Lie in April is very Excellent movies, so different.. Very Good Story which makes Avengers Endgame really pale compared to this masterpiece... from superb music and storyline, very good acting performance... what a Wonderful storylne. Japan really did great!

The Lion King

So Nostalgic. Very Good !
So Nostalgic ... I watch Lion King 1994 when I'm still a child....Lion King 1994 is my favorite animation film back then .... then when I see again Lion King 2019 in Theatre it feels so nostalgic!!, the CGI visual is so amazing .. the storyline is the same as 1994 so I like it !! .. still same like the original... oh BTW.. I Cried at some scenes.... my mom has passed away around 1 week before I see this film, so "Circle of Life" trully reminds me of the life must continue and must be strong .... BTW for the song "Circle of Life" I Still Like Elton John version .. not this version

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