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The Mallorca Files

Fun, entertaining, great scenery!
Anyone who takes this series seriously, needs to get a life or a humor or both! Yes, it's full of cop show cliches including a crabby Mallorcan Chief of Police (why are they always crabby) and the crimes are more humorous than shocking, which all adds up to quirky, sometimes silly but always entertaining lighthearted fun. Enough serious, "noir" psychological thrillers that are usually so dark they are depressing or have so much gore, they're disgusting. Just sit back, relax and enjoy this one.

Dead to Me

Certainly wins the "F" award!
The storyline and the acting are superb but the characters have the morals of alley cats and the mouths of sailors. I don't remember hearing the "F" bombs dropped this often in any series and I am by no means a prude. The humor and personal interactions between the two main female characters can be very juvenile and exasperating certainly especially for 40 somethings. This is certainly not a character study in desirous human behavior but it is entertaining in its outrageousness.

Person of Interest

Why ruin an excellent series!
What's with the current generation of writers that feel compelled to insert totally unnecessary scenes of perversion and deviant sexual behavior. The first 4 series depended almost entirely of good writing, great acting and awesome action. But as Season 4 is winding down, one of the female leads starts developing and expressing "feelings" for the other female lead which is subsequently graphically played out in the fifth and final season. Sorry is this review ruins it for anyone but this mental illness ruined watching 90 plus episodes for me and my wife. My rating would have been a perfect 10 if not for this gross miscalculation by the writers and producers of this otherwise excellent series. Just sad.


Better than the reviews.
Quirky, complicated, maddening, choose whatever adjectives you want but in the end, an adventure of International Crime occurring in a sleepy little suburb of London with detectives in way over their heads. Not just the typical formulaic series even though there are certainly elements of which is in every cop series these days.

The Silence

Waste of talented actors.
The basic premise of the story is very good but is so disjointed and wavering that it makes one wonder what was accomplished in the end. Some of the most dysfunctional, irresponsible characters ever assembled and their interpersonal relationships are a disaster. There isn't a single like able character in the entire story including the principal. It had so much more potential.

Ain't Misbehavin'

Great Brit Humor
What a delightful diversion from the majority of streaming schlock. Funny, entertaining and great musical performances particularly Robson and Flynn. Very predictable certainly but who cares; it would have been disappointing otherwise.

Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

Absolutely delightful!
What a well done, poignant, heartwarming story and a very good production. The characters are so genuine and real you feel as if you know or have known each of them personally. The lessons learned and taught bridge the generations gap in a way that is charming without being sappy or maudlin. A very worthwhile movie to spend watching with someone you love.

The Man in the High Castle

Don't get hooked!
The 1st season was excellent and seasons 2 and 3 still continue to draw you in but season 4 is a train wreck! And that wretched ending! Wow! Could it have been anymore screwed up and in reading a synopsis by the producers, they actually blame it on Donald Trump!! Are you freakin' kidding me? Donald Trump? Now I have heard it all. Just a worthless piece of garbage by the time it "ends".

Thorne: Sleepyhead

Coulda, shoulda, woulda.
This could have been excellent or at least better than it was in the end. Too many flashbacks, confusing characters and dialogue. And the messy conclusion did nothing to advance the cause of any sort of resolution or closure. And to begin to suggest the end result of the "victim" was ludicrous. I am not familiar with the author's work but he cannot possibly be pleased with this presentation.

The Book of Eli

You gotta have faith.
Believers will flinch a lot and there's more than enough requisite violence but the Message is clear to anyone of Faith. Sure it's unbelievable and unrealistic but again the Message is the underlying them, not the apocalyptic state of the world and those who survived. We just watched it again tonight for the first time in 9 years and enjoyed it even more than the first viewing in theaters. Certainly shows how much further our society has fallen in 9 years and the decay and rot we are experiencing.

Keeping Faith

Just doesn't get much better!!
Excellent drama with a compelling if difficult story line to follow at times. Without adding "spoilers", suffice it to say watching it through Season 2 makes you anxious for a 3rd season which is uncertain at this point it seems. Very good acting and well paced despite the impatient folks who have wanted a quick, down and dirty "formula" series with predictability. A lot of human emotions and drama interjected periodically with wry humor that is carried off by an excellent all round cast. Several characters to love and hate, some even concurrently. If you're looking for mindless entertainment or casual watching, keep looking for something else. Keeping Faith requires getting engaged.

Blue Murder

Easy to watch.
Like able characters with little violence or gratuitous sex or gender propaganda. Simple stories that don't require a lot of effort to keep up but are still interesting and entertaining. A complex, dark, moody theme is not always necessary for good viewing and I for one, am sick of all the politically correct crap being shoved down my throat at every turn. If a writer, producer, director, or actor has an agenda of which they want to dwell or pontificate, let them do so on their own time. I have lost all patience with the nonsense.

The Fall

Too many unrealistic issues.
This series would have been better served had it ended with the second season. The third season is just a disaster unraveling everything that occurred in the first two seasons. Even in the second season the number of gaffes and unrealistic events are depicted which have to be overlooked in order to keep watching what is quickly becoming difficult. There's not a single truly likable character in the whole story and Gillian Anderson's portrayal of Stella Gibson is almost unbearable at times. Granted she's supposed to be an "ice queen" but her acting is so dull and stilted at times, she acts like she's on sleeping pills.

When Heroes Fly

Started out good.
This series starts out with some great action and a compelling story line but by episode 3, it quickly slides into mediocrity. Thank goodness I only have 1 more episode! How a production company allows so many talented actors to waste their time trying to make this yarn credible, is really difficult to comprehend. There are just too many gaffes and faux pauses but probably the 2 biggest was depicting trained Israeli soldiers (even if it's been a few years) stomping around in the jungle, acting more like frat boys looking for a place to drink their case of beer than battled hardened veterans and especially Israeli veterans. And I don't know who did the closed captioning (a necessity with the multiple languages), but they were awful. Oftentimes the captions didn't match up to the screen dialogue and there were large gaps with no captions at all. All kinds of wasted potential here.

The Last Czars

Could have been better!
Why is Netflix is so obsessed with unnecessary sex scenes that adds nothing to the story?! The format was fine with me of having interjections of context along the the story as was the mediocre acting skills. The lavish production and costumes were great and reminded us of many sights and sites we saw while in Russia. As to historical accuracy, no one should ever rely on or expect historical accuracy in productions of this type. But the series certainly did paint an accurate picture of the mood that existed in Russia at that time and the precursors to the ultimate death of the Czar as well as the end of the political structure and of course, the rise of Communism. We know what sex looks like though Netflix, so enough already!


Parents Beware!
What could have been a charming, delightful adaptation of Anne of Green Gables has been used as just another vehicle to advance current controversial "alternative lifestyles" and prejudices in a time period piece in which it's contrived rather than contributing. An advance review, especially of season two, is highly recommended. The beauty and innocence of the period is sullied in spite of the excellent acting and cinematography and the efforts of the superb cast just become another contemporary story that even today is without merit.

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